MemorySafeX Review 2022 – Is it Any Good?

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A few months back I went hiking with my wife. We had a wonderful experience but the trip didn’t end well. I lost my phone and with that lost all my wedding photos. I got a lesson that having a backup for photos and videos is crucial. That’s when I ordered the MemorySafeX.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.5

Value for Money9.7




It’s been 3 months and it’s safe to say I am pretty impressed with this gem of a gadget. This MemorySafeX Review consists of my opinion and user experience and thus will help you make a better purchasing decision. Let’s not waste any time and see what this baller has to offer.

Our Summary


Key Features:

  • Super Easy Usage
  • Abundant Storage
  • Great For Printing
  • Keeps Files Safe
  • Ensures Fun As well
  • Enhanced Speed And Connectivity


Overview Of MemorySafeX

It’s hard to keep track of photos and videos amongst all the occasions. With the increasing popularity of social media, you are clicking photos more than ever. This has introduced you to a newer problem. The storage problem. I too had a hard time managing my family, friends, and colleague’s photos as they were in thousands.

Overview Of MemorySafeX 2

This is where MemorySafeX comes into the scene. It’s a super compact and handy device that stores photos and videos from your mobile in a flash. This acts as an instant backup of every memory you capture leaving you space for more. The awesome gadget packs a space of 64GB which is plenty for string high definition photos and videos along with movies.

Overview Of MemorySafeX

You can also store the pics or videos directly into the stick just by keeping the stick plugged in. Thus the MemorySafeX is a simple solution to your storage problem both in real-time and post-clicking periods. Boasting transfer speeds up to 30MB/s, this champ will let you store movies and large files at a lightning-fast pace.

How Does MemorySafeX Work?

The MemorySafeX operates following a simple procedure which makes it special. It offers you multidimensional usage being a backup for mobile as well as carrying out the roles of a traditional USB stick. What you will love the most is its wide compatibility with devices and operating systems.

How Does MemorySafeX Work

This baller boasts both USB type C and a traditional USB port. Thus this impressive gadget can be used with both older and newer models of smartphones along with PCs. Besides being supported by both Android and iOS devices it saves media and keeps your systems light and fast on the go.

Key Features Of MemorySafeX

Below are the stellar features that impressed me the most about this masterpiece.

Super Easy Usage:

What you will love the most about the MemorySafeX are its user-friendly operations. I used mine along with Android and Pc and didn’t have to face any geeky procedures. The App works amazing and detects duplicate files with accuracy to keep storage free for more. Besides being compatible with both Android and Mac, I was able to gather files from my friend’s iPhone as well.

Super Easy Usage

Abundant Storage:

The device comes with plenty of storage to feed your large appetite for pics and videos. My phone had fixed storage of 64GB. This always left me worried about clicking photos as my storage would fill up. Thanks to MemorySafeX, I got an additional 64GB of space in an instant. Thus I am now relaxed about my storage and didn’t have to switch my phone.

Great For Printing:

If you are someone who prints out pics and files a lot, this bomber will leave you awestruck. Instead of following the traditional method of clicking each time, you can simply select an entire folder to be printed. This saved me time and effort while I was looking for prints during one of my study projects.

Great For Printing

Keeps Files Safe:

I have a tendency to lose my phone frequency. Losing 4 phones only in the past few years left me worried. While you can’t foresee what’s coming but can always prepare in advance. This gadget keeps a backup of my memorable pics and important files and thus ensures safety.

Ensures Fun As well:

MemorySafeX is a fun device as well. It supports a variety of file types including MP4, MOV,  MKV, MPG, M4V, AVI, and more. I use to store all of the latest movies so that I can have a small movie box in my pocket on the move. This comes in handy when I am stuck with my phone somewhere with hours to kill.

Instant Storage:

Another handy feature you are gonna have is instant photo saving. The device is able to save photos instantly once you keep it plugged in. I use this in my trips as I know I will be taking tons of photos and don’t want to run out of space as well. This is one of those features which are rare to see.

Enhanced Speed And Connectivity:

The most crucial aspect of any storage device is its speed. After all, you don’t want to wait for hours for a movie and run out of time before even watching it. Thus the 30MB/s data transfer speed comes extremely useful here. Besides the device features a long connector which enables me to have it plugged in while keeping my phone cover on.

What I Like
  • Offers super fast photo, video files and office file storage
  • Small and compact device fits even in the tiniest of spaces
  • Features superior build quality
  • Is a good option besides cloud storage services
  • Easy operating procedures
  • Can be used with Android, Mac and PC
  • Stores pics on the go if kept plugged in
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Works as backup devices for both mobile phone and PC
  • Boasts plenty of storage capacity
  • Supports wide variety of image formats
  • Offers all the benefits of a Pen Drive
  • More advanced than Photo Stick
  • Preserves unforgettable memories
  • Keeps mobile internal storage free
  • Features C-Type port for latest mobiles
  • Doesn’t require any technical skills
What Could Be Better
  • Runs out of stock pretty fast
  • Availability in physical stores would have been appreciated

What Are MemorySafeX Customers Saying?

Customer feedback plays a big role in determining the success and failure of any product. And I think MemorySafeX has hit a home run and won the game here. Its multiple usages, easy operation, and fast transfer speed have helped it win the hearts of its user. This includes me who might be in love with it right out of the box.

What Are MemorySafeX Customers Saying

Susan is an Instagram model. She mentioned that she keeps the MemorySafeX plugged into her phone every time she takes a picture. This keeps her limited phone storage free and thus helps the app load faster. Similarly, Mario who is a college student stated that he used the device to watch movies on the train while commuting back home. It’s moments like this that make a product part of users’ life and I have to give credit to the brand for that.

How Can I Use MemorySafeX?

It’s pretty easy to use the MemorySafeX. Below are the steps that set me up in no time.

How Can I Use MemorySafeX

  • First I plugged in the device on to my phone
  • Then I selected the files and pics I wanted to transfer
  • After that I selected the transfer options
  • And that it’s the transfer was done

The device keeps track of my photos and helps me locate them in an instant. This helps me share my moments without having to scroll down thousands of images.

Is MemorySafeX A Scam?

With crappy and fake products everywhere, it’s usual to get worried about your purchase. And I was a bit nervous too. I think this MemorySafeX review has eased some of your nerves. Simply said, I have to say this is one purchase that has brought great value to my everyday life. Now I feel safer having a backing of all of my files and memories. Thus you can too bring home this amazing tech without hesitation.

Is MemorySafeX A Scam

Where Can I Order It?

Unlike traditional products, these gems are only available on the brand’s website. This offers you certain advantages. You can be sure that the device is 100% legit. Besides this will also help you in case you face any troubleshooting afterward.

Where Can I Order It

I got mine at a 50% discount and was considering it a pretty good deal. Looks like you can get luckier as the offers have just become irresistible. Now you can purchase 3 and get 2 more as a gift. Damn, I would have picked these for my whole family if the offer existed before. So grab them before stocks run out.

Final Thought

Memories are what lets us travel through time. They are precious and should be protected at all costs. And what better way to preserve memories than photos. I lost a few memories but came up with this MemorySafeX review so that you can preserve yours.

The device features multipurpose usability and has proven to be extremely useful in this age of media capturing. With all the goodies on board, it easily has the most versatile gadgets that have been tailored to modern needs. I hope this review was useful and have cleared away your queries regarding this super useful device.


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