PrimeTracking Review -Is it the Right Choice for You?

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Who doesn’t love to keep an eye on their possessions in real-time? Especially, parents whose children just started going to school will always want to monitor them, right? In addition to these, knowing where our most valuable possessions are at all times gives us mental peace. But how is it possible? Can you imagine ever? In this context, I am going to tell you about a device named PrimeTraking that enables you to know the real-time location.

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PrimeTraking not only shows you the leading edge locations but you can use it to track your car as well. Suppose, if your loved ones stay outside at home or started driving for the first time, it can be extremely helpful. However, a few days back I ordered two devices and used them for a couple of days. Here, I’ll try to provide an exhaustive PrimeTracking Review that I have experienced.

Product Summary


  • Confers instant notification alert
  • You can monitor it from everywhere
  • Set up the emergency contact
  • Durable and 100 percent silent
  • You can conceal it easily anywhere
  • Uses 4G wireless technology
  • SOS button at emergency situation
  • Not complicated to operate

PrimeTracking Review: What Is It?

Before giving my own experienced PrimeTraking Review, let’s be acquainted with this incredible device. PrimeTracking is a sorta GPS tracking device in which the fast-4G has been used to confer real-time tracking for almost anything.

PrimeTracking Review: What Is It?

This is a compact size device and very lightweight; thus you can adjust it anywhere including vehicles, backpacks, pockets, and more. It doesn’t show any signal as it is 100 percent silent and virtually undetectable.

No need to think about its battery life as you’ll be up to use it for two weeks or extra 2 or 3 days more from a single charge. PrimeTracking is water-resistant and there is a little chance of being damaged. You’ll be able to use the PrimeTracking device anywhere throughout Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

Main Features of PrimeTracking

This amazing device comes with plenty of features that will surely tempt you to get it. We have enlisted some of the distinctive features below that will help you to know why this device is different from the other location tracking devices.

Main Features of PrimeTracking

Leading-Edge Tracking:

This is the initial feature of this device that allows you to easily track down your tracker with 100% accuracy by connecting to a computer smartphone or tablet. It uses Google map technology which means you’ll have all comprehensive movement and location info that you’ll be up to count on.

Confer Instant Alert:

Just a few times, you could potentially generate a circumference around your workplace, home, or anywhere. Under the circumstances, you’ll get an instant alert whenever the tracker you marked enters or leaves that place. So, you’ll be able to identify the exact location of the tracker within a moment.

All-Inclusive Road and Location History:

How would you feel if you could get the tracker’s route history? Obviously, the experience would be amazing right? This PrimeTracking device will confer you the gateway. Within a single click, you’ll be up to see the meticulous history of route and location( turn by turn navigation details for 400 successive days). It helped me out to get every road history of the people I tracked.

All-Inclusive Road and Location History

Keep Eye on Driver:

Isn’t it good to keep an eye on the employee, or a new driver? This PrimeTracking device enables you to determine whether your drivers are driving safely or not. You can watch them in real-time from anywhere. Even you can see if they were abruptly accelerating or speeding at any certain point at the time of driving your vehicle.

Keep Eye on Driver

Virtually Undetectable:

This compact size device is 3 inches in length and ½ inches wide. Thus, you can easily hide the devices anywhere like pockets, trunks, reading tables, bags, and more. It’s a 100% silent device as it doesn’t show any sounds or signals. You’re the single person who will know where it is.

SOS Button:

Do you need help because your car broke down or you are in danger? Press on the SOS button, and the emergency contact that you have added will get a text message to help you out with your accurate location.

Rechargeable Battery:

When I purchased the device, I was worried about its battery life. But after using it for a few days I was so much satisfied with it.  You can’t believe that you’ll be able to use the device for more than 2 weeks from a single charge!  So, track more with less charge. When the charge of the battery is low, you’ll get an instant alert.

Easy to Use:

The PrimeTracking device has been created to be convenient and user-friendly. To operate the device, it is not required to be a technology expert or good at a computer. Anyone who possesses a smartphone will be up to use the tracking device without confronting any difficulties with the free app.

Easy to Use

Why Do You Really Need PrimeTracking?

It is best to keep an eye on your loved ones, your car, or your children. Especially for parents who do jobs and are not able to go with their children to their school, this device can help them out. You’ll be able to keep track of your children when they stay outside. In short, nothing can be compared with this PrimeTracking device to monitor your children in real-time.

