Showertime Review 2022 – Is it Right for You?

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I am a series lover. Whenever I start watching any series it is difficult for me to leave without completing it. But I also have to maintain the other works like cooking or bathing on time. It is difficult for me to watch anything while cooking or bathing. So, I was searching for a device that can easily hold my phone during bathing or cooking. After a lot of searching, I find out a device called Showertime.

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This device is easy to use and no extra setting problem. Besides, it can hold the phone strongly and protect it from any damages. This device is water-resistant and protects my mobile from oil, dust, steam, and other liquids. After using this device my experience was great. So here I want to share my user experience in the Showertime Review.

Our Summary


Main Features:

  • Quality Materials
  • No Trace at All
  •  Flexibility
  • Compatible
  • Ultra-Thin Screen

Introducing ShowerTime Review

ShowerTime is a device that basically holds your phone in the bathroom or in the kitchen room. This is a phone holder with extra features. You will find so many phone stands that only holds the phone but there is no guarantee that your phone is protected from water, oil dust, or other objects. Through this Showertime Review, I’ll show you how your phone is fully protected and also how smoothly you can use it even it is wrapped up with plastic.

Introducing ShowerTime Review

ShowerTime uses an ultra-thin screen which is 0.25mm that helps to browse, make calls, or text without any friction. The device is large enough to hold the phone’s size up to 6.8 inches. I can use any android or iPhone without any barrier. The strong adhesiveness of the gadget helps to attach to any wall. The full device is wrapped up with a plastic that protects the phone from any damages through water, oil, or dust.

The device is air-tight, so there will be no haziness during the bath. This device won’t influence the lucidity of the phone screen at all. To keep your phone dry and safe this ShowerTime device is great. Now you can relax while bathing or cooking and you don’t have to worried at all.

The device is fully be protected inside the ShowerTime and no tension of slipping. No more breaking or damages to your phone when you have Showertime in your house. This device is perfect as a shower phone holder.

ShowerTime Main Features

ShowerTime is mostly popular for its water-resistant capability. Also, this device protects your phone from any damages. Now you can maintain your shower routine even you are watching your favorite shows. Here you will find some more significant features. Have a look-

Quality Materials:

The ShowerTime device is fully packed with quality materials. It contains anti-fog film, ABS material, along with a silicon seal. It has a high perspective window to see the videos or image clearly.

Quality Materials

The 5mm sponge protection ensures that you can protect your mobile. This whole device is like a case to protect your mobile from oil, dirt, and other objects. The whole device is covered with confided seal to ensure the protection of the mobile.

No Trace at All:

The strong adhesive of the device makes sure there remains no trace on the wall. When you attach the device or hanging on the wall you can easily remove it later. The best part is there will be no scratch or mark at all. It is easy to stick and stability is strong enough.


ShowerTime is flexible enough to use with any mobile. This buckle device has a wide-angle which is 60°. This wide-angle prevents your phone from falling while in or out of it. The device has a thin wrap in front of it. This thin rape is made of plastic which is completely water and airtight. No chance of falling the water into your phone and you can easily operate it outside the device. The round corners of the device prevent bumping.


The Showertime is a device that is perfectly suitable for all devices. No matter which phone you are using. It can be iPhone 7, 8, 11, 11 pro max or 12 or any android phone. The device is perfect and suitable for all types of smartphone sizes and you can easily keep your phone inside the device. Showertime can hold up to 6.8 inches of the phone easily. So, whatever brand you are using, you will not face any problems.


Ultra-Thin Screen:

ShowerTime device is fully protected with a thin screen which length is 0.25mm. This ultra-thin screen helps me to change the videos, modes, adjust the settings while bathing. Also, I can call, text, or browse easily without any hassle. This thin screen is transparent enough to see things clearly. Though the screen is thin it can protect your phone from dirt, oil, water, and other things. Also, there will be no compromises with the sound quality.

Why Do You Really Need the ShowerTime?

