Xtra PC Review 2022: Old Computer To Like New Again!

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I become frustrated with my old and slow PC. I visited the repair shop and installed updates, but nothing works for long. A few times ago, I heard about Xtra-PC and made up my mind to try out this product. After the simple installation process, it started working, and till now, I never face any problems.

This useful device saves my money from buying a new PC. It makes my computer more efficient by speeding it up. Still, my pc doesn’t face any virus or malware attack and works perfectly. So, those who face such problems can try this device before buying a new PC. I will share my experience and how Xtra-PC helps my PC in this Xtra PC Review.

My Quick Overview of XtraPC (30 sec)

XtraPC is a small and portable storage device that you can use in your desktop or laptop computer as an operating system. Yes, this tiny device can run an operating system in the computer. And, you do not have to install an OS for using it. This pendrive can boot your device.

To use it, connect it with your device then restart the pc. From the name, it is an additional way to quickly boot your pc. There are several reasons you may need this device. For example, if your pc has any OS related issue that is caused because of internal storage. You can try to boot it via an external device to see the problem and react accordingly.

Also, it would be a great savior for old computers which often face storage shortage.
However, if you don’t feel this device is necessary for you, you can claim a refund by returning it to them.
So, this small portable device is a must needed device for all the tech people to experience new-way of computer booting.

What Is an Xtra PC?

Xtra-Pc is a small but most powerful flash drive that is used to boost up the computer speed. It makes the PC more efficient than before by assuring higher performance. This device will start working after plugging it into the computer’s USB port. You can see the Xtra PC Review to learn the setup process. After completion of the setup and installation process, it will start running the computer smoothly.

What Is an Xtra Pc

It comes with an operating system called the Linux OS, which helps the PC to fasten up. This amazing device works with Mac and Windows computers. It has three different versions such as Xtra-PC Turbo 16, Xtra-PC Turbo 32, and Xtra-PC Pro. Xtra-PC Turbo 16 has 16 GB of storage and perfect for faster web surfing, downloads, gaming, etc.

On the other side, Xtra-PC Turbo 32 comes with more speed and storage with 32GB. Xtra-PC Pro has 64GB storage, more speed, and can provide the best value by transforming the outdated PC. Also, it comes with the FileRez software that helps to rescue or retrieve the deleted or crashed files.

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

Xtra-PC works with almost all desktops, laptops, and notebooks made in 2008 or later. It just needs a USB port to connect, and there is no need for any OS or hard drive.

Can You Use Xtra-pc on Any Computer

For the latest computers that have Windows 8 or 10 may require to disable the secure boot. Apple computers that were made after 2011 are compatible with Xtra-PC. Make sure the computer is capable to boot to the USB by pressing the start-up key.

By plugging the Xtra-PC, following the screen prompts, and installing it, anyone can use this device. But it is highly recommended to have an internet connection for enjoying the Xtra-PC’s amazing features.

Technical Specifications & Features of Xtra PC

Before purchasing any device, I always look out for the specifications and features of the product. So that I can compare them with my requirements and make a perfect choice. In this Xtra PC Review section, I will point out the technical specifications and all its features.

Technical Specifications & Features of Xtra P

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD chips running more than 700 MHz processor
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB and recommended 2 GB
  • USB Port:0 or 3.0 port
  • Network Card: WiFi or WIred
  • Graphics: VGA, HDMI, or DVI supported.

Features of Xtra PC

I find Xtra-PC as a perfect solution for speeding up my old computer. This little but most powerful device comes with huge advantageous features. These are-

  • Xtra-PC is compatible with any Mac or PC.
  • It is a cost-effective solution to fix the computer.
  • This device started working in a minute and very easy to use.
  • Xtra-PC can work without a hard drive.
  • It ensures security and privacy protection.
  • A very small and handy device with the Linux operating system.
  • It boosts up the speed of a computer.

Who Would Benefit From the Xtra-PC?

Those who have a slow PC and can’t afford to buy a new PC can get the most benefit of Xtra-PC. This compact device has the power of a Linux operating system to boost up computer speed. So, there is no need to buy a new PC. With the installed operating system and instructions, beginners will find it really easy to set up. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge for setting up with the PC. By following the manual guideline, anyone can do this. Xtra-PC bypasses the Linux OS into the PC through its USB port after completion of the installation. After that, it makes the old PC like a brand new PC with instant faster speed.

