The Breather Review 2022: A Drug-Free Device!

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My 70 years old mom is an asthmatic patient whose doctor prescribed her the common medications. And she was continuing with the regular treatment according to her physician’s prescription. Once I noticed that she was pretty disturbed with her multiple medications. And she expressed to me something natural to improve her breathing issue.

I felt worried about my mom’s condition and visited her doctor to inform the update. The doctor was quite sympathetic to my mother’s breathing feeling and recommended the Breather. I asked the doctor why the Breather was? He assured me that it is a natural and drug-free device to make the breath more accessible than ever.

It made me pleased to find my mom’s expected solution to her breathing difficulties. I visited the official website of the Breather and checked its customer ratings and reviews. It impressed me greatly and I ordered the Breather for my beloved mom. Now she feels well in her every breath. Let me share my mom’s breathing experience with the Breather.

Product Summary
The Breather Review

The Breather Review

  • Drug-free 100% natural muscular training device
  • Scientifically-proven breathing technology
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Adjustable inhaling and exhaling dials
  • Easy to clean, dry, and store

The Breather Review: A Short Overview

Peggy Nicholson invented the Respiratory Muscular Training (RMT) device named the Breather. As a cardiopulmonary therapist, she wanted to invent a drug-free and 100% natural solution for patients with breathing difficulties. After 40 years of researching and testing, she finally introduced the whole world to the life-changing device, the Breather.

The Breather is the first RMT device of its kind helping millions of people worldwide to live healthier and happier breathing. The drug-free device has brought heavenly smiles for thousands of patients with short breath, shallow speech, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses.

The Breather has already helped 1.5 million people breathe better and live healthier. Doctors recommend the breathing device for patients of all ages, including children and aging. The respiratory exercise equipment cares for both children and aging people breathing health.

The designer has designed the device lightweight and portable enough for convenient use everywhere. It is easy to use while walking, running, cycling, hiking, and exercising outside. The Breather comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee for total customers’ satisfaction. If it shows any issues, the customer support team is available to complete the quick return.

The Breather-What Is It?

The Breather is the first 100% natural Respiratory Muscular Training (RMT) device. It helps patients with asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, CHF, dysphagia, Flu, pneumonia, Parkinson’s, and other breathing difficulties. The breathing device has brought a revolutionary breakthrough to breathing issues.

The Breather-What Is It

The Breather boosts respiratory health to heal the breathing difficulties while working out or sleeping. It works on natural science to make the airways free from mucus build-up. And the RMT device strengthens respiratory muscles for better breathing. In addition, it lets patients produce stronger coughing for expelling phlegm from the blocked airways.

Doctors and pulmonologists recommend the Breather for proven results with no side effects. The medical-grade breathing device is divine for both young and aging people. It is convenient to use with ergonomic designs. I found the device 100% eco-friendly with no battery use or chemical refill.

The Breather Review: Technical Specifications

  • Product type: Breathing assistance device
  • Manufacturer: PN Medical
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Dimensions: 5.1x 1.7x 1.8-inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Ounces
  • Battery: No battery use
  • Refill: No refill needed
  • Mouthpiece: Detachable
  • Dial: Adjustable with users’ demand
  • Adapter size: 15mm to 22mm
  • Access: The Breather coach app
  • Settings: 6 inspiratory and 5 expiratory settings
  • Recommended: For both young and adult

The Breather Review: All Fantastic Features

The manufacturer has developed the device with stunning features that confirm a better breathing experience. Peggy Nicholson dreamed of a device with more features than basic exercise routines. The Breather is a life-changing respiratory muscle training device with the following fantastic features.