Personally, I love to listen to music while doing work. My showering time is the most relaxing time. In that time some music adds my relaxation some more. This is why I need a strong water-resistant phone holder. This holder will help me to watch videos or music at the time of showering.

Why Do You Really Need the ShowerTime

I think this is the reason I need the Showertime. As this device is easily rotatable and the gripping power is strong. The adhesiveness of the device is strong enough to hold the phone perfectly. Through this device not only I can use in the washroom. Even in the kitchen I can easily adjust this phone holder while cooking and enjoy my cooking. This way I can prevent my phone from slipping and also my hand will be relaxing. I no longer need to hold the phone for a long time.

How Does ShowerTime Work?

The ShowerTime mechanism is very simple. Actually, there is not so much high technology or mechanism that people will not understand. The gadget comes with a plastic material along with a sensitive touch screen. The adhesive stick is water & airtight also it is well sealed to prevent your phone from damages.

How Does ShowerTime Work

You can easily rotate your phone from 0° to 90° or -90° for its special arbitrary rotation features. The sensitive touch screen of this device allows you to change the volume, melodies, and HD clear view allow you to watch the movies or anything clearly. To hold the mobile phone strongly this device has a strong bearing capacity.

How Can I Use ShowerTime?

Using the Showertime is not a big deal in your bathroom. When I start using it, I actually find out myself how to use it. Here I am sharing the process.

Step 1: Unpack the box and bring out all the ingredients from the box.

Step 2: Clear the shower wall or the place where you want to put the device. If there is any dust or water the holder’s sticky part will not work properly.

Step 3: Now pull off the adhesive part of the phone holder slowly. Make sure not to touch any object on that part. Or else it will not work properly.

Step 4: Attach the phone holder on the wall where you want to install it. It will be good if you press it for few seconds.

Step 5: Now check the phone holder if there is any water, bubble, or object. Clean the Shower time and put your phone on the holder.

Step 6: After adjusting your phone wait for few seconds to see if there is any problem. If not, you are ready to use it in your washroom.

This is how you can use the ShowerTime device. Make your phone waterproof shower phone by using this shower telephone holder. Enjoy your shower watching movies, series, listening to songs, etc, and make your shower time experience great.

Advantages of ShowerTime

ShowerTime really is a great device for those who love to watch videos while cooking or bathing. Some advantages are here for you to understand.

Advantages of ShowerTime

  1. Perfectly suitable for all kinds of walls.
  2. Provide you a crystal-clear view with its ultra-thin screen.
  3. The smooth and round shape of the corner prevents bumping.
  4. The devices can adjust the phone size up to 6.8 inches.
  5. The sensitive touch screen allows you to browse your phone smoothly.
  6. Strong adhesiveness behind the device prevents slipping your phone.
  7. The device has a strong bearing capacity

Disadvantages of ShowerTime

As ShowerTime is a very helpful device, it has some disadvantages too.

  1. This device is only available in the online store.
  2. Limited Stock.

Where Can I Purchase the ShowerTime?

Normally it will be difficult for you to get shower time in a local store. When I decided to buy this gadget, I was unable to find it at the local store. Some online shop may provide you the gadget, but all the product is not authentic. Besides their shipping cost is costly.

Where Can I Purchase the ShowerTime

But luckily, I find the official website of the ShowerTime gadget and managed to buy it from them with less shipping cost. For their customer, they are offering a 50% discount with 30 days money-back guarantee on every product. Their most recommended deal offer right now is to get 3 ShowerTime along with 2 completely free at a 73% discount.

Final Thought

Showertime gadget is such a useful device for the users like me who love watching movies or series while working. I don’t need to hold my phone all the time now. Besides this gadget prevent from damages my phone. In ShowerTime Review I mentioned how effective and useful this device is. I enjoyed it a lot while using this device. Because there is no complication while using it, and this device maintains universal size to hold any phone. I don’t find any problem while browsing or sliding the phone. This device is getting so popular day by day. The official website recently offering some amazing deals for their customer. Let’s not wait and grab the amazing offer that meets your requirements.


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