NicoBloc Review in 2022 – Quit Smoking in Just Six Weeks!

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I tried countless strategies to quit smoking and failed each time. Guess what? I just found the most effective way to quit smoking but in the most unique way. NicoBloc helped me to quit smoking at my own pace. I’ve been using NicoBloc for the past 5 weeks and I’m about to completely quit smoking. A single drop of NicoBloc will reduce the amount of nicotine and tar you’re going to inhale. This made it possible to quit smoking with no withdrawal symptoms. NicoBloc is totally natural and has no side effects. I was recommended by an addiction specialist. After being pleased with the outcome, I would recommend NicoBloc to anyone seeking the most efficient way to quit smoking.

Product Summary
NicoBloc Review

NicoBloc Review

  • NicoBloc is crafted with 100% natural elements.
  • NicoBloc reduces nicotine and tar by 99%.
  • It helps to quit smoking within 6 weeks.
  • It eliminates withdrawal symptoms.
  • You may use NicoBloc even if you’re pregnant.

NicoBloc Review: A Quick Short Overview

NicoBloc is a clinically established solution that assists smokers in gradually quitting smoking. It’s a drug-free formula that is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. Nicotine and tar from cigarettes are blocked by a single drop of NicoBloc. Trying nicotine replacements doesn’t have a good success rate. These products won’t really solve your problem. You’ll still be addicted to nicotine. NicoBloc not only reduces nicotine levels but also assists you in giving up smoking.

NicoBloc Review A Quick Short Overview

Top 5 Features of Nico Bloc –

  • NicoBloc comes with a Mess-free applicator.
  • It helps to quit smoking within 6 weeks.
  • It eliminates withdrawal symptoms.
  • NicoBloc reduces nicotine and tar by 99%.
  • It is 10x more effective than cold turkey.

What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a viscous fluid used to get rid of smoking gradually. The fluid is made of natural ingredients such as corn syrup, food-safe stabilizers, and others. It is completely safe and non-addictive. The formula needs to apply to the filter of cigarettes. This reduces the percentage of nicotine and tar in the cigarette. NicoBloc helps users to quit smoking gradually. It doesn’t force you to quit smoking.

what is nicobloc

The other strategies of giving up smoking require another substitute. For example, you may try vaping or gum as a substitute. But it’s like having the same addiction. NicoBloc is different. It is going to make you enjoy smoking but with less toxic elements. This is why NicoBloc is accepted by doctors and recommended by experts.

What Are The Features Of NicoBloc?

The anti-smoking invention is surely at the top of the list of anti-smoking products. It has a better success rate than others. You should definitely try NicoBloc if you want to quit smoking. Have a look at the detailed features of this product below –

What Are The Features Of NicoBloc

Easy to Use

Unlike the other nicotine replacements or anti-smoking products, NicoBloc has a very simple and easy-to-use design. It can be applied right before smoking. You just need to make a small indent and apply the drops. You can also raise or reduce the number of drops as you wish.

100% natural and Drug-Free

NicoBloc is made of all-natural ingredients. There are no toxic elements used in NicoBloc. Thus, it’s completely safe as an anti-smoking alternative. It’s non-addictive and doesn’t have any side effects. NicoBloc won’t change the smell or taste of your cigarette. It will just change the amount of nicotine and tar you’re going to inhale. NicoBloc is safe for pregnant women as well.

Clinically Proven Results

There have been multiple studies that support the effectiveness of NicoBloc. Among the users of NicoBloc, almost 53% were able to quit smoking completely. This success rate is way more than other anti-smoking strategies. Users also witnessed a change in satisfaction and taste.

Mess-Free Applicator

The formula comes in a liquid shape in an applicator. It’s well designed and totally mess-free. The top of the applicator will be used to make the indent into the filter of the cigarette. It’s designed in such a way that you will be able to easily carry it without any mess. It will be a great fit in your pocket.

Quality Promise

NicoBloc is produced by the manufacturer with the same name. The product comes with a quality promise that will satisfy you for sure. Every process of manufacturing this product is controlled to ensure a safe and quality product for the users.

Money-Back Guarantee

This feature will surely encourage you to try this product. The manufacturer is so confident in the product’s quality that they are offering a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with NicoBloc. You will be able to return it without any hassle.

How Does NicoBloc Work?

Well, NicoBloc is a fluid made of natural ingredients. Using it in the filter will block the nicotine and tar from getting into your body. It traps nicotine and other toxic elements in the filter. Isn’t it pretty simple?

How to Use NicoBloc anti-smoking liquid properly

This is how NicoBloc is saving millions of people from inhaling the poisonous nicotine into their bodies. The percentage of trapped nicotine depends on how many drops you are using. The more drops you use, the more nicotine and tar is blocked.  NicoBloc is going to improve your social, mental, and behavioral condition and you are going to love this product for sure.

Pros And Cons Of NicoBloc

NicoBloc gained worldwide popularity because of its numerous advantages. The product is bringing life to people’s lives. They are feeling better within a few weeks of using NicoBloc. Have a look at the detailed pros and cons of NicoBloc below –

  • NicoBloc doesn’t change the taste of your cigarette. Thus, you are having the same taste with fewer side effects.
  • It comes with an easy and simple application method. You can use it right before smoking.
  • NicoBloc is crafted with 100% natural and drug-free elements that work better than traditional nicotine replacements.
  • NicoBloc is different. It helps you quit smoking at your own peace by gradually decreasing the nicotine and tar from the cigarette.
  • NicoBloc doesn’t include any withdrawal symptoms. You may use NicoBloc even if you’re pregnant.
  • The formula is a bit sticky. Using multiple drops of NicoBloc into the filter may make it difficult to smoke.