The Breather Review

  • Drug-free device: The Breather is an innovation of 40-years of research by Peggy Nicholson. She felt the importance of natural healing of breathing difficulties. And she finally gifted us the first drug-free breathing device, the Breather. It is a 100% natural alternative to conventional breathing drugs with no side effects.
  • Ideal for all ages: The manufacturer has made the device suitable for all ages from young to old. Therefore, I have chosen this product for my 70-years old mom. And she enjoys smooth breathing while walking and sleeping. Children of 8 or more years old can use the device with no potential risks.
  • No battery use: The Breather requires no battery use for recharging itself. It is a powerless manually-operated breathing assistant. Therefore, the Breather causes no harm to the environment too.
  • No refill required: The innovator has shown her professional skill to design the device. The Breather is 100% free from refilling any chemicals or particles to start working. It is a handheld breathing partner with no more refilling hassles.
  • Adjustable dials: The respiratory muscle training device has an independent intensity control gear. It lets the users adjust to their breathing demands. The device stabilizes the breathing pressure with the six levels of intensity setup manual. Therefore, one can separately fix the inhale and exhale resistance levels.
  • Detachable mouthpiece: The Breather has two detachable mouthpieces, including the original one and an adapter. The separable mouthpieces are easy to clean and dry for further use. It lets my mom have a germ-free safe device at every use.
  • Apps control: The Breather app offers unlimited access to versatile respiratory training plans. It monitors the gradual development of respiratory health and sets the breathing routines accordingly.
  • Ergonomic design: The designer has designed the device compact and lightweight. Therefore, it is easy to port and convenient to use anywhere. The Breather suits better in small bags, pockets, and anywhere. It comes with a more accessible user manual that requires no rocket science to use.

The Breather Review: Benefits For Better Breathing

Millions of people worldwide pass their days with multiple respiratory symptoms. Unfortunately, there is rarely a real-time cure for chronic breathing conditions with asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, atelectasis, and more. The Breather is to boost airways and confirms comfortable breathing 24/7. It is a blessing innovation for millions of people with the following benefits.

Benefits For Better Breathing

  • Strength respiratory muscles: The Breather is a respiratory muscles training (RMT) device that strengthens muscles inside airways. It expels mucus from the lungs and boosts respiratory muscles to fight against breathing difficulties.
  • Increase airway capacity: The critical respiratory conditions block the airways and impede smooth breathing. The RMT device delivers enough blood to the working muscles of the airways. Thus, it rejuvenates the blocked and semi-blocked airways to promote their inhaling or exhaling capacity.
  • Ease respiratory symptoms: The Breather relieves the respiratory symptoms caused by asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, CHF, dysphagia, pneumonia, hypertension, and more. It provides proven results to improve respiratory health. Therefore, the breathing patients enjoy their life with full breath indoor and outdoor.
  • Improve oxygen saturation: The mess of mucus inside the lungs causes breathing difficulties. And it drastically decreases the oxygen saturation level in hemoglobin. The Breather helps stabilize the oxygen saturation level by releasing phlegm from the airways.
  • Promote peak cough flow: The respiratory muscles training incites lung muscles to increase cough flow. Therefore, it can bring more mucus out of the airways. And the patients feel better in their breathing. In addition, it resists the rise of painful dry cough.
  • Reduce breathlessness: The breathing device trains the lungs and airways to breathe better. And the respiratory muscle training lets people breathe a full breath, even asthmatic patients or ex-smokers. It reduces breathlessness and offers deeper, clearer, and fuller breathing.
  • Increase speech performance: People with acute respiratory symptoms cannot speak properly due to shallow breathing. The Breather expands lung capacity to have a full breath. It improves the quality of life by changing breathing manners for both young and adults.
  • Increase MIP & MEP: The Breather facilitates both inspiratory and expiratory functions of the lungs. It stabilizes maximal inspiratory pressure and maximal expiratory pressure to ensure deeper and smoother breath. The attack of mucus minimizes MIP & MEP in respiratory functions.
  • Boost physical performance: The Breather helps supply oxygen in the hemoglobin at the proper level. And it removes the risk of breathlessness while walking, running, swimming, and even sleeping. Therefore, the young, aging and even ex-smokers get back to their life with full stamina and strength.
  • Ensure sound sleep: The RMT device strengthens lung muscles and expands blocked airways to confirm full breath. It reduces shallow breath, breathlessness, and hypertension during sleeping. Therefore, the users enjoy a sound sleep around the sleeping hours without snoring and choking.

The Breather: How Does It Work?

Medical experts have scientifically designed the device to help people with breathing difficulties. It is respiratory muscle training to strengthen the lungs and airways. The first drug-free breathing device improves respiratory muscle weakness. It is a therapeutic exercise for functioning the lungs and airways.

