Peeps By CarbonKlean Review (2022): Ultimate Solution For Cleaning Glasses!

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I have been wearing glasses since elementary school. And cleaning the glass has always been a struggle for me until I found Peeps by Carboklean.

I tried many glass cleaners, namely Carl Zeiss, Leader 25 C, Onwon Microfiber and so on but none of them were as satisfying as Peeps.

The best thing about Peeps is its double microfiber pads and the brush at the end. The pads are really vigorous in cleaning any oily or foggy layers on the lense while the brush is for sweeping out every speck of dust accumulated on.

This guide will provide you with more detailed information regarding Peeps by Carboklean to help you in figuring out why this one stands out from the crowd. Let’s move on then.

Product Summary


  • Very easy to use for anyone of any age.
  • Give perfect vision most safely.
  • Better than traditional cloth cleaning.
  • With the carbon pads, it cleans effectively.

Peeps By CarbonKlean Review: Brief Overview

It’s probably a universal thing that most of us clean our glasses with fibre or clothes for the first couple of weeks after receiving a new pair. I remember doing the same thing for months, but still ended up with scratched glasses. At that time I didn’t know what I did wrong. But now I do!

Peeps By CarbonKlean Review

Fibre and clothes may work for the first few months, but you’ll end up with dirty glasses in the long run. Besides that, scratch and damage to the cleaner is also common. Besides, these materials can damage the anti-reflection, blue filter, anti-glare or other coatings as well.

This may sound a bit unusual, but did you know that bacteria and germs grow on the surface of eyeglasses? Microban’s research has found that 95% of glasses have germs and bacteria, which won’t go away if you just wipe the glasses with a piece of cloth.

Taking these matters into consideration, the Peeps may be the perfect solution. I have been using this product for years now and found that my lenses don’t get damaged at all. The Peeps fights against dirt and dust and can kill all the germs and bacteria on the glasses.

Plus, the manufacturer of the Peeps made the cleaner with eco-friendly & recyclable materials. Following last year’s research, disposable wet wipes, which many people use to wipe their glasses, are the 93% cause of sewer blockage.

I guess it makes me a bit happy that I can contribute to a better environment by using the Peeps. And more importantly, I have found an effective cleaning process for my eyeglasses with the Peeps eyeglass cleaner.

What Is Peeps The CarbonKlean?

Peeps by CarbonKlean is the best quality glass cleaner you find in the market made with ultra-modern aerospace technology. This technology is used by NASA and SpaceX for spaceships. The Peeps is the best collection to get a clear and accurate vision.

What Is Peeps The CarbonKlean

The design of the eyeglass cleaner is unique and effective. For getting the explicit view with the eyeglasses, anybody should use a glass cleaner instead of rags. And Peeps Eyeglass cleaner has a precise and safe cleaning technique that ensures the comfort vision.

So, what are the materials they use for the cleaner? Its unique technology uses molecular carbon molecule brushes on its tips. It is generally a tweezer. Moreover, the gadget is lightweight and compact to port anywhere.

Moreover, the Peeps by CarbonKlean is the brand of trust and certainty. That’s why the Peeps by CarbonKlean is now so popular among citizens.

Why Do I Need Peeps by CarbonKlean?

Using the glasses for many years, I know that the traditional glass cleaning method is not the best way. I have tried many types of cleaning methods. Some are just good for the short run; some just ruin the glass.

Peeps by CarbonKlean cleaner is the safest way to clean plastic and glass lenses. The carbon technology that they use for making the cleaner is the technology of the NASA spaceship building.

Why Do I Need Peeps by CarbonKlean

For any moment, I can use this amazing gadget as it has a lightweight design to carry anywhere you want. Out of the box, the eyeglass cleaner can wife upto 500 times of usage. But after that you can use the Peeps glasses cleaner replacement pads.

Besides that, the gadget is made with eco-friendly materials. That also attracts me to use the glass cleaner. So, why would I miss the chance to use it?

Who’s This For?

I think all people can use the Peeps by CarbonKlean eyeglass cleaner. People of any age can use this gadget. Though, getting used to the process may take a few tries. But I am pretty sure that no one will have any problem learning the usage.

Peeps By CarbonKlean Key Features

Peeps by CarbonKlean is the best creation to solve the glasses cleaning effectively. After using this for a while, I found it an essential gadget for glass users. The cleaner keeps the lens clear effectively.

Peeps By CarbonKlean Key Features

I know that people don’t know as much about the gadget, but there is a possibility that you may strain your eyes if you wear damaged glasses. So, let’s find the features of the Peeps by CarbonKlean cleaner I use regularly.

Getting Clear Vision

Dirt and dust can be harmful for your eyeglasses as they smudge the surface and leave spots. It’s also quite irritating and harmful. By using the gadget, you get scratch-free and obstacle-free vision.

I have found the cleaner is more effective than the traditional way. When I used the fabric rags to clean, I never got the glass’s 100% cleaning vibe. But now I have a clear vision thanks to Peeps by CarbonKlean.

