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I have to attend one or two online each day, and have always had trouble with the lighting on my webcam. The lighting is either too dark, so people can’t see me properly, or too bright so it’s difficult for them to keep focus. I always find myself having to fight with poor lighting when I am on the webcam, but my lightening problem has since gone away after I found Olumarring.

This company created the perfect solution for poor lighting–a ring that can be mounted on any laptop or mobile to illuminate yourself. Oluminate, a New York-based start-up, has developed the OlumiRing, a high-quality LED illumination gadget. It’s designed to look stunning when in front of any camera – no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

This revolutionary device is made with flexible LED lights that are placed on the ring for 360-degree illumination. The OlumiRing is an innovative product designed to provide illuminating effect for beauty and photography enthusiasts. In this OlumiRing Review, I will outline what the product is, how it works, and how you can use it to help with your tasks.

Product Summary
OlumiRing Review

OlumiRing Review

  • Comes at a pretty reasonable price
  • Can be attached to any modern device
  • Rechargeable device for longevity
  • Long-lasting capacity
  • 30 days money-back guarantee available

What Is Olumiring Light?

The OlumiRing is a re-imagined ring lamp that enhances illumination for photography and videography. Their main focus has been targeting those who are looking to achieve a bright, more professional appearance. This product will no doubt be a welcomed change for those who have been using traditional flashlights for their photoshoots as well as those who are looking to start their own YouTube channel or stream on Twitch. What Is Olumiring Light Plus, the ring light attaches to the lens of most mobile phones, DSLR cameras, and laptops, with its patent-pending design that provides you with more natural lighting than can be achieved with your phone’s flash.

Technicalities of Olumiring Light

Technicalities of Olumiring Light

  • 40 ultra-bright LEDs: OlumiRing has 40 ultra-bright LEDs that are powerful enough for any occasion. This versatile product can be used for live streaming, to light objects in front of the camera, or for outdoor photography. Plus, it can be used with either battery or USB power sources.
  • Built-In Clip: The built-in clip on OlumiRing makes it possible to connect it to any device. It fits any size phone, tablet, or e-reader up to 11 inches wide and will securely hold against the screen.
  • Adjustable Color: This light’s hue may be changed to a wide range of options. From a cozy, candlelit setting to a more edgy, contemporary one.
  • Rechargeable: There is a rechargeable option for this live-stream light. Runs for an hour or more on a single charge, and may be used indefinitely!

What Are the Main Features Of Olumiring?

In this part, I will discuss the innovative features of this new invention, OlumiRing. This device is a round-shaped flashlight with a clever twist to it: it also has a built-in charger. Let’s dive into more in-depth details of this amazing LED light. What Are the Main Features Of Olumiring


Keeping electronic gadgets safe when live streaming or photo-shooting is a popular concern among many people. A laptop, desktop, mobile device, or tablet may all be equipped with the OlumiRing. There practically is no limitation on attaching this unit. It can also be taken off and put back on again in a matter of seconds with just a little practice. This unit provides excellent protection against bumps and scratches that might otherwise result in cracks or even breakage.

Top-Notch Quality

OlumiRing is a protective wearable device that was designed to solve the problem of damaged devices. The key to this device is that it can clip onto any size or shape and protect the device from bumps, scratches, and other damage. Integrated within OlumiRing’s lining is soft silicone which has been achieved to protect any device while the unit is clipped.

This innovative design brings protection and style together in one product! Being modern has become more about convenience. This is what OlumiRing is showcasing with its innovative design. Plus, the top of the led light allows you to carry it on your finger, so you always have it handy.

Several brands have attempted to create a functional, fashionable case that can protect devices from all types of wear and tear. OlumiRing created a new design for their cases by integrating a soft silicone lining material. This has been achieved to protect any device while the unit is clipped. It also provides the same protection while being used as a stand or prop.

A soft diffuser is placed inside the light to not only offer a better lighting effect but also make the eyes feel more relaxed. This innovative lighting product has been designed to include a diffuser that can be used separately from or together with OlumiRing, as well as somewhat control for ease of use.

Lightweight and Portable

Furthermore, OlumiRing’s palm-sized shape makes it very compact and transportable. Due to the convenience of its weight and size, customers can take this light anywhere at any time with ease. OlumiRing is a brilliantly designed LED flashlight. The teensy, compact design makes OlumiRing the perfect light for those who like to be prepared for the worst. You can also easily slip it into any bag or pocket you have with you without taking up too much space.

If you are looking for a cool gift idea, this device is lightweight and affordable enough to get one of them for everyone on your list! OlumiRing is a product of ingenuity and innovation. With its ability to be placed in any pouch or pocket, the OlumiRing shines a light on the desired object without needing to hold it.

This is not as easy as it sounds like many other lighting equipments such as flashlights, lamps, and lanterns all require that the person holds onto the device while using it. Also, the light setup needs more space and a lot of work behind them.