How Does It Work

The Breather is an inspiratory & expiratory respiratory trainer that strengthens the diaphragm and breathing muscles through inhalation resistance. And it strengthens the abdominal muscles through exhalation resistance. The device adds a natural therapeutic value to respiratory health.

Furthermore, the device develops aerial vibration inside airways to clear mucus from the breathing tube. This handheld single-user apparatus works as a home gym for the lungs. It lets users practice respiratory muscle training to improve their overall respiratory fitness.

Operation Of The Breather: How To Use It?

The Breather is the first drug-free evidence-based respiratory device to improve breathing experience. The manufacturer has designed the breathing machine for patients with asthma, COPD, bronchitis, CHF, stroke, hypertension, Parkinson’s, and neuromuscular diseases. Let’s learn how to use the device in the prescribed manner.

Pre-session indications: Pre-session preparation is essential for having a better breathing experience. It includes physical feeling, posture, and dial settings. The body posture should be sitting straight in relaxed mode. And the users must set the inhale and exhale dials as their preferred level. For example, inhaling level one is easier, and the sixth is harder.

How To Use It

Full session indications: Hold the body with one hand and place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Now start inhaling as deeply as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Then exhale gently and continue practicing for 5-10 minutes at every session. Keep your shoulders relaxed during diaphragmatic inhaling and exhaling through the device.

Never miss adjusting the inhaling and exhaling intensity before practicing with the device. Doctors and pulmonologists suggest using the respiratory muscle trainer daily for having decent outcomes.

The Breather: How To Clean It?

Doctors strongly recommend cleaning the Breather after every use. It is crucial to disinfect the device to resist bacterial growth and saliva build-up inside. The entire cleaning process is so simple with the following steps.

Disassembling: The users should disintegrate the mouthpieces from the diaphragmatic body. It is easy to separate the main mouthpiece and adapter for cleaning. However, never forget doing the disassembling jobs carefully to avoid any losses.

How To Clean It

Rinsing: Take a bowl of mildly warm soapy water and rinse the disassembled parts properly. Wash the mouthpieces and body separately to avoid bacterial contamination. Never forget to shake the device out to expel any saliva cells inside.

Drying: After shaking off water, place the device on a clean towel for air drying. And inhale and exhale sharply to expel any particles before putting the mouthpiece on the device. Then store the device in a clean and dry place or bag.

However, we recommend cleaning the Breather at least two times a week with 70% alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for advanced safety. You can try this for extra care.

What You Get On Unboxing The Breather Kit?

The manufacturer has upgraded the Breather with new properties, tech supports, and services. We need to know everything to breathe with the life-changing device ever better. You will avail of the following features while unboxing the Breather Kit.

What You Get On Unboxing The Breather Kit

  • Advanced settings: The new Breather comes with six inspiratory and five expiratory settings for a smoother operation. Therefore, we enjoy balanced inhaling and exhaling with the device.
  • Two mouthpieces:  Now, the Breather Kit is available with two mouthpieces. One is the original mouthpiece, and the rest is a 15mm to 22mm adapter to ensure convenient uses for all ages.
  • Unlimited access: The Breather Club offers unlimited training videos and lessons on the practice and use. The training series and courses are available for both beginners and experienced users. It helps to build confidence to improve respiratory health.
  • Breather coach app: The Breather is more user-friendly with the breathing coach app. The app is free to access with plenty of features and functions. For example, it helps to evaluate the progress and set the practice plan accordingly.
  • Intact packaging: The breathing device is great for gifting with an independent and intact package. Therefore, you receive a fresh and flawless device at your every purchase.
  • Money back guarantee: The Breather comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee to confirm 100% customer satisfaction. If you find any issue with the device, never miss enjoying a hassle-free return.

24/7 support: If you have any queries, suggestions, or allegations the official support team is ready to respond 24/7. You can contact the support team through the official website.

The Breather: Things To Consider Before Purchasing

The Breather is the first drug-free RMT device that strengthens respiratory muscles and promotes lung functions. The respiratory muscles trainer improves the working efficiency of the diaphragm and breathing airways for better breathing.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

The RMT device strengthens the cardiac system and reduces blood pressure to soothe hypertension. It helps resist breathlessness while exercising, cycling, swimming, walking, and sleeping. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular and neuromuscular diseases enjoy full breath around the clock.