Carbon Molecular Technology

This technology works in two ways. Instead of moving dirt side by side the small microfilaments and brush capture the dirt And move it upwards. As a result you won’t be left with oil and dust at the edge of the frames. And this molecular technology can reach alongside the frames for better than any rags or clothes ever could.

Compact Size

The Peeps cleaner is very compact in size. It comes with a cap that safeguards the cleaning pad. But still the gadget is compact and lightweight to fit inside your pocket. So you can take it anywhere school, college, or office, anytime you want.

Safest Glass Cleaner

I have been using the cleaner for several years now. And till now, no scratches have been found. Isn’t it cool! During this time, I didn’t have to replace my glasses due to any scratches, and still, it looks new every time I use the glass cleaner.

Besides that, the glass cleaner can protect the glass from the fog. That’s why feel safe during driving time.


The Peeps is made with eco-friendly materials. It is not harmful to the environment. We know that now plastics are very dangerous for our environment and a healthy world requires alternatives to plastic, or at least, the materials that can be recycled.

On that note, Peeps by CarbonKlean is producing eco-friendly products. That’s why I am also trusting in the Peeps eyeglass cleaner.

Works Always

A healthy life leads to a clear vision. But the people who use glasses need their glasses in top-notch condition. I know it is always very tough to get a good clean glass in a market full of hundreds. But the Peeps is arguably the best product among them due to excellent performance and risk-free usage.

Approved By NASA

Peeps by the CarbonKlean is the only eyeglass cleaner that NASA approves. The same technology is used for making both spaceships and eyeglass cleaner. The astronauts use the CarbonKlean’s Peeps cleaner to clean the glasses in space.

In a simulated situation, you cannot use the normal cleaning materials because other particles can destroy the stability of the spaceship. Moreover, in space, they need a clear vision through their eyeglasses and fight dust, dirt, and debris all the time. So, when NASA puts faith in CarbonKlean, it sends a strong message, right?

Common Reasons Why Your Lenses Are Dirty?

Oily skin can be a major reason for dirty glass. Oil attracts dust and you’ll notice build up at any time due to that reason. Moreover, facial make-up or other cosmetics can make the glasses dirty. Most of the time at night, dust build-up fast on the glass.

Common Reasons Why Your Lenses Are Dirty

For big eyelashes can be another reason for dirt on the lenses. So, it would be best if you choose the right glass frame that doesn’t touch the lashes.

One other reason for dust build-up is water. If you do not dry the small water drops after cleaning the glasses or other small drizzle, microscopic water drops tend to stay in the lenses and create build-up.

So what are the best lenses for eyeglasses?

Nowadays, we see reflection-free lenses in the market. This kind of lens is the best for driving as they can reducing glare. And I find that the lenses are smudge-free and water repellant. That’s why you need to clean the glass regularly.

How Does Peeps By CarbonKlean Work?

For the past few years, I have found the Peeps very easy to use. I have observed that it needs less time than the rags for cleaning.

Here I will explain how the glass cleaner works to clean the glass.

  1. First, I place the pads on both sides of the glass. As the cleaner has the two tips on the tweezer, it places automatically symmetrically.
  2. I make sure that the gadget is placed correctly. However, the technology of the building is unique to set automatically in the correct way.
  3. After that, I start the cleaning process. After finishing the first lens, I go for the next lens in the similar process.

Any person of any age can do the process easily. By the manufacturer’s recommendation, the gadget cleans 500 times at best. So, I usually change the cleaner after my 500 times of usage.

Pros & Cons Of Peeps By CarbonKlean

  • Very easy to use for anyone of any age.
  • Give perfect vision most safely.
  • Better than traditional cloth cleaning.
  • With the carbon pads, it cleans effectively.
  • For anti-reflective features and scratches, don’t get the glasses.
  • After 500 times of usage, you have to change.

How Do I Clean with My Peeps?

After buying the Peeps eyeglasses cleaner for a, I had to ask, “how to clean Peeps pads?” If the pads are getting dirty, then how will I clean the Peeps?

However, CarbonKlean cleaner doesn’t need cleaning itself. Carbon technology makes this special feature. But if some dirt stays on the lens, you should take some steps.

How Do I Clean with My Peeps

According to the experts’ recommendation, I am giving the real solution. I have found that sometimes my Peeps can get dirty with different substances. And all these substances can be dangerous for the lenses.

First, I wash the lenses with water as far as I can wash the substances with the water. Then, I need to soak the extra water from the glasses with a dry towel. But don’t rub the towel on the glasses. Finally, I use the glass cleaner to clean the glasses gently.

Peeps By CarbonKlean Reviews From Users

Before buying the Peeps by CarbonKlean, I have observed the other users’ Peeps eyeglass cleaner reviews. I was searching then what is telling people about the cleaner in a true sense. Not only from the Amazon product review but other independent user review sites, I have also found a detailed user review about it.

From the observation, I have found that people rely on Peeps by CarbonKlean. You can give an extra point on the chart of the pros for this. Half of the traffic gives 5 stars in amazon user reviews after using the cleaner.

According to the other review website, I have seen hundreds of people give the 3 to 4 stars for the Peeps. That is average marking.

Most of the users liked the feature of easy usage and effectiveness.

Should You Buy It?

