Photostick Omni Vs InfinitiKloud: Which One Is Right For You?

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You can’t rely on only the internal hard drive of your computer or mobile phone when cyber insecurity is common. So, it will be best to use an external storage device to backup your files out of the internal storage system.

Photostick Omni and InfinitiKloud are widely accepted and reliable storage devices to backup images, videos, and other documents. Though both of them are functional & reliable, you never buy both of them. You need to choose only one device between the two.

It will be possible to pick one if you know the differences between these two devices. And this comparison guide on Photostick Omni Vs InfinitiKloud comes into play to choose the best one.

So, keep reading between the lines to explore the distinction between the two storage devices and pick the best one.

Photostick Omni Vs InfinitiKloud: Comparison Chart

Photostick Omni
Photostick Omni
Compatible With
Compatible With
Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android
Computer, Mobile, Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows
Storage Capacity
Storage Capacity
256 GB (max)
1TB (max)
Support File
Support File
Almost every file type (both photo & video)
Almost every file type (both photo & video)
Duplicate Deletion
Duplicate Deletion
Required Activation Key
Required Activation Key
Backup Frequency
Backup Frequency
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

Photostick Omni Vs InfinitiKloud: What You Need To Know?

Photostick Omni Vs InfinitiKloud - best storage device

Though we will break down the differences between these two devices, you should know the following specifications before purchasing one.

  • Compatibility: Start with checking the compatibility of the storage device you will buy. Make sure it’s compatible with every operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  • Data Transfer Speed: If you want to experience fast & quick file backups, you must consider the data transfer speed. We recommend you choose a device that requires no internet connection to transfer the data.
  • Storage Option: Ensure the backup storage device comes with multiple storage options. It will help you pick the one that meets your requirements.

Photostick Omni : What Exactly It Is And How Does It Work?

Photostick Omni is a smart & innovative backup device to back up photos and videos from any USB-compatible device. When you plug it into your mobile or desktop, it will automatically find and sort out pictures and videos.

Photostick Omni - best storage device

You don’t need to do anything like you back your files up using a pen drive. Just plug it into your device and back up all of your files with a single click.

The best feature we spot out of the Photostick Omni is its USB 3.0 interface. It’s lightning faster (10x) than the original PhotoStick & Photostick Mobile version. So, it gives you a fast & quick file backup experience.

Universal compatibility is another feature that makes us amazed. It’s compatible with your phone, desktop, iPad, and iPhone. Plus, it comes with a universal adapter. The adapter has several connectors- a C connector, Regular USB Connector, Apple, Connector, and micro USB connector.

Lastly, PhotoStick Omni has three storage options- 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Pick any of the options according to your needs.

How Does Photostick Omni Work?

PhotoStick Omni is a plug & play device. This device comes pre-installed with software to locate and sort all the files in your device. It works following the three simple steps:

  • Plug the device into your computer or mobile.
  • A popup option called Go will appear.
  • Just hit the Go button, and it will find & copy all the data. Once the finishing process is finished, plug out the PhotoStick Omni.

How To Use PhotoStick Omni On PC

To use it for the first time on PC, follow the below step-by-step guide.

  • Connect the PhotoStick Omni with your computer via the USB port.
  • As you use it for the first time, you need to launch the software on your device. To do this, go to your USB files and double-click on ThePhotoStick.exe file.
  • Once you launch the software, you will get two options- Use Recommended Settings and Choose Your Own Settings. Go with the Use Recommended Settings. Make sure you check the Do Not Show On Startup.
  • Finally, tap the Go button once you pass all the steps and let it copy and store all the files from your computer.

How To Use PhotoStick Omni On Mobile Devices

You first need to download the PhotoStick Mobile App on your Android or iPhone to use this device to backup files. Once you download the app, follow the below steps.

  • Install the PhotoStick Mobile App on your mobile devices.
  • Connect the PhotoStick Omni with your phone.
  • Finally, tap on the Backup Now button to copy & store all the files from your devices.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Photostick Omni?

Like every product in the market, the Photostick Omni also has some upsides and downsides. Below, we break down both the advantages & disadvantages of this backup device.

Convenient to Use:

It’s a piece of cake to use Photostick Omni. Just plug this device into your computer or mobile. Then, it will automatically find, sort out, and copy all the files from your devices. You don’t need to select those files manually.

And the best part is- it completes the whole process within a few seconds. On top of this, you don’t need to install any software or internet connection to use it. It’s just a plug & play device.

Support All Operating Systems:

It doesn’t matter what operating systems you currently use. This file backup device is compatible with every operating system, including Android, Apple, Google, and Windows.

Work On Mobile Devices Too:

Just download the Photostick Mobile App on your phone. You get this app both in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Then, you can copy & store all the photos & videos from your mobile devices within a few clicks.

