Photo stick vs Picture keeper [In-Depth Comparison]

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Nowadays, USB flash drives are the most reliable tool to keep memories safe. There are several USB stick models, so which one is better for safe and secure backup. Here, I have discussed photostick and picture keepers. They perform faster and well than ordinary flash drives. Also, they have a few differences with few similarities. In the photo stick vs picture keeper comparison review, I will breakdown between them.

Photo stick and picture keeper provides user-friendly performance. They have enough storage capacity, data protection, an automated backup system and more perks. The Photostick performs faster than the picture keeper. Let's have a look below for more information about them.

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Comparison Chart:

Follow the comparison chart to see the difference of photo stick vs picture keeper at a glance:

Photo Stick
Picture keeper
Storage capacity
Storage capacity
8/64/128 GB
32/64/500 GB and 1 TB
Remove duplicates
Remove duplicates
5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches
48.4 x 22.5 x 7.5 mm
App support
App support
Photostick app
Picture keeper app
Auto scan files
Auto scan files
60 days
1 year
Multiple device support
Multiple device support
Prairie IT, LLC

What Is Photo Stick?

Photo Stick is a solid USB stick that backup photos, videos instantly and protect data from viruses and other damage. It automatically scans photos and videos from your device storage and creates a backup. During backup, it eliminates the duplicate files to increase space. You can store files manually by selecting.

What Is Photo Stick

It offers a cloud service to store your data with hack-proof protection. In the photostick, you do not need to find files by searching because it stores media files in an organized way. Its on-going backup feature keeps your files safe. It uses an automated backup system that keeps our memories.

What Is a Picture Keeper?

Picture Keeper is a simple flash drive that allows you to backup memories and pictures safely. It works on all devices without software. It automatically transforms the pictures and saves them. You can use multiple picture keepers at a time if you have a massive amount of files. It not only backup photos but also stores videos and other files from your device. It fits in the wallet or pocket, so you can cart it without tension.

What Is a Picture Keeper

You can backup all files anywhere, anytime. It allows you to use several accounts for family use. Each account is protected with user authentication so that no one can get access to another's account. It releases the burdens by removing duplicates while making a backup. It is an easy-to-use device to backup your memories magically.

How Does Photo Stick Work?

PhotoStick uses an automated backup system that makes its use easier. If you are not technically savvy, you do not have to worry about anything because the process is so simple that anyone can perform it! See the instructions below to understand how the photostick works:

How Does Photo Stick Work

  • Plug the Photostick on your device's USB slot.
  • A popup window will come on your device screen.
  • Press the Go button to access your storage.
  • It will store photos and videos automatically within a few
  • On the Popup window, you can see your store photos and videos.
  • While storing media files, it organizes the files and erases the duplicates.

With Photo stick, backup your memories in just a few clicks.

How Does Picture Keeper Work?

Picture keeper works on all platforms. If one picture keeper’s storage becomes full, you can use a second picture keeper to continue the backup. Let’s have a look below to learn how it works:

How Does Picture Keeper Work

  • Insert the picture keeper on the device USB port.
  • Hit on the “start backup.”
  • It will find your photos automatically and save them by removing the duplicates.
  • To use it on smartphones, you may need the Picture Keeper Connect app.

It backups photos with videos and contacts.

Where to Buy Photo Stick?

Photo Stick is available for purchase in several models with different storage capacities. You can choose from 8GB, 64GB and 128GB, depending on how many files you have to store. Each Photo Stick comes with 2 months of satisfaction guarantee and free shipping. You can purchase the photostick from here at a discounted price.

Where to Buy Photo Stick

Where to Buy Picture Keeper?

Picture Keeper is available on their merchant's website. You can get from the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. They offer a 1-year official warranty with each device.

Where to Buy Picture Keeper

Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper

Photo Stick and Picture Keeper have a few differences with similarities. Below, I have described them in details so you can choose the best one:

Photo stick vs Picture keeper


  • Auto backup: Photo Stick and Picture Keeper automatically find photos and store them with a single click. You do not need to use apps or software to backup files from the computer.
  • Delete duplicates: It is the best feature of both USB sticks. They remove the duplicates during backup that we do manually with standard flash drives. Photo Stick and Picture Keeper make the backup hassle-free.
  • Compatibility: Both devices support all the latest computers and smartphones. I have tried both devices in the latest android phones, iPhones, iPods, MacBook and computers. They provide butter-smooth performance on all platforms.
  • File organization: Both USB sticks organize stored files so you can find desired files easily. Also, the organization is very complicated if we do it manually. They do it for us and save more time.


  • Size: Photostick is simple to carry anywhere and the picture keeper is for the long trip.
  • Photo edit: With the Photostick app, you can change the background, edit pictures on your smartphone as you want. The picture keeper allows for editing the color and contrast of the photos.
  • File type: Photostick stores photos and videos only. Picture keeper allows you to store photos, videos, contacts and other data.
  • Cloud storage: Photo stick offers free cloud storage to keep our memories with hack proof security. The picture keeper has no cloud service.

Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper: Which One is Better?

Photo Stick and Picture Keeper perform well at storing our memories. They offer a secure and safe backup with instant access. In the Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper comparison review, I suggest the Photostick for its quick data backup, transfer and versatile performance. You can use a Photo Stick on several devices with easy access.

Picture keeper provides multiple accounts for individual use. Both devices have default software for smartphones and you can edit photos. Photostick offers a wide range of edit facilities. You can get the photostick from here with discount offers and incredible packages.

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