Scratchundo Pro Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam?

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It is one kind of passion to ride a car and roaming around with it. But the problem I face is most of the time I found so many scratches on my car. Though I drive carefully, somehow here and there I found so many scratches. Every time it is not possible to go to the repair shop and fix it by spending lots of money. So I was searching for a budget-friendly solution and got the product called ScratchUndo Pro.

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I write a solid ScratchUndo Pro Review after using it for few days. In my experience, I can say that this fixing acidic gel pen is very simple to use. Also, it dries out within few seconds and no change I find after using it on my car. Besides this device is applicable for multiple vehicles. So I can say this one is one of the best products for repairing your car scratch within a budget.

Our Summary


Special Features:

  • Instant Fix
  • Chemical Free
  • Compatible with Every Surface & Color
  • User Friendly
  • Compact Size & Compatible

What Is ScratchUndo Pro?

What is a ScartchUndo Pro? This is a gel applicator pen to fix the car scratch instantly. To remove or dissolve the car scratch instantly this device is great. It works like a magic. You just apply on the scratch and after few seconds it just vanishes.  The ScratchUndo Pro has an acidic solution to dissolve the scratch area quickly.

What Is ScratchUndo Pro

After hardening the solution, the gel takes the color from the surroundings to cover the full scratch area. Through the device use acidic gel but it completely safe for any color of car paint. The ScratchUndo Pro is a completely cost-effective transparent gel. It works on fiber, metallic, plastic surfaces.

The device is completely non-toxic and harmless. No odor you will find while applying and it is easy to apply.   For quick repairing and save your money this magic gel pen is really a great device.

How Does ScratchUndo Pro Work?

ScratchUndo Pro is a unique pen device that effectively works on any car pain to remove the scratch. By using it you can simply remove the scratch without any hassle. The gel inside the pen compatible with any colors. This gel is a combination of acidic gel which is not harmful but effectively works on the car paint.

How Does ScratchUndo Pro Work

To dissolve light scratch instantly this acidic gel works perfectly. Basically, the clear gel of the device dissolves the car paint and absorbs the surrounding colors as it is hardening. To get the best result it is good to use it under the sunlight. This will help you to dry it fast.

ScratchUndo Pro Special Features

ScratchUndo Pro provides some special features. You will easily differ this fixing pen from others for its features. Let’s see:

Instant Fix:

ScratchUndo pro is completely colorless and gives you an instant fixing solution for your scratch-on car. Just apply the pen to the scratch. Let it dry and voila it is new like before. The most amazing thing is there will be no other marks if you apply it. It provides smooth finishing on your scratch within few seconds.

Chemical Free:

This pen consists of clear gel basically. Though it applies to your car for removing scratch but trust me you will find no extra chemical here. It is completely odorless, non-hazardous & non-toxic. Also, this acidic gel is completely water-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about water.

Chemical Free

Compatible with Every Surface & Color:

If you are worried about using different metals, let me assure you this acidic gel can be used on any surface. You can use this pen on plastic, metal, fiber, etc. surfaces. Also, this scratch remover pen can be used on every color of paint of your car. This versatile feature makes the ScratchUndo Pro different from others.

User Friendly:

Using the ScratchUndo Pro is not hard at all. This is just like a pen. Shake it well and open the cap. Now apply it to the scratch by pressing the pen and let it dry. Within few seconds it will dry and give you the perfect result. No extra setup is required to use this gel fixing pen.

User Friendly

Compact Size & Compatible:

The best part of using ScratchUndo Pro is it is a compact mini device. This portable gel pen comes in 142 x 15 mm size. This is very easy to hold and people can keep it in their pocket or in a handbag while traveling. No need to go to the repairing shop for the awful scratches. This pen not only used for cars, but you can also apply it on van, bike, etc vehicles also.

Advantage of ScratchUndo Pro

Using ScratchUndo Pro has some great advantages. You can quickly fix your car anywhere you want. No need to go to any repair shop for that. Let’s see some other advantages too.

  1. Instant repair for any scratch on your car.
  2. The pen is lightweight and easy to carry.
  3. No harmful chemical is used.
  4. Suitable for every surface like plastic, metal, etc.
  5. The product is water-resistant and completely non-toxic.
  6. No damages to your car while using it.
  7. The using process is very easy and hassle-free.
  8. No need to spend lots of money, instead you can get this device at a reasonable price.
  9. It can be used on multiple vehicles and colors

The Disadvantage of Scratchundo Pro

The ScratchUndo Pro is a great fixing tool for simple scratches, even deeper scratches. But it has some disadvantages too.

  1. Hard to find in local store
  2. Limited Stock online.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

As a user, I first read the customer review section. They always write honest reviews about the product. I already write a full ScratchUndo Pro Review after using it. Here I added some more customer reviews so that you can get an idea about this product. Thousands of people are getting rid of awful scratches from their cars.

Compilation of Customer Opinion Compilation of Customer Opinion2 Compilation of Customer Opinion3

How Can I Use ScratchUndo Pro?

After reading the review and learned about the features & advantages of Scratch Undo Pro I am sure you are eager to know about the use of it. So, here I am to show you through my ScratchUndo Pro Review the using process. There will be no single scratch leave on your car after using it properly.

How Can I Use ScratchUndo Pro

  1. At first, it is good to clear the place where the scratch is available.
  2. Now, before opening the cap shake the pen in a proper way.
  3. Open the cap and keep the pen’s tip down. Press on the area where our car has scratches. Press it until the tip gets dry.
  4. Move the pen slowly and cover the entire scratch area.
  5. Once you are finished, clean the excess gel with tissue paper.
  6. Now, let it be for some time to dry. It is good if you apply it in the daylight.

That’s how you can use the gel-based scratch remover pen and get your car like before. There will be traces of scratches after using this scratch remover product.

Is ScratchUndo Pro a Scam?

For removing the scratch from my car, I used lots of products. It was hard to find a perfect product that really helps to remove the scratch. When I heard about the ScratchUndo Pro I was so confused if the tool is good for my car or not. Is it really a scam?

Is ScratchUndo Pro a Scam

But I was really amazed when start using it. This product quickly fixing my car scratch. This tiny scratch remover product looks like a pen that used gel to remove the scratch smoothly. It is easy to carry and I can use it any time, as there is less chemical on the gel. So yeah you can use it without any worries and it’s not a scam at all.

Where can I order It?

After reading about the ScratchUndo Pro review I am sure you are willing to buy this tool. The thing when I first heard about it, I went to the local store. I found the tool but they didn’t ensure me about the quality. After some time I finally managed to get their official site.

Where can I order It

On your first purchase from their official website, you will get a 50% discount. They have so many different deals for their customer. I choose the recommended deal with a 75% discount. In this deal, I get 2 scratches to undo pro tools completely free after purchasing 3 tools. They also have 30 days money-back guarantee for the customer if there is any problem.

Final Thought

Well, I am at the end of my ScratchUndo Pro Review. All I can say that this scratch remover device is really helpful within a budget. Before using this pen, I always get upset because of the scratch on my car. Again, I have to go to the car repairing shop even there is a minor scratch and had to spend lots of money.

But now, I don’t have to go to the repairing shop. With this mini pocket device, I can easily fix the scratch. It takes just a few seconds to repair, the gel is completely harmless. When I get so many benefits in one device why spend lots of money on the repair shop?


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