No Hidden Fees:

You don’t need to spend a single penny once you purchase the PhotoStick Omni. It contains no hidden costs or subscription fees. Indeed, it’s a one-time purchase device.

Only The Purchase From Official Website Offers Guarantee:

You can’t enjoy any customer offers or discounts if you purchase this device from other online platforms like Amazon. If you want to enjoy the offer and guarantee, you must buy it from the official website.

Infinitikloud: What Exactly It Is And How Does It Work?

InfinitiKloud is a backup flash drive you can use to save & copy your photos, videos, and documents conveniently. It looks like a traditional flash drive. But don’t be deceived by its conventional look. It is hundred times more advanced and better than the regular storage drive. You can feel its uniqueness only when you start using it.

InfinitiKloud - best storage device

Cloud or paid storage options may have security holes. But it has no security holes. Plus, the InfinitiKloud storage device allows you to set the password to promise you to keep the data secure. Keep in mind; it’s neither like a regular flash drive nor a cloud storage device. It allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Perhaps, the best feature you love most about InfinitiKloud is the controllability it delivers over the data you store. You can manage and sort out the picture, videos, or other files according to your need.

How Does InfinitiKloud Work

Just insert the InfinitiKloud storage device into your computer’s USB port. Then, find the InfinityKloud app, open it, and enter the product or activation key. You can find the key on its product package. Then, one-click on the Start button to let it do the rest of the work to backup all the files.

Besides, InfinityKloud has a wireless USB option. You can connect this storage device with your computer via Wifi. Indeed, it’s your choice which one you will pick to store the data.

How To Use InfinitiKloud

Follow the below step-by-step guide if you are going to use this device for the first time.

  • Plug your InfinitiKloud into your computer via the USB port. You may need to use the included C-adapter if you have a MAC.
  • Find and open the InfinitiKloud program.
  • Enter the product key that came in your InfinitiKloud package.
  • Finally, tap on the Start button to automatically locate and back up your files.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of InfinitiKloud?

In this chapter, we will disclose both the advantages and disadvantages of InfinitiKloud.

  • Ensure 100% Data Security: It’s not a wise decision to completely depend on the internal hard drive of your computer. Cyber insecurity, mechanical crashes, and viruses could destroy the information saved in the hard drive anytime. So, it will be better to rely on a portable USB storage device like InfinitiKloud to store your data outside of the internal storage. You can set a password to double-sure the security of your files.
  • One-click Backup System: Backing up files from a computer or mobile has never been easier! This is a simple system to backup all the documents automatically with a single click. However, you can also select files one by one or manually.
  • Portable: Thanks to its portable & compact design. You can easily slip this device into your pocket and carry it wherever you want. Indeed, the security of your files will be in your pouch.
  • Plug & Play: You don’t need to hassle using InfinitiKloud to store pictures, videos, and documents. Just insert it into the USB port of your computer and hit the Start button to let the storage device store your files.
  • Too Small: The size of InfinitiKloud drive is too small. So, you may misplace it or lose it if you are not careful. Besides, you can’t get it in a physical store. It’s only available online.

Photostick Omni Vs Infinitikloud: Differences And Similarities

PhotoStick Omni and InfinitiKloud are two popular storage devices in the market. Both of them have similar features. Also, they have differences that make one unique from another. Firstly, we will disclose the differences between these two. Then, we will break down the similarities between Photostick Omni and InfinitiKloud

The Differences:

  • File Organizing System: The first distinction between Photostick Omni and InfinitiKloud is the way they organize the media files. InfinitiKloud uses AI to recognize, sort, and copy the files. On the other hand, Photostick Omni doesn’t only sort out the files but also organizes them by deleting the duplicate contents.
  • Storage Capacity: InfinitiKloud delivers more storage space than Photostick Omni. It offers you up to 1TB of space. On the other hand, Photostick Omni has a storage capacity of up to 256 GB.
  • Power Supply: Phototick Omni doesn’t require any power to operate it. On the other hand, you need to charge InfinitiKloud to run this storage device.

The Similarities:

  • Easy to Use: Both the storage devices are simple to use. They need no technical knowledge to use these two software. You can backup all the files from your computer or mobile to them with a single click.
  • Automatic: The two storage devices (Photostick Omni and InfinitiKloud) are automatic. They scan all the files of your device, select, and copy them automatically.
  • Compatibility: These two devices are compatible with every device & multiple operating systems. You can use them to back up data from computers, mobile, Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.


InfinitiKloud and Photostick Omni are amazing devices to store pictures, videos, and documents. But it doesn’t mean you will buy both of them to back up your files.

After scrutinizing every feature, we recommend you go for the Photostick Omni. It uses AI technology to detect and organize photos & videos. And the best part is- it will delete the duplicate files. But InfinitiKloud fails to identify & remove duplicate documents.

However, you can also get the InfinitiKloud if you need a lot of storage capacity as it offers up to 1TB of space.


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