Who Would Benefit From the Xtra-pc

This device doesn’t modify or change anything; it keeps all the previous files, documents, photos, and videos unaffected. I can do web browsing, work on docs or spreadsheets, mailing, and more, just like before. Moreover, Xtra-PC ensures the protection of privacy, identity, and location by preventing cookies. Also, it keeps the PC virus-free by safeguarding it from malware and spyware. The best thing about Xtra-PC is it doesn’t require the PC to have a hard drive. It can work smoothly without it and run the computer.

How to Use an Xtra PC?

Follow the below simple steps to set up Xtra-PC on the computer.

How to Use an Xtra Pc

  • Plug the Xtra-PC into the computer’s USB port.
  • Disable the computer’s BIOS/UEFI secure boot.
  • Reboot the PC
  • After that, an initial start-up screen will appear for the PC.
  • Tap the boot menu key for the computer and select the USB to boot the Xtra-PC.
  • Then, select the preferred language and click continue.
  • Select the keyboard layout and continue.
  • Choose the wireless network, provide the wireless password, and click connect.
  • Select the timezone and click continue.
  • Now, enter your name, the computer’s name, create the password, and continue.
  • Login with username and pass, then a welcome screen will appear. In this section, you can select or dissect the applications to install.
  • Tick mark the box to agree on the EULA terms and conditions and click the next button.
  • After that, press the install button to start the process.

Never remove Xtra-PC while it is running from the computer. Before removing it, make sure to shut down the computer. Remember one thing, and once you remove the Xtra-PC, the computer becomes like before.

Is It a Scam?

With my slow PC, I suffered a lot. I waste a huge amount on technicians, but no one can solve my PC problem permanently. After hearing about Xtra-PC, I thought, why not try it out for once. After installing Xtra-PC, instantly, it makes my pc faster and smoother. The best part is it can work with any computers like Mac and Windows. I can do everything with Xtra-PC like before; nothing has changed except the faster speed.

Is It a Scam

I can install any software, games, applications, browsers, and customize my PC without any hassle. It keeps all my previous documents, files, and worksheets safe. With Xtra-PC, I don’t need to worry about hacking or leaking my personal information and location. This cost-effective device is worth having. I’m still using it, and I still don’t face any issues with it. From my experience, I will say that Xtra-PC is not a scam.

Money Back Guarantee

If you feel dissatisfied with Xtra-PC and it is not working for your PC, you can claim a refund. All their products are backed by 60 days money-back guarantee, and it starts from the shipping day.

Where Can I Get the Xtra PC?

Xtra-PC is available in many online shops. But I will suggest purchasing it from the official website to get the best offers. Also, you will get 40% off for each additional Xtra-PC. You can save $15 for turbo 16, $40 for turbo 32, and $80 for Xtra-PC pro. You can get these deals only on the official sites and for a limited time.

Where Can I Get the Xtra Pc

Frequently Asked Question

This FAQ section can help you to clear further confusion. I will answer some questions that will provide some additional information about Xtra-PC.

Will This Device Work on an iMac Computer?

Yes, Xtra-PC will work on an iMac computer. But macs before 2011 might not boot to USB. For using Xtra-PC on a Mac, you should follow the provided instructions to boot the USB with the Mac.

Can You Use One or More Than One Computer?

Of course, you can use Xtra-PC on more than one computer but at different times. The computer should have more than 700MHz microprocessor, 512 MB RAM, and a network card.

How Long Does it Take to Install?

To complete the full set up process will differ depending on the computer speed. The average time is 10 to 15 minutes.

Final Verdict

I became irritated and can’t focus on my work because of my slow computer. Then, Xtra-PC came to me as a savior. It is the ideal solution for boosting up and fixing the computer’s issues.  This small Linux USB stick brings a new life to my old computer.

Now it works like a new PC with faster speed and more efficiency. This great device can fix up any computer that has a USB port to connect. Xtra-PC works for my PC with great convenience. I hope this Xtra PC Review can help you to make the right decision and solve your issues.


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