Photostick Mobile Reviews 2022: Is It a Scam?

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A few months back I was looking for a device that can store all my precious memories through photos and video files. After that, while browsing the internet, I found an interesting device called the photo stick mobile. Unlike the other thumb drives, this portable storage device doesn’t require manual work. This feature saves a huge time.

It is best for an instant backup without even customizing the files as it does this thing automatically. This tiny device can store huge photos and also keep all data safe. See the Photostick Mobile Reviews to know this device well. Here, I will share the necessary information, its benefits, and my experience with the photostick mobile.

What Is Photostick Mobile?

The photo sticks mobile is the mobile version to keep the memories safe and secure. This small device searches the files, organizes them, and then stores them automatically by itself. It is suitable for almost all iPhones and Android mobile phone.

What Is Photostick Mobile?

While purchasing the photo stick mobile, always remember to choose the accurate one. The Android version of photo stick mobile won’t work with iOS devices. As with this, the iOS photo stick version won’t work with Android mobile phone. To know more, see the Photostick Mobile Reviews.

This USB flash drive device is featured with a custom-designed mobile app to backup files. The photo stick mobile app makes this backup device perform all the tasks automatically. This amazing device can scan the whole mobile within a few minutes and start backing up the personal photos.

This device allows me to upload the photo files to the computer after collecting them from the mobile. Automatically this device can identify the duplicate files and remove them. If any photos get missing or deleted with the app, the photos can be restored.

Why Do I Need the Photostick Mobile?

When phone storage gets full, it becomes slow, which is very irritating. Also, there is always a risk of computer crashes that can lose all the important files and documents.

Why Do I Need the Photostick Mobile?

In this situation, the photo stick mobile can save many people. Those who want to save their precious memories safe from getting lost, viruses, hacking, and damage can use this handy tool device. It will work anytime without requiring a net connection. Like other photo storage devices, you don’t need to spend money on external storage. ThePhotostick mobile is a great safe storage option for those who keep their beautiful moments in a flash USB drive.

Unique Features of Photostick Mobile

The unique features of the photo stick mobile make this device so unique and different from others. Now, I will share the most beneficial features of it.

Unique Features of Photostick Mobile

  • It comes with a custom-designed file backup app with extra space that makes the using process much easier. 
  • After storing everything from the mobile, it allows transferring all those things into the computer by using the USB port.
  • This device minimizes the risk of losing valuable photos and files with its weekly scanning.
  • It backs up the photos super fast. The photo stick mobile requires only a few minutes to store thousands of photos.
  • This portable device can store up to 60,000 photos with its 128GB capacity. This is way better than a regular flash drive.

Advantages of Using the Photostick Mobile Device

The Photostick Mobile Reviews comes up with the advantages that the photostick mobile has. Let’s dive into it.

Ease to Use:

As I said earlier, when it comes to technical devices, I always prefer something simple. The photostick mobile is absolutely like that. It just required 3 steps to install the mobile app, connect the device, and press the backup photos option. For this user-friendly interface, this device becomes so popular.

Auto Scan:

For me, the most annoying thing is to select the photos and copy them then wait until they transfer. The photostick mobile makes this process much handy and time-consuming. Its automatic scanning feature scans the whole mobile, copied them, and stored the files by itself.

Auto Scan

Recover Photos:

The photostick mobile app has a button called “backup now”. By using this button, each and every photo can be backed up. If somehow the photos got deleted from the mobile with this app, the photos can be restored. The best thing is, the photos restore in their original format.


This compact-sized device is compatible with almost any file format. Managing this device is absolutely hassle-free. Only with a single click, this device started working.

How Does Photostick Mobile Work?

The photostick mobile is designed with two USB ports to connect with the mobile, computer, television, and tablets. So, here are the processes of using the photostick mobile.

How Does Photostick Mobile Work

  • Install the photostick mobile app.
  • Insert the photostick mobile into the mobile’s USB port.
  • After that, open the mobile app.
  • Click on the backup photos option from the mobile screen.
  • Now, the app will automatically start backing up the photos and make the mobile space free.
  • After finishing the backup task, remove the device from the mobile’s USB port.

Who Is This Photostick Mobile for?

Anyone who has an iOS and Android device can use the photostick mobile. It supports all Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG devices that have android version 4.4 and later. The phone should be compatible with OTG because the photostick mobile comes with a free adapter.

Who Is This Photostick Mobile for

This adapter ensures compatibility with USB-C and micro-USB devices. It also supports all iPhones, iPads, and iPods designed with lightning port and iOS version 9.0 and later.  For using this device, there is no need for having any technical knowledge. Only with 3 simple steps, people can use it.

Is It a Scam?

I have been using the photostick mobile for the last 4 months. Till now, I never found anything wrong with it. Moreover, this device saves my huge time by letting me do other things while it’s doing the backup process. With the 128Gb storage capacity, I never feel any storage shortage issue.

Is It a Scam

It started working with just plug-in and play. This device scans the whole phone that assures no file is missing from backing up. The best part is I don’t have to find out the duplicate files as this device does this for me. Also, it saves all files in its app, so if I lost anything, I can restore them from the app.

ThePhotostick Mobile – Price and Cost

The photostick mobile comes in two different categories. The first one is a 32GB iPhone photostick which will cost $64.99 each. It is suitable for all iOS devices with lightning ports.

ThePhotostick Mobile – Price and Cost

Another one is a 32GB android photostick, and it will also cost $64.99 each. This version is best for all devices with micro-USB and USB-C ports. If you buy more than one photostick mobile, you will get 40% off.

Where Can I Buy It?

I will recommend to purchase the photostick mobile from their official website for getting the authentic device. Here is the official website link.

Where Can I Buy It

They deliver very fast also I got a 60-day money-back guarantee with each device. You will get discounts from this site like you can save $35 for each photostick mobile.

Final Verdict

From the Photostick Mobile Reviews, it is clear that this device is the ultimate solution for storage issues. I always prefer convenience, comfort, and simplicity while using any device, and the photostick mobile has all these. It does everything automatically and instantly by itself. In this way, this device becomes time-consuming, effortless, and easier to use.

The photostick mobile app makes this device much more intuitive and hassle-free. At an affordable price, it can offer huge storage to store photos and videos safely. The photostick app ensures zero missing files and keeps backup for all documents. I hope my positive experience can build up your confidence in this device. Now you can easily make the decision to use it.


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