PrintX Pro Review [2022] – Is it Really Worth the Money?

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Back in the days when the memory card was not available people used to print the photos and make a physical album. It’s not like people can’t print out the photos from any printer now. But not everyone can’t afford to buy a printer. Besides, it is not possible to carry a printer everywhere you go. So, I was searching online to get a device that is easy to carry and give me print copies of photos or documents anywhere I want.

Look what I found after searching for a while. The device that is easy to use and portable called PrintX Pro. By spending only 30 seconds you can get any print copy from anywhere. I write a PrintX Pro Review to let you know how useful and effective this wireless compact device. You will also learn the advantages, working processes, and special features of this device.

What Is PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro is a mini Bluetooth thermal device that helps to print any digital photos, documents, etc. To get hassle-free documents or photos print copy this latest technology is really amazing. The device has a USB port to charge or connect to the PC. It is connected with Bluetooth so you don’t need to carry any cord or cable with you while printing.

What Is PrintX Pro

The device is perfectly compatible with android, iOS, desktop, and laptop, etc. Just download the app and connect the PrinX Pro device with your device. Give a command and the PrintX Pro is ready to print any documents you want including photos, text, books, etc. All these print out you will get within 30 seconds.

The most amazing thing is this handhold printer you can carry everywhere you want and you don’t have to use any ink. To print from the device, it uses thermal paper and heat. PrintX Pro use high-quality material to prevent breaking the device

Main Features of PrintX Pro

Searching for the PrintX Pro features to clear your concept? Well, here are some exclusive features to learn about this handheld gadget.


PrintX Pro device works on multi-purposes. With the help of PrintX Pro not only you can print the photos, but also you can print text, documents, records, stickers, and many more. It works with the 57mm x 30 mm thermal paper size. You can print jpg, pdf, gif format without any hassle. The device uses vibrant colors of paper to make the printing paper creative and stunning.


The device provides so many benefits and it has lots of features included. But the amazing thing is you can get it at a very reasonable price. No need to spend extra costs on printing. If you buy from the official store, they even offer up to 70% discount with so many deals.


Dual Mode:

Printx Pro is very easy to use. This device has two different modes. One mode is activated for a PC or laptop where you need to connect with the USB port to print. Another one is Bluetooth mode. Through this mode, you can connect to any android and iOS device.

Customized Fonts:

This amazing portable device supports any device. Also, it has the function to choose the fonts of your choice. If you want to print any documents with your favorite fonts you can select them and voila here is your print copy. Also, it has some customized themes to make your printing more beautiful and extraordinary.

Customized Fonts

Latest Technology:

To get the wise label of image and rich text the PrintX Pro uses 50KM ROHM thermal print head. Also, for remote printing, instant message and OCR printing this wireless pocket printer are great. To connect with the device this PrinterX Pro uses updated Bluetooth version 4.0. To make some digital memories and accumulate the picture this warm printer use thermal printing technology.


The device is perfectly compatible with any device. You can run the printer through android smartphones and iOS devices as well as laptops or PC without any problem.

Great Device for Memories:

To keep the memories safe and make them physical there is no better device than PrintX Pro. You can perfectly capture the memories and immortalize them with this device. Take the device with you and create memories as long as you want. The device has a longer charging capability.


PrintX Pro has a rechargeable battery and you can charge it from time to time. The device is eco-friendly and it uses Li-ion built-in Battery with a capacity of 1000mAh. Also, there is minimal noise you will found while using it. Because of no ink cartridge, the device is completely chemical-free. Also, it is an energy-saving device with zero noise.

Why Do You Really Need the PrintX Pro?

Before using the PrintX Pro you might be thinking about why do you really need this device. Though I write the exclusive features of the device. Still, you might be confused about this question. So, here let me clear your doubts why actually you need this device.

Why Do You Really Need the PrintX Pro

  1. This portable Bluetooth printer delivers the image or documents very quickly.
  2. You can use it anywhere you want without extra cost.
  3. Don’t need to depend on the electricity because of its durable battery.
  4. The design of the device is attractive and the size is so small that you can hold it in your palm.
  5. If you want to make your copies of the recipes or want to make a book copy it is so easy now.
  6. With an affordable price, this portable printer is one of the best.
  7. While printing you can customize the fonts you want.

