Safe Grabs Reviews [Update 2022]: Too Good to be True?

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I used to burn my hands from heat or boiled water while cooking. Also, while doing multitask in the kitchen I often face some unexpected accidents and injure my hands. Thus, I start searching for something that can protect my hands from heat and burning.

Fortunately, I came across safe grabs reviews, then doing some research, and decided to buy it. After using this product now, I think it is a must-have kitchen tool. It is the best tool that can prevent unexpected accidents and assures hand protection. Till now, I am using Safe Grabs, and in this guide, I will share my experience with you all.

What Is Safe Grabs?

Safe Grabs are designed to carry or hold hot food pot without burning the hands. It allows moving hot dishes or bowls from the microwave oven without feeling any difficulty. This product comes with a 100% BPA free silicone mat and microwave-safe materials. It works like a trivet for protecting the surface from scratches and heat.

What Is Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs are non-slippy, dishwasher safe, and non-stick. This product is designed with grooves and edges to ensure a firm grip and prevent slipping. It comes in two different colors, red and blue. Each set has a 10-inch and 12-inch mat. These mats can tolerate up to 475°F or 246°C heat. It is truly multi-purposed and can be used in so many ways.

Main Features of Safe Grabs

From the safe grabs reviews, it is clear that this product comes with some fantastic features. These features are-

Main Features of Safe Grabs

  • BPA-free and microwave-safe materials.
  • It can be used for multi-purpose.
  • Safe Grabs are heat-resistant.
  • It comes with an anti-slip and firm grip surface.
  • This product is designed with a patented and smart design.
  • It is made with food-grade quality, so safe grabs are absolutely safe for health.
  • Safe Grabs are dishwasher-safe and very easy to wash.

How Does Safe Grabs Work?

Safe grabs are mainly designed to handle hot pots or foods safely from microwave ovens and stoves. But I can use it for so many other purposes also. The first thing that safe grabs do is protect the skin from burning. Also, with its super grip surface, there is no fear of dropping the hot food pots.

How Does Safe Grabs Work

It looks like a normal silicon mat, but it is scientifically proven for dissipating heat. So, with the thin looks, this product can resist heat up to 475°F and 100% non-toxic at any temperature. Therefore, it won’t become hot or melt inside the oven. While using it in the microwave, it won’t diffuse any harmful chemicals.  The groovy ridges help to get the perfect grip on the slippery stuff.

The best thing about it is without using any detergent, all the mess can be removed perfectly. I just rub and wash it under running water. Safe Grabs work as a splatter guard, food cover, placemat, trivet, utensil rest, pot holder, jar opener, and many more. In addition, it can work as a surface protector for hot glue guns and curling irons. Also, it is a non-slip mat for dog bowls and cutting boards.

What Makes Them Different From Regular Pot Holders?

This ordinary pot holder consists of some extraordinary features which make this product different from others. I will share some facts that I feel make safe grabs special from regular pot holders.

Patented Design

Patented Design:

Safe Grabs own both a design and utility patent. It is certified with food-grade silicon, 100% non-toxic, and BPA free. This product is designed with a wide round shape, upward edges, thin and flat surface. So, it is the perfect fit for a microwave turntable, a trivet for any dish, and easy to grip.

Extra Strong Grip and Anti-Slip:

Its ridges are made from silicon to provide a non-slip surface and strong grip. Thus, it assures safety by not letting any hot food pot fall down. This feature helps to open tight jar lids also.

Heat Resistance:

Without any damage, safe grabs can tolerate up to 475°F heat. Safe grabs patented round ridges can create a barrier to prevent burns by equally distributing the heat. It protects not only the skins but also the surface from heat and scratches.


This product can safely be used inside the microwave oven because it is BPA free and food-grade silicon certified. With this product, there is no fear of mixing chemicals with food. Also, I keep it in the oven for a longer time, and it won’t melt.

Easy to Wash:

Another great thing is safe grabs are non-sticky and dishwasher safe. So, there is no hassle for washing or cleaning it. I wash it with water, then keep it to dry or wipe with a damp cloth. To get the stains out, I wash, dry, and put them under the sun. After a few hours, the stains totally disappear.

Easy to Wash


Safe grabs are fridge-safe also. These mats are entirely compact, portable, and easy to store. It comes in a range of colors.

This multipurpose mat is much better and beneficial than the other pot holders. Every kitchen should have this tool for more convenient work.

Where Is Safe Grabs Manufactured?

Cyndi lee invented these multifunctional safe grabs. She used to burn her fingers and to pick up hot plates while cooking. From this experience, she came up with the idea of manufacturing safe grabs.

Where Is Safe Grabs Manufactured

Is It a Scam?

When I see safe grabs reviews, I purchased this product to see if it is a scam or real. But after I started using it, I decided to purchase one more safe grab for myself. It solved my hotpot carrying issues. Now I use it to open the stubborn jar, protect the surface. It also works as a lid to cover the food, and many more. Its material is 100% non-toxic, which is a great thing for health safety.

Is It a Scam

I wash it daily but still, it looks as before. This product is so flexible to work with. It allows me to do my cooking task with more comfort and faster than before. I find it most satisfactory with the patented design and firm grip. So, safe grabs are definitely not a scam. Moreover, every person who loves cooking should have this product in their kitchen.

Money Return Policy

Safe Grabs has a 30-Day money-back guarantee. If the product has some defect you can claim a refund. But make sure the merchandise is unused and in its original packaging. I never found any problem with their product and instead of returning, I purchased one more.

Where Can I Get the Safe Grabs?

If you are convinced to buy Safe Grabs, I would show you the best place to purchase. I purchased this product from their official website at an affordable price with some great deals.

Where Can I Get the Safe Grabs

They also provide authentic products with all features and quick delivery. Their most popular offer is Buy 2 get 1 and save $29.99. Also, you can get the best deal. Buy 3, get 2 free, and save $59.98 from their official site.


If you are looking for the best pot holders then the safe grabs reviews can help you. Safe grabs can prevent accidents in the kitchen and make cooking tasks hassle-free. It lets me carry the larger pots easily with its 10 and 12 inches mats.

To keep the food warm, mostly I use safe grabs as a lid. Unlike the iron and melamine plates, it won’t change the food taste. It is a great kitchen appliance that can minimize kitchen risks and hassles. Also, let me do my cooking tasks with more ease.


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