However, there are many misconceptions about the drugs-free breathing device in the market. Someone makes a mistake considering the Breather as an inhaler or oxygen tank. In addition, it may seem difficult to use to someone. Let’s closely consider the following factors before purchasing the Breather.

  • Drug-free 100% natural muscular training device
  • Scientifically-proven breathing technology
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Adjustable inhaling and exhaling dials
  • Easy to clean, dry, and store
  • Accessible by mobile app
  • Effective to improve respiratory health against mucus
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Available with a 30-days of the money-back guarantee
  • It is not an inhaler.
  • It is not a sprayer or puffer.
  • It is not a nebulizer.
  • It is not an oxygen tank.
  • It is not difficult to use.
  • It is not stress-inducing.

The Breather comes with years-long research and tests by medical experts and pulmonologists. And the manufacturer has proved its scientific efficiency in improving respiratory health. Doctors recommend the device for sustainable solutions to chronic breathing difficulties.

What Do Customers Review About The Breather?

The Breather has already helped over 1.5 million people worldwide to improve their breathing health. People love the RMT device to strengthen their respiratory muscles, airways, and lungs with no prescribed medication. The breathing assistant has reached people of all ages to let them lead a quality life.

What Do Customers Reviews About The Breather

What Do Customers Review About The Breather

I have personally reviewed the feedback of past users to buy the breather for my 70 years old mom. The customers’ reviews helped me a lot to make the right decision for a valid purchase. Let’s see some of the customers’ reviews.

The Breather Review: Current Prices & Packages

The Breather seems affordable with cost-effective features and functions. Generally, every unit costs $50 at the retail shops and authorized distributors. However, the unit price can come with discounted packages on different occasions and events. The current price list of the device is below.

Current Prices & Packages

Now, you can purchase a single unit costing only $49.99. When you need to purchase one more unit, the most popular package can be your right choice. You will get one free by purchasing two Breathers under this package. And it lets you save $59.99, including free shipping across the USA.

If you want to purchase three more Breathers at a time, the best deal package can be the right pick. This particular offer comes with two free units costing only $179.97. Therefore, you can enjoy savings of $119.98, including free shipping.

However, never miss check the price quotes on the official website and authorized distributors to have the updated price ranges.

Refund Policy Of The Breather: The Terms & Conditions

The official distributor offers a 30-days of money-back guarantee and one year of service warranty on every purchase. If the users are unhappy with the Breather, they can contact the support team to have the proper solutions. However, the guarantee and warranty comprise some special terms and conditions.

The Terms & Conditions

The official producer PN Medical sells the Breather through its authorized retailers. The  authorized retailers follow PN Medical policies, procedures, quality control standards, terms, and conditions.

PN Medical reserves the right to cancel any warranty or guarantee claims from the purchasers. Under the refund policy, the producer can deny any return claims on purchasing from authorized and unauthorized sellers.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover the damage of the device due to misuse, negligence, alteration, and accidental or normal tear and wear. PN Medical strictly discourages any unfair warranty claims from purchasers and retailers.

Purchasers can call 877-414-4449 to claim their warranty against their damaged devices. But they have to maintain the limited warranty period on the particular products. PN Medical repairs or replaces the defective products with no breach of warranty policies.

Sometimes, it refunds the purchasing price of the device at PN Medical’s sole discretion. However, the application of warranty policies can vary from one state to another and one country to another.

Where Can I Buy a Breather?

PN Medical sells Breathers on its official website and through authorized retailers. In addition, the purchasers can order their items at the official distributors’ site. There are multiple authorized sellers of the Breather across the continents. For example, if you are from Australia, you can complete your order on the Australian authorized distributor.

Where Can I Buy a Breather

However, PN Medical encourages purchasers to purchase the Breathers from the official website and authorized retailers. Therefore, they can avail of the repair, replace, and refund opportunities under the warranty policies. Avoid unauthorized retailers and online sellers to have a fair deal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Let’s Learn More About The Breather

The drug-free breathing device has created enormous curiosity among patients, doctors, researchers, and common users. We have considered the issue and researched valid answers to some common questions. Let’s get more about the Breather!

Who Created The Breather?

There is a long story behind the birth of the Breather. Peggy Nicholson started researching to find out a natural solution to the breathing difficulties in the 1970s. And she emphasized respiratory muscle training to have better breath.