Adjustable Settings

OlumiRing is an innovative LED light that has 3 light settings to choose from, i.e., cool light, warm light, and neutral light. Colors and brightness may be altered via the OlumiRing and a smart device, which can be attached to a computer or smartphone. There are a variety of colors available for the user to choose from to perfect the ambiance they desire. The OlumiRing is a ring that offers adjustable light settings for different occasions.

The design of this ring allows it to be clipped on any device, so you can use it for any occasion. Change the brightness of the light, the color temperature, or other features with just one touch on your finger! You can set it up to always have the perfect lighting situation.

40 ultra-bright and efficient LEDs

A lot of people are interested in the newest invention in LED lighting, OlumiRing™. And for good reason! The ring-shaped LED light emits 40 ultra-bright and efficient LEDs. You can tell this by how it reacts to your skin tones.


You would think that less time spent replacing batteries would leave more time to focus on other aspects of life. When the OlumiRing battery dies, you may just recharge it instead of having to buy new ones. On average, it is expected to take two hours for this unit to reach complete charge. This means that you are guaranteed to have enough light for some long hours of continuous use.

Various Colors

The OlumiRing can be purchased in three different colors, i.e., Snow White, Jet Black, or Pink Armour. This has been done for the mere purpose of appeal and nothing more. It is all about the ever-relevant subject of fashion trends. When it comes to trends, consumers often follow what their peers are doing so they don’t feel left out. The OlumiRing™ is shaping up to be a game-changer.

Supported Device

OlumiRing is a device that will be compatible with just about anything. It can connect to your smartphone, camera, and many more different devices. OlumiRing is a small device that attaches on the side of your device with a clip- no plugging needed! Supported Device This LED is the world’s best and most compatible ring light on the market. With simple attachments for just about every device you could imagine, it’s easy to use OlumiRing with your phone, camera, desktop, or tablet. You can attach OlumiRing in just a few seconds and start taking professional-quality photos and videos wherever you go!

How To Use Olumi Ring Light?

Let’s talk about some usage of this amazing light to enhance your photos and videos. With these applications of the light, you can change the way of your presence in the media.

Content Creation

OlumiRing is a small and sleek device that clips onto your phone and enhances the quality of the pictures and videos you can post on social media. Our main goal is to make it easier for people to share their memories with friends and family without sacrificing quality. Content Creation The company behind it, Olumi Technologies, says the device “makes your picture and video content brighter and clearer.” The photo and video quality of OlumiRing are incomparably better than what you would get with your phone’s camera alone – and it’s way easier than switching up settings on your phone.

Work from Home

OlumiRing is a device that provides flexibility for work from home workers. The user can use their smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop to clip to the OlumiRing and use zoom video calls, Skype video calls, etc. to their liking. The attachment through the OlumiRing allows the user to make video calls without worrying about looking dark due to lighting problems. Work from Home It’s hard to make a good first impression. Whether it’s an in-person meeting or video conference, facial appearance speaks volumes. After all, studies show people are judged by how they look more than their words. One way to change the game is with OlumiRing – an LED ring that complements your outfit with illumination enhancement.

Great for Makeup Artist

Lighting is a big part of any makeup artist’s toolkit. The light source can soften the appearance of wrinkles and shine, soften shadows, and create shadows where desired. This Olumiring ring light is an innovative lighting enhancement that helps to add the perfect amount of illumination to any workspace. Great for Makeup Artist Unlike standard overhead lights that either cast too much or too little light, this lamp can be adjusted to provide just the right amount for each need.

Ring Light for Photographer

Some photographers prefer the use of a ring light instead of common strobe photography to take their pictures. Ring lights typically produce a softer, more flattering picture because it doesn’t cast harsh shadows or shine in one direction. This is especially useful when someone has trouble finding good lighting in their environment, such as in a poorly lit office setting.

One of the most popular ways to give photos a quality lighting experience is to use Olumiring. Photographers can use these ring lights for many different settings and backgrounds, making them an essential tool for photographers. The device was created with the intent to make it easier for photographers to capture professional images in both indoor and outdoor settings without any additional costs or equipment.

  • It’s thin, strong, and small enough to be used with most modern gadgets. Very quick charging Adjustable color settings for your different requirements Comes at a pretty reasonable price Can be attached to any modern device Rechargeable device for longevity Long-lasting capacity 30 days money-back guarantee available
  • It can break easily if you fell down the light from your hands Hard to replace the LEDs in the device

Who Should Use This Olumi Ring Light?

If you’re a photographer or live streamer and planning on taking your work to the next level, then Olumiring is the perfect lighting equipment for you. For a wide range of backdrops and locations, this new business has been able to provide high-quality lighting. The Olumiring has been providing its innovative lighting system for a variety of photography and live streaming events all over the world. The device offers a quality lighting experience to any event regardless of the background or setting.

How Does Olumiring Support Photo and Video Capture?

OlumiRing is a revolutionary 360° light ring that provides the highest-quality light without any stress. Its circular shape lights up to 360° so you can control how you want your skin to look in your photos and videos. The diffuser is built into the ring, which softens the light to give it a radiant appearance that lasts all day.

