Photo Stick vs Flash Drive – Which is Best?

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It is nothing new to lose your pictures by accident or another. We all love pictures and we can all take fast and also good pictures on our phones. Therefore, we often take a lot of pictures, which we subsequently leave on the phone, without relating to what happens if we lose them. The Photo Stick and flash drive helps you to backup your memories safely. Both have a wide range of similarities and dissimilarities. In this article, I have presented the photo stick vs flash drive comparison review so you can choose the best one for making a secure backup for your memories. Stay tuned.

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Comparison Chart

The comparison chart will help you understand the differences between photo stick vs flash drive easily:

Photo Stick
 Flash Drive
Storage capacity
Storage capacity
4 GB to 5TB
Auto scan
Auto scan
Eliminate duplicates
Eliminate duplicates
Device support
Device support
Phones and computers
On-time backup
On-time backup
Cloud service
Cloud service
Money-back guarantee
Money-back guarantee
60 days

What Is Photo Stick?

Photostick is a smart flash drive that backups your photos in an organized way. It automatically scans the device storage and backups all photos and videos. Without any software, you can backup memories from a personal computer. The Photostick performs fast on phone and computer. Just plug it and backup files with a single click.

What Is Photo Stick

Also, you can store your memories on Photostick's cloud storage. They ensure strong data protection and hack-proof security on the cloud and device. It has an ongoing backup system that keeps your backup up to date every week. To keep control over your memories, Photostick is a reliable and secured solution.

What Is Flash Drive?

The Flash drive is a small USB stick that allows us to store files safely. It has a USB port that supports almost all computer's USB slots so we can transfer files from PC to USB drive and USB drive to PC. It works on computers with drivers. It cannot back up files automatically. You have to transfer files manually.

What Is Flash Drive

Flash drive is mainly designed for computers. If you want to use a flash drive on smartphones, you need an OTG or port converter device. I have experienced average data transmission speed on flash drives. Also, it has the risk of virus and hackers attack.

Specification of Photo Stick

Photostick is designed to backup our captured photos and videos. Along with this, it has a wide range of specifications. Below, I have shared them in detail.

Specification of Photo Stick

  1. Auto-scan: Photostick uses an automated system that scans all photos and videos folder by folder. The smart system saves your time and prevents mistakes.
  2. One-click Backup: A USB flash drive takes a few minutes to transfer selected files, depending on the file size. The photostick backups photos and videos with a single press on the Go button. It can transfer 1000+ photos within a minute.
  3. Easy to Use: To backup memories through the Photostick, you do not need guidelines or help. Just plug the photo stick and hit the Go button. Then, it will make a complete backup for you within minutes.
  4. Cloud-Based Storage: Photostick offers free cloud-based storage to its users. You can store media files with their hack-proof security system.
  5. Remove Duplicates and Organize files: When you plug the Photo Stick to make a backup of your media files, it automatically organizes files and eliminates the duplicates. This task takes time to do manually. After all, it provides stress-free performance in data backup.

Specification of Flash Drive

Below, I have explained the specification of the flash drive in detail.

Specification of Flash Drive

  • Data Transfer and Security: Flash drive transfers data at an average speed. USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0. You have to do it manually. Some flash drives provide data security with a password. For its small size, it can be lost accidentally. So, security is essential to protect our data inside a flash
  • Durability: Almost all flash drives are constructed with strong materials. Some come with a plastic body and some come with a metal body. But they are not resistant to water, heat and moisture.
  • Storage Capacity: Flash drive comes with basic to advanced level capacities. You can find the flash drive from 2GB to 5 TB and much more. You can keep your necessary files on big-sized flash drives as much as you need.
  • Compatibility: Flash drive has only a USB port, so it only works with computers. You cannot use it on smartphones directly. The OTG or converter cable allows you to use the flash drive on phones.
  • Easy to Use: You can use a flash drive without any software and guideline. Just plug the flash drive and your PC will automatically recognize. Transfer files manually to stay secured and safe.

How Does Photo Stick Work?

Photostick works as a photo and video backup device. It uses an automated system that does all tasks automatically within minutes. Let's discover how the photostick works:

How Does Photo Stick Work

  1. Connect the Photo Stick on your device.
  2. A popup window will screen in front of you.
  3. Select the Go button and enjoy its magic.
  4. It requires a few seconds to scan all files and backup the media files with proper organization.

The photostick mobile version needs the photostick app to use.

How Does Flash Drive Work?

Flash drive works like a mini portable hard drive. It allows you to store and carry essential data anywhere. Follow the steps to use a flash drive correctly:

How Does Flash Drive Work

  • Connect the flash in the USB slot of your computer.
  • Enter into My PC and you will see the flash drive option.
  • Open the drive with a double click.
  • Transfer files as you want.
  • Now, again come to the My PC window.
  • Right-click on the USB drive section.
  • Click the eject selection.
  • Then, take away the flash drive.

Never open the flash drive during moving data.

Where to Buy a Photo Stick?

Photostick is officially sold on the merchant’s official website with exclusive offers. They provide 60 days full refund guarantee with free cloud service.  You can get the suitable one from its 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants.

Where to Buy a Photo Stick

Where to Buy Flash Drive?

Several brands sold Flash drive in all sizes. You will find flash drives on the local PC and phone accessories shops and online. Flash drives have USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and more types. Always buy the flash drive with a warranty.

Where to Buy Flash Drive

Photo Stick Vs Flash Drive

Photo Stick and Flash Drive have the same appearance, but they have a wide range of differences:

Photo stick vs Flash Drive


  • USB technology: Photo Stick and Flash Drive have USB ports to connect with the computer. Both devices work on the computer without any apps or software.
  • Data transfer: You can transfer data from computer to computer with both devices.


  • Functionality: Photostick automatically scans and backup files from your computer. Flash drive works with manual action. Photostick arranges all files in an organized way, but you have to do it manually on the flash drive.
  • Capacity: Flash drives have large capacity variants. Photostick comes with only 8GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.
  • Compatibility: Photostick has a mobile and computer version to use on all smartphones and computers. Flash drive is only designed for computers.

Photo Stick vs Flash Drive: Which One is Better?

In the last of the Photo Stick vs Flash Drive comparison, the Photostick is my best pick for its smart performance and ease of usability. Photostick can backup media files with one click. It automatically scans, stores, and organizes media files from your device.

Your time will be saved from the manual tasks. Photostick ensures cloud-based service with strong data protection. Photostick performs better in all sections than the flash drive. You can get the Photostick from the given link with exclusive offers.

Hello! This is Robert Link, the owner, and author of this site. By profession, I’m a businessman. I’ve been doing business for almost 10 years and my business is related to technological products and goods. Besides my business, I’ve another identity as a blog writer. Writing is actually my passion. I love to help people who want to learn about technology products and gadgets. This is why I actually create this site“techiesstuff”.

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