I have been using this amazing gadget for a couple of months. And it breaks all my doubts. You will be amazed to know that till now, a single scratch I have not found yet. I bought a new pair of glasses to observe how the Peeps work. And the glass cleaner.

Should You Buy It

How Much Does It Cost?

Peeps by CarbonKlean glass is very useful for any glass user. Most people think that they cannot afford it or the price of the Peeps is very high. But it is very affordable.

Peeps eyeglasses cleaner price is in affordable price. Who doesn’t want the best kind of solutions at a reasonable price? The manufacturers of the Peeps have the vision to serve the people. So, they provide lots of offers targeting many seasons or occasions.

I bought my one with the exclusive offers. If you want you can buy from here with the cool offers.

Where To Buy Peeps?

When I first realized that it could be worth buying, I was confused about its price. As for the effective features and functionalities of the Peeps by CarbonKlean, I thought it would be an expensive one. But it is not.

With the different and exclusive discounts, I have found Peeps eyeglasses cleaner price is very reasonable. You can also buy online. Furthermore, with a 30 days warranty, you will get home delivery in a few days.

Where To Buy Peeps

But you have to purchase the product only from their official website. Here, you will find all the real offers and warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are Peeps Any Good?

Yes, Peeps are the best collection for cleaning the lenses. For eyeglasses, you can easily use this gadget. At a reasonable price, I have found the best solution from it. With the NASA spaceship, building technology the manufacturer of it provides us with the best support for clean eyeglasses.

Is It Nasa Approved?

Yes, NASA approved the Peeps by CarbonKlean eyeglasses cleaner. Because the technology of making a spaceship in NASA and the technology of Peeps by CarbonKlean are the same.

What Is Molecular Carbon-Based Technology?

It is a technology that ensures great versatility for the chemical combination of other carbon-based substances. The particles can be combined in different ranged elements with strong covalent bonds. That’s why this technology can make high quality, high density, and most powerful materials.

Is Peeps Safe For All Lenses And A/R Coatings?

Yes, Peeps are safe for all lenses and A/R coating. They are also safe for higher prescriptions and polycarbonate sunglass lenses.

How Many Times Can Peeps Be Used?

Peeps can be used 500 times. It can be dangerous for the lenses after using them more than 500 times.

How Long Do Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners Last?

Because of the latest and smartest technology made, the Peeps can last for many years. But here is the tricky part. It would help if you did not use the cleaner over 500 times. The cleaner can damage the eyeglasses.

How Often Should You Clean Your Lenses?

To get the optimal condition of the lenses, you should clean them at least once a day. But if the dirt makes you irritated then, clean the glasses immediately. That can cause bad eyesight.

Do Peeps Scratch Glasses?

No, Peeps don’t scratch the glasses. The technology behind producing the Peeps doesn’t allow that. The carbon-based molecule method has been used for making the Peeps cleaners. Moreover, NASA approves the lens cleaner for safe cleaning.

Can You Use The Peeps Cleaner On Wet Lenses?

Yes, you can use the Peeps on the wet surface. But before that, you have to be sure there is not too much water on the glasses. Soak the extra water with the dry clothes gently, and then use Peeps cleaner.

Can Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Damage My Glasses?

No, Peeps are made for cleaning your glasses safely. Without any damage, you can use the Peeps 500 times. After that, a little possibility can arise to damage your glasses.

Who Is The Supplier Of Peeps?

The supplier of the Peeps is CarbonKlean company. The company is very popular for its eco-friendly products. Moreover, the product of the CarbonKlean is safe for the users. Their technology for power cleaning is made with natural elements.

Who Is The Supplier Of Peeps

Please check their official page here.

Support Team

What does make the CarbonKlean so special? Generally, carbon molecular technology makes it special. Daniel Patton is the name who created CarbonKlean. He developed the same technology to help NASA with the spaceship.

First, Daniel and his team started the CarbonKlean company to serve the people with cleaning material. They were successful initially, so they expanded their company to make more innovative tools for cleaning.

They always tried to make compact tools that were effective and graceful. After this struggle, they have gained thousands of hearts satisfied with using the cleaners.

Final Thoughts

The Peeps is the right solution for your dirty eyeglasses with the best quality and eco friendly carbon-based material technology.

Once I was very disappointed with the job of the clothes rags. It was not good at all. Then I heard of the Peeps name. This innovation is proved by the NASA and SpaceX spaceship building technology. So, isn’t it a cool gadget!

You will be amazed to know that 650,000 units of Peeps are already sold. Think about its popularity. People can rely on the Peeps to clean any glasses. Moreover, it is safe for general prescription glasses, special coating glasses, and sunglasses.

So, if you are an eyeglasses user, why don’t you buy this wonderful cleaning gadget? Get the best maintenance of your glasses with the Peeps by CarbonKlean glass cleaner.

In this CarbonKlean Peeps review, I discuss how you clean the lenses effectively. Generally, the Peeps eyeglass cleaner is the ultimate solution to clear lenses.

Product Summary


  • Very easy to use for anyone of any age.
  • Give perfect vision most safely.
  • Better than traditional cloth cleaning.
  • With the carbon pads, it cleans effectively.


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