Wifi Ultraboost Review 2022: Read This Before Buying

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In this digitalization era, it is almost impossible to expand a day without an internet connection. Though getting a reliable and fast speed net connection becomes a challenge. Most powerful wifi routers also failed to provide a speedy net connection.

Fortunately, I found a device called Wifi Ultraboost that is able to provide a solid net connection. This device not only boosts up my internet speed but also ensures remaining the signal constant. In this wifi ultraboost review, I am going to share my personal experience with this fantastic device.

What Is Wifi Ultraboost?

WiFi Ultraboost is a WLAN repeater or booster that amplifies the range and strength of the WiFi signal. This device works by picking up the radio frequencies that are transmitted by the router. It allows me to surf or browse the internet from every single corner of my home.

What Is Wifi Ultraboost

This device offers an unbeatable WiFi experience, by extending the range of the network. It works with two different modes such as repeater mode and the AP mode. With repeater mode, I can boost the internet connection for more coverage and better performance.

On the other side, the AP mode will allow making a new WiFi access point. It is the most reliable, smoothest, and top-of-the-range WiFi booster on the market. It comes in a small size, almost looks like a smartphone charger. It is the most portable, cost-effective, and efficient device that I have ever seen.

Wifi Ultraboost Review – Why Do You Need This Cool Gadget?

In this wifi ultraboost review, I will explain why you need this cool gadget. Many times I experience connectivity issues, poor signal, video buffering, slow loading when using a wireless internet connection. After using WiFi Ultraboost, all those issues have gone. Now, it fastens my internet connection with more efficiency.

Wifi Ultraboost Review – Why Do You Need This Cool Gadget

This device is designed with advanced technology that allows me to connect maximum devices. WiFi Ultraboost doesn’t require moving the router, pay extra subscription costs, and use internet connection cables. Just plug it in the apartments or offices dead spot and the WiFi power will be boosted up immediately.

It doesn’t matter what’s the home size this device can spread signals to all parts of the house. This device can connect with several devices like desktop, TV, Phone, game console, laptop, pad, tablet, etc. It is designed by keeping hardworking and busy families in mind. This device can provide maximum internet speed when it is connected with several devices.

Wifi Ultraboost Specification & Features

In this section, I will discuss the Wifi Ultraboost Specification & Features. I personally prefer to consider the technicalities, features, and specifications before buying any device.

Wifi Ultraboost Specification:

Wifi Ultraboost Specification

  • Up to 300 Mbps speed per second.
  • Fit with 8x7x5 cm
  • Inbuilt antenna and repeater.
  • WPS indicator and button.
  • Reset button
  • 4 LED displays for LAN, WLAN, WPS, and power.
  • One 10/100 Mbps RJ45 LAN port

Wifi Ultraboost Features:

  • It is enabled to cover every corner including WiFi dead zones.
  • Eliminates connectivity issues in dead zones
  • Very quick and simple installation process
  • Portable and convenient to carry
  • No more internet lag and faster downloads
  • Strong and reliable connection

Steps to Install Wifi Booster:

The installation process of the WiFi booster is very simple. It can be set up by using two processes like via WPS or mobile phone.

Steps to Install Wifi Booster

Setting up Via WPS:

  • Press the router’s WPS button for 3 seconds
  • Then press the WiFi ultraboost’s WPS button for 3 seconds
  • Wait until the host router and the WiFi repeater establish a connection.

Setting up Via Mobile Phone:

  • Plugin the WiFi repeater to a power socket
  • Find the wireless network of the WiFi repeater on the phone
  • Open any browser, go to the address bar and type
  • Type admin for both the username and password
  • Choose repeater for starting the wizard setup
  • Select the WiFi signal

Wifi Ultraboost Review – How it Works?

This device comes with built-in antennas which extends the reach of WiFi coverage. This inbuilt antenna helps to provide internet by penetrating the walls and multiple floors. It has up to 300 Mbps speed that can offer a high-quality wireless network connection. In this way, the router can cover a wide range with a higher-speed net connection. In addition, this device will allow multiple household members to enjoy this high-speed internet connection simultaneously.