How Does PrintX Pro Work?

When I heard about the PrintXPro device I thought there is a difficult mechanism that works. But after using it, I find out that the working process is very simple. Let’s see then how this works. First of all, this device required paper to adjust and the Bluetooth connection. You can connect with iOS, Android, or PC easily.

How Does PrintX Pro Work

The device works based on thermal printing formula to deliver images or documents. When you press the switch, this thermal paper turns out to be black and heated by the printer after getting pressurized. Within 30 seconds this device starts to deliver the HD-quality print that you want. This latest thermal technology of the PrintXPro works swiftly.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?

Using this mini portable PrintXPro is very simple. Through my PrintX Pro Review, I want to provide you a proper guideline. Follow the steps-

How Can I Use PrintX Pro

Step 1: First load the printer with the paper. To load the paper, first, open the printer case and then check for the thermal head & platen.

Step 2: After loading the paper close the case and press the power button to turn it on. A green light will show above the printer pro device.

Step 3: Now install the free app Peripage on your device from where you will pass the command.

Step 4: Now pair the printer with your device. To pair it press the device Bluetooth and apps Bluetooth icon & connect.

Step 5: If you want to connect with a PC then use a USB cable.

Step 6: When the pairing is successful now you are ready to print.

Step 7: Now select the photos or documents from your device and give a command it will start printing.

See, how easy this device is to use. If want to charge the device there is a micro USB port for it. Just connect with the port and it will start charging.

Advantages of PrintX Pro

Talking about PrintX Pro, it comes with some unique advantages. Here I am to enlist some of the core advantages for you.

  1. PrintXPro is one of the best compact devices that can be used anywhere by anyone.
  2. It provides really high-quality images instantly.
  3. Supported both android & iOS devices without any hassle.
  4. Less operating system required while using.
  5. To print any HD quality image this device only needs 30 seconds.
  6. PrintXPro provides longer battery life.
  7. It provides grayscale photos and documents with high quality
  8. The paper length life integrated cutter ensures safe operation.
  9. One of the best reliable printers for making memories without any hassle.

Disadvantages of PrintX Pro

According to my PrintXPro Review, it is such a helpful device I can assure you. But it has some disadvantages too. Those are-

  • Limited Stock
  • Only available online

Is PrintX Pro a Scam?

Before using the PrintXPro, doubt comes to my mind. Is it really worth buying or I am wasting my money & time? But when I started using it, it completely clears my doubts. This device is flexible to use and I can connect with any device. This is completely a portable thermal printer, that keeps the physical records of my digital photos.

Is PrintX Pro a Scam

This printer also prevents the risk of replacing ink from time to time. One of the best Bluetooth enables gadgets that provide high-quality images. You don’t have to learn the installation process at all. So yeah this is really a helpful gadget and not a scam at all.

Where Can I Purchase It?

To purchase PrintXPro at first, I went to many local stores. Even I tried to find it online. They are failed to provide me that quality within a budget that I actually wanted. Finally, I found their official website and visit there. They are offering some amazing deals right now with a minimum discount.

Where Can I Purchase It

By purchasing one product you will get a 50% discount. They have a deal called the recommended deal that I love the most. In this deal, I get 2 PrintXPro completely free with 3PrintXPro with a 70% discount. Besides, they ensure my money back guarantee  within 30 days if there is any problem with the product.

Final Thought

After an interesting PrintX Pro Review here I am at the end. I can say that it is such a great experience to use it. This compact device is very easy to use. Most importantly I don’t need to spend extra money on the ink or cartridge. Now you don’t have to go to the market to print any photos or documents.

Within few seconds you will get your desire printout yu want from this flexible portable device. There is no hassle to set it and you don’t have to carry extra cable to charge it all the time. Lead a smarter life without any tension by using this amazing portable device and make the most memorable with the physical photo album by printing through PrinterX Pro.


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