It also prevents harsh shadows in photos and videos. This means that when taking selfies or streaming live, people won’t feel like they’re looking at a spotlight. All you have to do is attach OlumiRing to your phone and shoot with perfect lighting!

Why Do We Recommend Olumiring to All?

OlumiRing is a ring that is designed to help you adjust your look. You can adjust the brightness of the ring to get a glowing ring no matter what the situation. With OlumiRing, you can adjust your look to suit your needs, and the light will help you enjoy the streaming or selfie with its adjustable brightness.

Some people are not always prepared to go out, and this can make it difficult to look your best. When you need a quick way to enhance your appearance, OlumiRing is the solution. You can control settings to adjust brightness for varied situations, and you can also select from different color modes to suit your needs. It’s as simple as selecting what you want and applying it!

Olumiring Customer Reviews and Complaints

Olimiring is an excellent product that has many positive reviews online. Let’s hear some of them. However, there are also some complaints about the product. And they are: One of the major complaints about this product is that light is only available for purchase online.

This LED is not available at any retail establishment! Plus, the OlumiRing can light up a very limited area. While the OlumiRing may illuminate objects directly in front of it and the local area around it, it cannot be relied upon to illuminate a room. So, the OlumiRing may not be the best option if you want to illuminate a broad region. Olumiring Customer Review and Complaints Olumiring Customer Reviews and Complaints

Can I Get a Refund Policy?

Every product comes with a 30-day free replacement warranty. You can contact the support team within 48 hours of receiving your order if you have a problem with your purchase. Customer care will be with you to fix any concerns you may have.

Olumiring Pricing and Where to Buy Them?

This light comes at $24.99. However, if you buy two products or three products together, you may get some free offers too. The Olumiring light is available for purchase on the official online store. It’s safe to purchase Olumiring online with secure payment. Your credit card number and other personal details are not shared in any way during the payment process. The manufacturer also offers discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can OlumiRing be attached to a mobile device with a case on?

One of the most popular and efficient ways to enjoy light is through a compact LED. Despite its small size, it is quite sturdy and can be hooked to a variety of electrical gadgets. Whether it’s in a backpack or briefcase, it’s easy to carry. You may dim, brighten, or set the brightness to medium when configuring the lighting modes.

Is OlumiRing compatible with Android and iPads?

OlumiRing is a new ring that has been designed with all devices in mind. They have created a ring that not only allows you to change the colors of your ring but will also sync to your device and make it feel like OlumiRing is an extension of your phone or tablet. Along with this, OlumiRing Android and iPads.

Can it be used with an iPad vs just a smartphone?

As the name suggests, the new OlumiRing is a multi-device-friendly ring. You may alter the color of your OlumiRing ring, and it will also sync up with your phone or tablet to make it seem like it is an extension of your gadget. In addition, OlumiRing provides iPad and smartphone compatibility.

Can I clip this to my mirror to do my makeup?

The makeup application is a cinch with this mirror attachment. The correct cosmetics hue may be archived with the aid of this lighting equipment. For makeup artists, this is the right tool for the job. Use the lighting for your regular make-up as well!

Can this be used with both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras?

Yes, you may use this gadget with both the front and back cameras. Even if you have a different phone model, you may still use this light. A DSLR camera may be attached to a computer screen. This light, on the other hand, is not ideal for lighting a larger area with a rear-facing camera.

How wide does the clip get?

OlumiRing is a new type of clip that has a width of more than 1 inch and can be attached to any type of device. It was made to help people with their selfie lighting problems, but it also improves the lighting on live streams too. With this clip, you will have a firmer grip on your device without being too rough on the screen.

How long will OlumiRing work on one charge?

This LED light is capable to run for more than 2 hours with a single change. And this makes it more versatile to use for a long time. Most people don’t do videos for more than two hours at a time.

Who Manufactures OlumiRing Ring?

The OlumiRing is made by an American company and it’s one of the top-selling ring lights on Amazon. The OlumiRing features a built-in bright LED light that provides up to two hours of illumination and can be adjusted to three different brightness levels. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable, as well as a carry pouch.

Contact with Support Team

The OlumiRing Company has world-class customer support. They’re real humans, they’re quick, and they like talking to you. Their employees are so passionate about what they do, so it’s no surprise that they often win awards for their customer service performance.

You can contact with the support team at following email:

  • info@oluminate.com
  • And also contact with letterbox at:
  • 365 Liberty Road, Stewartsville NJ 08886, United States


OlumiRing is the first LED ring that projects light in 360 degrees, making it the perfect option for those who want to see if their makeup looks good without having to use a mirror. The built-in diffuser also adds a professional look by softening the light, and it doesn’t matter what skin tone you have since it will work for everyone. I hope that, with this OlumiRing review, you can now make an informed decision whether you want to buy this light solution or not.

Product Summary
OlumiRing Review

OlumiRing Review

  • Comes at a pretty reasonable price
  • Can be attached to any modern device
  • Rechargeable device for longevity
  • Long-lasting capacity
  • 30 days money-back guarantee available


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