Smartrelief Review 2022 – Does it Better for Pain Relief?

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A few days back I was working on my laptop. I was working until I feel the pain in my neck area. This pain gets worse day by day, and after some time I was unable to move my neck due to severe pain. For an instant, I just use hot water therapy. This was just a temporary solution for me. So, I was looking for a permanent solution for a very long time.

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After some browsing internet, I found a device called SmartRelief. I was not sure if I am going to buy it or not. But then read some reviews and interested to purchase it. By taking only 15 minutes of therapy from this device you can say goodbye to your neck pain forever. I feel so relieved that I decided to write a SmartRelief Review based on my experience. Read the review and find a permanent solution for your pain.

Our Summary


  • The device is portable and lightweight.
  • Exclusive sleek Design
  • Durable & Long-Lasting Battery
  • Multiple activate modes
  • Adjustable & Easy interface
  • No extra weight while wearing it.
  • Mute noise reduction device

Overview of SmartRelief

Smartrelief is a great pain relief neck massagers device especially for soreness, stiffness, muscle fatigue, etc. This is one of the best portable devices with an ergonomic design. It has a built-in thermostat that diffuses heat to smoothen your neck muscle.

Overview of SmartRelief

Three activating modes of the SmartRelief works on the different muscles of the neck area. You will get scarping, kneading, acupuncture massage at a time. The materials this device uses are completely non-allergic and comfortable. Electrode sheet micro surface design makes the device fit for all the neck. No need to assemble the device or adjusting it while using. One-button boot makes it easy to operate.

This neck massage device has a 1600 mAH capacity that gives you longer service without any problem. You only need to charge the device for 2 hours. Use it for 15 minutes per day and get 15 days of non-stop service with just one charge. With warm heat therapy, SmartRelief stimulates the blood vessels that relax your muscle and eliminate the soreness or tension on the shoulder. The proper blood flows help to keep the muscle stable.

How Does SmartRelief Work?

SmartRelief compact device works very efficiently to eliminate stress and pain in the neck area. Also, this device loosens the muscle and abolishes the tender knots. Compare to other massager devices this actually works great on my neck area. Now you might want to know how this amazing device actually works.

How Does SmartRelief Work

SmartRelief uses pulse technology to stimulates blood circulation. This circulation helps the neck muscle stay active and strong. The device has three different modes that provide acupuncture, finger massage, scarping massage. For cervical relaxation, it uses electrical impulses. SmartRelief has a thermostat module that delivers up to 107°F warm to relaxes your muscle.

Through the low-cycle pulse technology, the device deeply touches the skin up to 3-5 cm. It opens up the pain points that easily reduce cervical pain. With three activating modes M1, M2, M3 you can reduce several stresses and muscle pain.

Special Features of SmartRelief

Talking about SmartRelief smart gadget I find out that it has a micro surface design that helps to perfectly fit the device in my neck. Some more special features make the device so special to me. Let’s have a look-

Multiple Modes:

This compact device has three activate modes that work in a way to relax your muscle and tension and give you a completely relaxed neck. Three massage modes are M1, M2 & M3. M1 is the soothing mode that helps to reduce the neck injury, M2 is the vitality mode that helps with the chronic cervical strain.Multiple Modes

Lastly, the M3 model is an automatic mode that smoothens your full neck muscle. By activating these modes, you will find kneading, scarping, acupuncture, and many more massages at a time. Those massages are the most soothing and relaxing massage for the tensed shoulder.

Multiple Modes3

Quality Materials:

As my neck area skin is sensitive, I have to be conscious while using this device. The Smartrelief gives me hope by providing the elastic arms on the device. It uses an austenitic 304 stainless steel electrode that helps to keep the device delicate and not allergic to my skin.

The airbag inside the device is made of breathable skin soft silicone that makes it more comfortable. Though it directly contacts the skin it’s not allergic at all. The device uses the gel inside the electrode pad but the device is fully protected from leakages. Because of its high-quality material your neck is carotid artery pressure-free.

Ergonomic Design:

The SmartRelief is developed with an ergonomic design. It is U-shaped and has 360° rotation capability. The device has an electrode sheet micro-surface design to fit on every neck perfectly. For its perfect design, I don’t feel any load while wearing it. The device also uses elastic arm technology for great rebound & stores toughness for the neck.

