VIZR Review: New technology is Perfect for ANYONE Who Drives

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To see the navigation display of my car while driving I had to look away from the road. This thing always made me nervous. Then, I found a device called VIZR that transforms my smartphone into a heads-up display. This new technology gadget is ideal for anyone who drives.

Before using VIZR, I used many consoles, GPS tracking monitors, and displays, but nothing works like this one. It allows me to keep my eyes always on the road while driving. After I started using this device, I never left any spot on the dash of my car. So, here, in this VIZR Review, I will share my experience with it.

What Is Vizr?

VIZR is a transparent head-up display that allows GPS in front of the car. The smartphone operates this heads-up display screen. It can be easily placed above the dashboard and steering wheel. Therefore, I don’t have to look down to see the GPS through my phone. The head-up display increases driving safety by reducing the obstacles and distractions that can block vision. It requires a connection through the smartphone app. To know more, see this VIZR Review.

What Is Vizr

VIZR keeps everything up to date by providing notifications on the phone. It supports every model of the smartphone because of its universal design. Also, it works in all types of cars and trucks. This device requires no wires and installation for setting up. Within 1 minute, the setup process of VIZR will be done. This advanced technology can check the car speed, traffic, maps, and many more. By putting the smartphone’s power on the car dash, it makes driving safer and more fun.

Does Vizr Really Work?

It is a universal and elegant device. This device is controlled by the phone screen and shows everything on the transparent display. It works best for maintaining safety while driving. Because it avoids taking the eyes off the road and looking down to see the phone.

In this way, it prevents the risk of accidents. Also, without taking the eye off the road it allows checking notifications, what’s happening on the mobile screen, and access to other apps. The best part is, it shows the valuable points on the driving license and reduces the chance of being fined.

Features of Vizr That Makes It an Amazing Device

VIZR comes with huge advanced features to make the driving experience smooth and fun. Here, I will share some features that make VIZR an amazing device.


VIZR is a very simple and user-friendly device with simple navigation system that I can set up without requiring any expert help. Only with 3 easy steps, the setup will be done. Take the VIZR out of the box. After that, place it carefully on the car’s dash. Select the navigation feature then place the mobile on the VIZR. Lastly, drive safely on the road. It is suitable for all cars and can be adjusted according to my needs.


It has two different modes for viewing the road and statistics. The first one is fighter jet mode, and another one is the trip mode. Fighter jet mode shows the high-tech view of driving. It just works like a fighter pilot. The trip mode provides the current drive’s trip statistics. Also, this device uses GPS navigation for providing the path and destination ahead.

Best Viewing Experience:

This safe driving device is designed with the best resolution that works perfectly during day and night. It works accurately and provides the best visibility with a clear viewing experience. The coating-protected display keeps it safe from scratch. The screen will remain crystal clear if cleaning it with some non-abrasive tools.

Works with Any HUD App:

VIZR has a free app that consists of multiple features to add some more value. It works well with the other mobile app also that has HUD settings. To make sure that the VIZR is working, set the configuration to HUD mode.

Ensure Safety:

WIth its head-up display, navigation becomes much easier than before while driving. It keeps the eyes undistracted, hands-free, and puts the smartphone’s power directly on the car dash. In this way, it ensures safety and prevents the risks of accidents on the road. You can check the speed limit through a mobile device and have safer driving on road.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In this VIZR Review section, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of VIZR.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of VIZR
  • Universal design fits all vehicles.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Adjustable screen allows angling the device.
  • Slip-resistant and ultra-grip mat design.
  • Smear-resistant and scratch-proof screen.
  • Provides a clear and visible viewing experience.
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • Proper notification alert and navigation.
Disadvantages of VIZR
  • Available online

Vizr Review: How to Use Vizr

Though it takes only a few minutes to set up properly, I will give some setup tips.

Vizr Review: How to Use Vizr

  • Before installing VIZR, clean the grimy dashboard surface. Otherwise, it may prevent this device from adhering correctly.
  • Now, screw on the ring to the VIZR’s bottom and connect the stand to the platform’s bottom side.
  • Then remove the adhesive.
  • Firmly place the VIZR to the dash and confirm the bottom sits flush on the dash.
  • Now, install any app to run this device. I use the FIXD app to get some additional features like the car’s real-time monitoring.
  • After completion of mounting, place the phone onto it and adjust the display.

Which Apps Are Compatible?

VIZR is very convenient and compatible with every smartphone. It works with almost all navigation apps that are available on the app store and Google play store. I use this device with the FIXD app. Check the FIXD Review for more details. Talking about VIZR, it supports all types of vehicles.

Which Apps Are Compatible

It offers live vehicle monitoring. Also, it is compatible with HUBwayGO, Wize, HUD Widget, Speedometer, Navmii, and many more. Any types of HUD apps or all those apps that support and connect with the VIZR will work effectively.

Is It a Scam?

Vizr comes with a universal design that can effortlessly work with any smartphone that has GPS. The illumination and resolution of the Vizr’s screen aren’t affected by the brightness and darkness. So, without any destruction, this device shows the path. The display quality of the VIZR is great. If you know the proper navigation system of this device, without any worry you can drive safely.

This device exactly projects all those things that the mobile’s screen reflects. Vizr fits almost all car models with its easy setup process. I can angle the device as I want with its adjustable screen. Till now, I am satisfied with its service and ensure that Vizr is not a scam.

Is VIZR Affordable?

This device comes with a high-tech design and features. With all these benefits, it actually costs very little. VIZR’s official website offers 3 packages with discounts and deals. Their best value offer is Buy 2, Get 1 free with free USA shipping. The most popular deal is Buy 1, Get 1 50% off.

Does Vizr Come With a Warranty?

If you purchase VIZR from their official site, you will get a guarantee and warranty with each product. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty. In case of a damaged product, you can claim a refund and exchange of the product.

Where Can I Buy It?

This device is very popular, and for this reason, it is available on several online platforms. I never compromise with any device quality and material. Therefore, I always prefer the manufacturer’s official website for purchasing any device.

Where Can I Buy It

As always, I purchased my VIZR from their official website with huge discounts and deals. They provide the original high-tech products. So, before the products get stock out, grab yours now.


VIZR works for me very effectively. Now, I don’t need my phone to hold and see the maps every time while driving. After using a lot of vehicle devices, finally, I found the perfect device that really works. This incredibly modern device is extremely easy to use and handle.

It comes with the most user-friendly, cost-effective, and appealing design. The amazing cutting-edge technology really impresses me. With this device, now, I can drive more calmly, without distracting myself, and confidently. In this article, I share my whole experience with VIZR. From this useful VIZR Review, you can learn everything about this device.


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