Why Do You Really Need PrimeTracking

If you are an owner of industry and need to observe your employee, then this incredible device can aid you most. Besides, you can track your car driver to see whether he is driving safely at average speed or not. If there is an older member in your family and you feel tense when they are outside, you track them with this device.

I purchased two prime tracking devices for tracking my car when it is used by my brother. This tracking device makes me tense free and when my close one falls in danger I receive an instant message and helps them out. Another one I have provided to my grandfather as he stays outside most of the time. So that I can help him in any emergency situation.

How Does PrimeTracking Work?

The maximum number of users don’t know how it works. Well, let me explain.  When you set the device to certain people, or in a car, it shows the exact location that you get on the application. Besides, it confers the turn-by-turn navigation history of the route. Consequently,  you can say when and where the person you track stayed.

How Does PrimeTracking Work

It presents every movement, direction, and location history with its 4G light technology. This PrimeTreaking device holds an SOS button. That means when someone falls in danger, they can press it and get help from the emergency contact they set. You’ll get all the information on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet with the help of an application.

How Can I Use PrimeTracking?

You may think that using the PrimeTracking application is difficult but actually not. It is incredibly easy to operate and anyone can use it without confronting any complications. To use it, you don’t need to have a degree in technology.  There are things that you should follow

How Can I Use PrimeTracking

  1. First, visit the PrimeTricking website to activate your device. You just have to follow some steps and you will be guided throughout the procedure.
  2. After accomplishing the set up Place the device in your car or give it to your loved ones to track them.
  3. Then install the application from the Apple app store or Google Play Now see the location of your vehicle or the person’s location to whom you have given it.

Note: It doesn’t require any personal information while setting up the device. So, you don’t need to be worried about your privacy.

What I Like
  • Size of the device is compact and very lightweight
  • Confers instant notification alert
  • You can monitor it from everywhere
  • Set up the emergency contact
  • Durable and 100 percent silent
  • You can conceal it easily anywhere
  • Uses 4G wireless technology
  • SOS button at emergency situation
  • Not complicated to operate
What Could be Better
  • The service of the device should be extended
  • Should update location history every 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds
  • It will be better if they would cancel the monthly subscription system

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

I have provided lots of things in this PrimeTracking Review that I have experienced. But what it would be, if you know about other customer experiences with the device? Let’s see some customers’ opinions below.

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Compilation Of Customer Opinion

Is PrimeTracking a Scam?

Like so many people, I thought the Prime Tracking device was a scam before getting it. And that’s why I delayed purchasing the device. But when I got the device in my hand and started using it and getting accurate location history, I couldn’t believe that it’s real. It changed my complete view about tracking devices that I had been holding for a long time.

Is PrimeTracking a Scam

Where Can I Purchase The PrimeTracking?

Most people get confused about purchasing the device as they can’t comprehend where they should purchase it. You can’t ignore the fact that the original product you’ll only get from the products’ official website, right? So you can purchase it from its official site. I also bought PrimeTracking from there.

Where Can I Purchase The PrimeTracking

You’ll get a free tracking smartphone app with 24/7 customer support as well if you purchase it from the site. It offers a 10 days free trial with a money-back guarantee. If you purchase it now, you can get an 80% discount with free shipping inside the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have conferred answers to some questions that we are usually asked by many users. These help you to know more about this incredible tracking device.

Is PrimeTracking Waterproof?

No, PrimeTracking is not waterproof, it’s water-resistant. It means it’s able to prevent the entrance of water to some degree but not completely.

Will Someone Know If I’m Tracking Them?

It depends on where you have concealed the device. If the person you’ll track doesn’t know about the PrimeTracking device, then they can’t perceive whether you are trekking them or not.

Does the Device Work Outside of the USA?

PrimeTracking device offers real-time tracking services anywhere in Mexico, Canada, and the USA.

When Can I Expect My Order?

It actually relays from where you have ordered. If from anywhere in the USA, then can expect your order within 2- 3 working days.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee And/or Warranty?

It provides a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days.

Final Thought

Truth be told, the PrimeTracking device got me relieved from the tension I did for my loved ones when they stayed outside. This device is incredible to get the real-time location and the route history with  100 percent accuracy. For emergency purposes, it uses an SOS button that informs your contact if you fall in any trouble.

It doesn’t produce any sound and signal thus, you can conceal it anywhere and none can get it. The location accuracy, durability, and battery bring it more popularity. Whatever, in this PrimeTracking Review, I have tried to discuss almost everything that I have experienced. I hope this will aid you in making the decision before getting it.


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