Wifi Ultraboost Review – How it Works

With the multiple modes, it allows to adjust the networks and connect virtually with any device. The WiFi Ultraboost can be set up manually by almost anyone. The installation process is so easy that the user only needs to press the WPS button and plug the WiFi booster in. After that, it can make a connection under the WiFi. WiFi Ultraboost comes with an RJ-45 network cable, wireless-N mini extender, and a user manual. These things make the installation and setup process much efficient and quick.

Remarkable Benefits of Wi-Fi Ultraboost:

This little device is much beneficial for both domestic and official use. I have summarized some benefits that I experienced after using this device.

No Dead Zone:

Dead zones are those areas of the home in which internet signals totally disappeared. With this amazing device now I can finally say bye-bye to those dead zones. This repeater is able to provide a wide range of WiFi coverage to allow online browsing from every corner.

No Dead Zone

Enables Faster Internet Speed:

This device allows me to use a high-speed internet connection with its up to 300Mbps speed. Due to thick walls, WiFi networks get blocked. It can effectively boost up the network strength and serve the internet through the thick walls.

Portability and Easy to Use:

It comes in a very small size with an attractive compact shape. So, I can carry it with me while traveling without feeling any hassle. Also, I find this device very easy to set up and use.

Outdoor Compatibility:

Normally, WiFi signals can’t cover the outside area. In this case, this repeater increases the WiFi signal range and provides faster internet surfing outside. I can use the internet from the landscape, undergo parking, garage, and garden in my house.

How Wifi Ultraboost Helps in Your Home?

The best thing about the WiFi Ultraboost is it can minimize the dead zones of the home. Also, it ensures a more reliable and faster network connection. This device can deliver the same internet speed in every area by bypassing the thick walls. After I started using this device I never faced any poor signal issues in my house. Setting up this device requires a maximum of 2 to 5 minutes.

How Wifi Ultraboost Helps in Your Home

Once the setup process is done, it will pair the WiFi network. After that this device starts serving the internet to every corner of my house. Without facing any issue even I can browse the internet at my undergo parking and garage. This useful device increased 80% of internet speed in my house. In this way, it helps my home to access the internet connection from each area.

Is it a Scam?

Absolutely not. Just like me every homeowner or office employee can get benefited from this WiFi Ultraboost. It can effectively speed up the network connection. With its WPS feature, this device can easily connect with the home router.

Is it a Scam

There is no need for wire or cable to connect while set up. This device can easily cover the larger area of any house. So, there is no doubt about the WiFi Ultraboost’s effectiveness. From this wifi ultraboost review it is clear that this device is really worth having.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

They provide a 3 years warranty and a 50% discount with free delivery for each unit. As a regular or loyal customer, sometimes they open the money-back guarantee option as a special offer.

Wifi Ultraboost Review: Where to Buy?

Wifi Ultraboost Review Where to Buy

I will suggest buying Wi-Fi Ultraboost from the official website. It is available with free shipping and exclusive offers for a limited period only. From their website, you can get the best seller offer which is Buy 3 WIFI Ultraboost, Get 2 free. Here is the link, make your order and grab the great deals.

Frequently Asked Question

If you still have any confusion about this device this section can definitely clear them out. Below I have answered some questions about WiFi Ultraboost.

What Is the Compatibility?

Wi-Fi Ultraboost is compatible with desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, iPhones, iPads, and more. It will smoothly work with any device that uses 802.11/n/g/b/ standard.

Is Wi-Fi Ultraboost Suitable?

Yes, it is suitable to use for households, offices, and institutions. It is designed concerning busy and hard-working families. This device can send signals to every edge of your property.

Do I Need Extra Software to Set it Up?

This device doesn’t require any extra software for setting up. Just press the WPS button, plug in the WiFi booster, and connect the router setting.

Is Wifi Ultraboost Compatible With My Router?

It is compatible with all routers with 802.11/n/g/b/ standard with its 2.4GHz 300Mbps strength.

Final Verdict

The WiFi Ultraboost is the perfect device for both home and office. This budget-friendly and the user-friendly device can significantly improve internet speed and reliability. Moreover, it is easier to operate and control.

I find this device perfect for amplifying the internet connection of my house. As I explained in this wifi ultraboost review that you can enhance the signals and range. Also, easily overcome all the internet issues by using this fantastic device.


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