How To Use NicoBloc?

Using NicoBloc is pretty simple. The product is intended to make it easier for users to apply it immediately before smoking. So, how to use NicoBloc?

How To Use NicoBloc anti-smoking liquid

First, make a small indent into the filter of the cigarette by using the top of the bottle. Apply 1 to 3 drops. A single drop of NicoBloc reduces nicotine and tar by 33%, two drops by 66%, and three drops by 99 percent. Once you apply the drop from NicoBloc, start smoking as usual.

Here’s Why People Love This Product

NicoBloc is widely accepted by people all around the world. The treatment approach of NicoBloc is totally different from others. It doesn’t force you to quit smoking, rather it makes you stop smoking gradually. So, why do people love this product so much? Here are two major reasons worth mentioning –

Why People Love This nicobloc


NicoBloc isn’t like the other anti-smoking products. It comes with a different approach. This lets you smoke but reduces the toxic elements from the cigarette. First few weeks, you are going to decrease the amount of nicotine in your cigarette. In the final 5th and 6th week, you will be able to quit smoking completely. This is why NicoBloc has the highest success rate among all anti-smoking strategies. It allows you to quit smoking at your own pace.


NicoBloc comes with an easy application. It comes in a small-shaped applicator that can be carried anywhere. You will be able to apply it right before smoking. To make an indent into the filter, the cap is designed in a long and rounded shape. Users accepted the product because of its easy and simple design.

Refund Policy Of NicoBloc

Don’t worry about the return or refund for the product. The manufacturer offers an easy and simple return of NicoBloc. I guess you will definitely love the result of NicoBloc just like me. Unfortunately, If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it within 30 days of purchase. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee. For any return or refund issue, you are instructed to contact NicoBloc USA, Bloc Enterprises, 64 Wall Street Suite 402. If you have any questions regarding the shipping, you may send an email at They will update you about the status as soon as possible.

What Is The Price Of NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is helping millions of people struggling to quit smoking. You should really not bother about the price of NicoBloc. A single piece of NicoBloc will run for 2 weeks and costs only $24.99.

If you want to have a 6-week supply, go for the Buy 2, Get 1 package that will cost you only $59.98 with free USA shipping. The final and most popular deal for NicoBloc is a pack of 5 that will run for 10 weeks. You will need to spend only $89.97 for this Buy 3, Get 2 (total 5) NicoBloc. To have the most effective result, you should continue using NicoBloc for at least 6 weeks.

Where to Buy NicoBloc?

There are many other alternatives available for giving up smoking. NicoBloc has the highest success rate with no withdrawal symptoms or side effects. You will get the result within the first few weeks. If you are planning to get one, I would recommend you to get it from the official store of NicoBloc. The site offers a good amount of discount and offers the product at the best price. You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are completely satisfied with the product. The return or refund method is pretty easy and hassle-free. For free and fast shipping inside the USA, order NicoBloc from here. They also provide fast shipping to over 30+ countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NicoBloc Have a Taste?

Yes, NicoBloc has a sweet taste but that can’t be detected by everyone. This slight taste is included to make the product more premium. Don’t worry, It won’t damage the taste of cigarettes. You will have a better taste with fewer side effects.

Is NicoBloc Safe for Pregnant Women?

Though it’s not recommended to smoke during pregnancy, you may use NicoBloc to quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms. As nicotine replacement therapies will be tough to get during pregnancy, NicoBloc will be a good alternative for pregnant women.

Does NicoBloc Make Cigarettes Safer to Smoke?

Absolutely. NicoBloc reduces the amount of nicotine and tar in the cigarette. As you know, it’s not possible to quit smoking overnight. Thus, NicoBloc makes it happen gradually. For the first few weeks, you will have less nicotine. Within 6 weeks, you will completely get over smoking for sure.

How Long Will One Pack Of NicoBloc Last?

This actually depends on the usage. If you use one drop every day, it will last more than usual. One single pack of NicoBloc will last for 2 weeks. For a complete dose of NicoBloc, you should get 3 NicoBloc. This will last for 6 weeks.

Who is the Manufacturer of NicoBloc?

NicoBloc PLC is the manufacturer of NicoBloc. They are a USA-based company founded by the late William Rosen in the late 1980s.  The manufacturer held a trial of NicoBloc in the Irish Corporate sector in 1995 to check its effectiveness. NicoBloc is now available in more than 30 countries. The manufacturer offers free and fast shipping on qualifying purchases. If you want to get NicoBloc directly from the manufacturer, visit this site and place the order now.


I tried to cover every single detail of the product. If you have any further product-related questions, feel free to contact NicoBloc directly at They are always ready to answer your product or order-related questions. For a direct chat, you may visit – Bloc Enterprises | 64 Wall Street | Suite 402 | Norwalk, CT 06850.

Final Verdict On NicoBloc Review

NicoBloc is obviously the best stop-smoking method available in the market. NicoBloc does not replace one destructive habit with another. It won’t force you to give up smoking. You are going to quit smoking on your own. The all-natural formula is going to change your lifestyle within 6 weeks. You are going to have a better version of yourself. I hope this NicoBloc review helped you to find the solution you were looking for.

Product Summary
NicoBloc Review

NicoBloc Review

  • NicoBloc is crafted with 100% natural elements.
  • NicoBloc reduces nicotine and tar by 99%.
  • It helps to quit smoking within 6 weeks.
  • It eliminates withdrawal symptoms.
  • You may use NicoBloc even if you’re pregnant.


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