Long-Lasting Battery:

Most of the device’s common problem is the charging capability. But in the matter of the SmartRelief device, I don’t face any problem like that. This device has 1600mAh which is a larger capacity that long-lasting for 15 days. I only gave 2 hours of charge and it provides me 15 days of services.

Long-Lasting Battery

The device mostly uses for 15 minutes per day with an auto-off function. So yeah this is huge for me either I am traveling or going to the office. Because with a single charge I can use this neck massager the most.

Convenient & Adjustable:

Smartrelief device is only 13.8mm x 14.2 mm which is very lightweight and easy to carry on your neck. You will not feel any extra load while using it. One-button boot makes the device easy to operate even if you are a beginner. No need to adjust any buttons or assemble the device. Like other devices, this doesn’t create any noise. The high-frequency mute noise makes it soothing for using. Its noise capacity is 0-20 decibels which is less than minimum.

Heat Therapy:

SmartRelief device has the technology to provide one kind of heat therapy on your neck. This heat therapy is the combination of electric pulses & two-prolonged therapy. To smoothen the neck muscle heat diffuses from the collar of the device. The electric pulses activate on the muscle area to relieve you from strained neck, sore back, tense shoulders, etc.

What Do I Like?

What I like most about this device are enlisted here. You can check why this gadget on my favorite list.

What Do I Like

  • The device is portable and lightweight.
  • Exclusive sleek Design
  • Durable & Long-Lasting Battery
  • Multiple activate modes
  • Adjustable & Easy interface
  • No extra weight while wearing it.
  • Mute noise reduction device
  • No extra setup process or assembly required.
  • Reduce several injuries within few minutes.

What Should Improve?

Though the SmartRelief is one of the best devices for neck pain or muscle fatigue, the manufacturer needs to focus on some point. Those are

  • Need to increase the stock
  • Make this device available on the local store beside the online store.

How Can I Use Smart Relief?

When I pick got the SmartRelief, I thought there are so many functions that I had to maintain while operating. Actually, there is nothing like that. In fact, the use of SmartRelief is quite easy. Here I am adding some steps of how to use the SmartRelief in a proper way.

How Can I Use Smart Relief

Step 1: Before using the SmartRelief on your neck area it will be good to clean the neck with a wet tissue.

Step 2: Now unbox the device and open it carefully.

Step 3: Put the device on our neck & turn on the device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. You can put it on the affected area where you are feeling any pain or soreness.

Step 4: While using this device and get the topmost benefit from it you have to stay relax and keep your muscle fully relax.

Step 5: There are three types of modes in the device. Press any of the modes to activate on your muscle or neck area.

Step 6: There is a default button to change the settings. You can easily control the power by pressing on the +/- option.

That’s how you can easily use the SmartRelief device when you feel pain in the neck area. While using this device make sure there is no metal object on your body. Or else you may get a shock from the device. Also, use the device for 15 minutes per day. Not more than that. Otherwise, it will create a bad impact on your body.

Is Smartrelief a Scam?

At first, before purchasing the product I also thought about this question. Is it a scam or this device will actually work on my neck? Well, I got the answer and tried to share my overall experience through SmartRelief Review. The quality of the product, high-quality material, effectiveness everything is great.

Is Smartrelief a Scam

I feel so comfortable while wearing it. No extra burden for me when I wear it. Also, this device perfectly works on my neck muscle are and reduce soreness, pain, fatigue, and other problems at a time. So yeah, it’s not a scam and you will feel much better by using it.

Where Can I Order It?

SmartRelif device is not available at the local store. If you find it in the store it may not be authentic or it will be claimed for a higher price. I purchase the device from their official store with a 50% discount. Even they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which other stores failed to claim.

Where Can I Order It

Besides they have some great, amazing & recommended deals as an offer. The most popular offer of the SmartRelief is the right mow recommended deal. Where you will get completely 2 devices free with the purchase of 3 SmartRelief devices. The best part is this offer is providing by them with a 70% discount.

Final Thought

I was scared to work for a long time before using this SmartRelief device. Because this neck pain was getting severe for me. In SmartRelief Review I explained how effectively this device works. The device not only eliminates your neck issues but also helps to reduce joint pain and increase blood circulation.

In this device, you will find different kinds of massage like kneading, scarping, etc. Also, warm therapy works efficiently on the muscle area. While using this device you will get in touch deeply with your skin. But there will be no allergic reaction because of its breathable skin soft silicone material.


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