She conducted numerous tests of RMT on her patients and received their feedback. After reviewing the results, she could understand that this can be a life-changing way of improving respiratory health. And finally, Peggy Nicholson introduces us to the first drug-free RMT device, the Breather.

Do Breath Trainers Work?

The respiratory breath trainer improves breathing airways, lungs, and surrounding muscles. It strengthens both the inspiratory and expiratory conditions of respiratory health. Dozens of studies have proven the effectiveness of the breath trainer for better breathing.

The breathing trainer activates the diaphragm and intercostal muscles to offer full breath. Therefore, the users feel the breathing freedom even with asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, CHF, and hypertension. It releases mucus from the airways and lungs.

What Is The Breather Medical?

The Breather is the first drug-free evidence-based respiratory muscle trainer device to help people with breathing difficulties. It is a pneumatic lung muscle trainer with no chemicals and drugs. The Breather is a 100% natural healing for patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

The RMT device optimizes blood flow to the lung muscles to increase breathing performance. And it strengthens the diaphragm and respiratory muscles to maximize lung functions while walking, running, swimming, and sleeping. Doctors recommend the Breather for harmless healing of the respiratory symptoms.

Why Is  Oil Used In Breather?

The Breather has six inspiratory and five expiratory dials to customize the inhaling and exhaling pressures. And the handheld dial levels can get fixed due to cleaning and washing multiple times. Then, the user can feel rigidity to change the inhaling and exhaling levels.

Therefore, the verified users and manufacturers suggest using oil around the dial setting to keep them easier and smoother for customizing. It increases the longevity and adjustability of the Breather.

Is The Breather FSA Eligible?

The Breather is an FSA eligible breathing device for ultimate respiratory care. It is a drug-free trainer to strengthen the lung muscles. The innovator has made the device eligible for patients of all ages. And it confirms quick and effective results in removing the breathing difficulties.

The FSA eligible breathing assistant protects airways from mucus and heals acute respiratory conditions. The Breather causes no side effects for the younger or older users. It is safe for use anytime and anywhere.

Manufacturer Of The Breather

PN Medical is the manufacturer of the Breather in association with the innovator, Peggy Nicholson. Since 1980, the company has been working with cutting-edge respiratory technologies to help millions of people worldwide. The PN Medical team believes in drug-free natural care of respiratory health.

The manufacturer has already helped 1.5 million people to breathe better, even with chronic breathing illnesses. PN Medical has authorized retailers of the Breathers across the world. It commits to delivering quality-controlled products and services.

PN Medical has also launched Breather University to coin new cardiopulmonary research, education, and insight era. It aims to help people strengthen their respiratory health through the use of the Breather worldwide.

The Breather Support Team: Ready to Respond 24/7

PN Medical has a dynamic support team to confirm continuous customer support. The support team members are ready 24/7 to reply to customers with the following issues

  • Queries about placing orders
  • Questions about product prices and availability
  • Technical backup
  • Repair, replace, return, and refund
  • Suggestions, allegations, and anything else

The Breather support team is accessible via email for therapy support and for sales. However, they are available for international customers via to respond to the global queries. And the Breather coach mobile app team is available via to solve any issues. In addition, the Breather support team is available at the official phone number 877-414-4449 and fax address 407-888-2795. You may feel free to contact the support team if you have any issues with the Breather.

Final Verdict On The Breather Review

Peggy Nicholson brought a revolutionary breakthrough in cardiopulmonary research by  innovating the Breather. And PN Medical plays a vital role in helping millions of people with the drug-free RMT device.

The Breather heals the breathing difficulties caused by asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, CHF, hypertension, emphysema, and other respiratory conditions. It improves respiratory muscles and offers a better breathing experience.

Doctors recommend the RMT device for people of all ages. It is easy to use, clean, and store. The Breather coach mobile app guides the users to use the therapy trainer properly. The drug-free device is safe to use with no proven side effects.

Let’s breathe better and live happier with the Breather!

Product Summary
The Breather Review

The Breather Review

  • Drug-free 100% natural muscular training device
  • Scientifically-proven breathing technology
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Adjustable inhaling and exhaling dials
  • Easy to clean, dry, and store


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