Lumenology Reviews 2022 – Legit Wireless Motion Light That Works?

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When it comes to the safety of your house, cars and other valuable properties, proper lighting adjustment in your indoor and outdoor is an essential step. Basically, lumenology is the best flexible lighting system for any dark environment.

This remote motion light can be placed anywhere for illuminating any dark place. Hence, for any professional lighting system or any other security purpose, you can easily have one lumenology that will surely make your life easier.

To know more about lumenology and its importance stay with us. In the following sections, we will try to describe the features, benefits and its working procedure.

What is Lumenology?


Basically, lumenology is a flexible lighting system equipped with motion sensor technology that automatically lights up when it detects any motion. This wireless device can be used anywhere you need light.

It is mainly a do-it-yourself lighting solution, if you need a portable light fixture to carry anywhere in your bag. This motion light comes with magnetic bases and a flexible tripod.

Magnetic bases are for attachment to any non magnetic plane and tripods are for quick installation. There is no need for any switch to activate the light.

Lumenology Features & Benefits

Now, it is time to explore some of the core features that this lighting solution comes with.

  • This portable device saves a lot of money by eliminating the need for electricity.
  • The magnetic plates and flexible tripod helps to attach the motion light to any surface.
  • This wireless lighting device can detect the presence of any type of motion up to 13 ft long and 100-degree field of view.
  • It can be installed anywhere inside or outside the home for illuminating any particular area.
  • The light is built with IP43 certified water resistance that can be used at any weather and temperature.
  • Lumenology comes with a high quality LED white bulb which is bright enough to illuminate any dark place within seconds.
  • This motion device is built with three basic modes giving super bright light up to 40 ft away.

How Does Lumenology Work?

How Does Lumenology Work

This mountable motion device utilizes motion sense technology to light up the ultra bright LED bulb instantly when it detects any motion surrounding itself. Actually, the system uses the motion sensor and light sensor technology. From one single LED bulb, it provides up to 148 lumens that can be mounted anywhere virtually.

Basically, lumenology includes three basic components – motion light, magnetic plates and flexible tripods. And it comes with three basic modes- on, off and motion activated. You can select any one of them at any time depending on your need.

In addition, it runs on three AA batteries which last for a year giving 100% full brightness every time. Lumenology tends to have the solution of all the problems by offering a portable battery powered lighting system in a cost effective way.

How to Use Lumenology?

How to Use Lumenology

This superior lighting device can be installed anywhere within a few seconds. Actually, for attaching lumenology, you will have two easy options.

Using flexible tripod

If you have non flat or rough surfaces to attach your motion light, then in such cases you need to use the tripod.

  • Firstly, screw the legs of the tripod onto the rear of the motion light.
  • Next attach the tripod legs to the surface according to your need.
  • You can utilize the tripod to stand upright for a strong support in a certain direction.
  • Also you can also wrap the flexible tripod around any object like fence, tree etc.

Using Magnetic base

Generally, for flat or magnetic surfaces, magnetic plates can be used to connect the lumenology.

You can either use a screw to attach the metal plate to any flat surface or you can directly utilize the built-in magnet to any metallic surface to attach the lumenology.

Therefore, the installation process is super easy and straightforward. Both the tripod and magnetic base provide a strong support to connect the lumenology at any position.

Just attach it to the particular place, turn it on and you are all set with the system.

Pros and Cons of Lumenology

This innovative and professional motion light can be the best solution for replacing dim or low quality light. You can use lumenology anywhere starting from roadside, car hood, staircase, tree, fence, deck, floor, cabinet to any dark environment. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and drabacks of this device.

  • All weather enabled
  • Saves money and energy
  • Portable security motion light
  • High quality luminance LED bulb
  • Includes motion sensor technology
  • Battery runs out quickly for always on mode

Purchasing Lumenology

Generally, a lemenology packaging includes a lumenology motion detection LED light, magnetic plates, tripod base, anchors, screws and a use manual. But batteries are not included in the kit.

Normally, you will get one lumenology kit at $39.99 but for bulk orders you will receive some discounts. Also, there is a refund policy available, if you are not satisfied with the device.

If you are placing your order through here, you will get the lumenology kits at the following prices:

  • 1 Kit: $39.99 + $4.99 Shipping
  • 3 Kits: $99.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Kits: $149.97 + Free US Shipping
  • 8 Kits: $199.96 + Free US Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lumenology provide enough bright light to replace with normal dim light?

Yes! Lumenology provides 148 lumen that produces a crystal clear bright light without hurting your eyes. You will get the same service from lumenology that you would expect from a professional lighting system.

What is the size of lumenology?

Lumenology is very compact and easy to carry. The size of lumenology is 3.5″ x 3.75″ x 4.25″ and weighs only 6 ounces.

What type of battery does lumenology require?

Three AA batteries are required to run lumenology. At one single charge, the device can last up to 1 year or more.

Can lumenology sustain in all temperatures?

Actually, the sustainability of lumenology in all temperatures depends on the type of battery used. In warm temperatures, alkaline batteries and in cold conditions, lithium batteries are preferable.

Can lumenology be used inside cars?

Surely lumenolog can be used inside a car for any kind of work. In fact, you can attach the light in the car hood or any other place for extra light.

Is it easy to install lumenology anywhere?

It’s really easy to mount lumenology at any place just by using a magnetic base or flexible tripod. Both of them provide strong and rigid support. For magnetic or flat surfaces, use the magnetic base and for non flat surfaces, use the flexible tripod.

Is lumenology lighting systems a good investment?

Yes, definitely! Lumenology is the best motion sensor device for any indoor and outdoor lighting purpose. Moreover, for security purposes, this wireless device is worth buying.


Therefore, without any doubt, lumenology is one of the amazing inventions that can meet so many demands at a time. The motion sense technology used in this lumenology makes the perfect way for improving any security needs.

Carry it with you and install it at any place you need. And you are ready to enjoy professional lighting anywhere for indoor and outdoor activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab one lumenology kit and you will have everything to illuminate any place by eliminating the need for a costly professional electrician.


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