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As tissues are made from trees, thousands of trees are cutting down across the world every day. Another worst thing is, these disposable tissues are responsible for causing huge trash. I have cold issues as well as huge hygiene issues. Thus, I always need to carry cotton tissues with me. But being a responsible citizen, I always try to contribute something to the environment.
Then I hear about the world’s first reusable and eco-friendly tissue, which is the LastTissue. After that, I have done some research on this product and decided to purchase it. Since then, I have been using LastTissue continuously. I am going to provide an overall last tissue review based on my personal experience.

My Quick Overview of LastTissue

LastTissue is a combination of a handkerchief and a tissue pack. It is known as the world’s first recyclable and reusable tissue that is made of high-quality cotton and organic materials. So, it could be an ideal option to alternate disposable tissues.

As you know, to make tissues, people are cutting down thousands of trees around the world every day. Even those disposable tissues are causing this world a huge amount of trash at the same time. Therefore, disposable tissues are a threat to the environment, and you better try using cotton tissues as a responsible citizen.

Moreover, this LastTissue is quite eco-friendly because of its reusability feature. So by using this tissue, you certainly can contribute something to our environment.

What Is Last Tissue?

LastTissue is called the baby of a tissue pack and a handkerchief. It is the world’s first reusable, 100% recyclable, and an ideal alternative to disposable tissues. LastTissue is made with high-quality 100% organic cotton materials. It comes in an innovative silicon sleek minimal case, which is also recyclable.

What Is Last Tissue

A single LastTissue pouch carries six different tissues. This pouch consists of an invisible barrier that helps to separate the used tissues from the new tissues. This barrier assures proper hygiene by preventing germs and bacteria from spread out. This product is absolutely safe, portable, washable, and sustainable.

Attractive Features of Last Tissue

LastTissue is designed with some exciting features that make this product so unique and appealing. In this last tissue review section, I will point out those features.

Attractive Features of Last Tissue

  • LastTissue is 100% reusable, and one pack of LastTissue is equal to 3100 one-time tissues.
  • All tissues are made with high-quality organic materials that don’t cause any harm to the skin.
  • These tissues are so soft and comfortable to use.
  • It comes with a recyclable pouch.
  • The pouch is made with 100% silicon, latex-free, and dishwasher-safe.
  • It is environmentally friendly, washable, hygienic, portable, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Use Last Tissue

LastTissue is the most innovative and creative product that can easily replace disposable tissues. I personally find this Lasttissue much more beneficial than the one-time tissues and handkerchiefs. Now I am going to share the benefits that I get from this useful product. This box of tissues is 100 times better than single-use items.

Provides A Better Environment:

Millions of trees are cutting down worldwide for producing single-used tissue papers. That results in deforestation, global warming, and many more. As I said earlier, I always try to avoid those products that are harmful to nature. Therefore, I started using LastTissue because one pack of LastTissue can save more than 3100 single-use tissues.

Provides a Better Environment

Just imagine, starting to use LastTissue can save a huge amount of trees from cutting down. Moreover, the production process of these tissues requires three times less energy than producing disposable tissues. All in all, LastTissue is the perfect product for keeping the environment clean and pollution-free.

Maintain Hygiene:

One LastTissue pouch carries 6 different tissues, so; I can use clean and fresh tissue every time. Also, to prevent the spread of germs, the silicon case is designed with an invisible barrier. This barrier keeps the fresh tissues away from the used tissues.

Maintain Hygiene

Good For Skin:

LastTissue uses 100% organic cotton, which feels soft and plush on my nose. Earlier I used to get rashes on my skin while using the one-time tissues. Because this box of tissues uses artificial fragrance. That leads to allergic reactions or rashes on the skin. LastTissue doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, toxins, and artificial fragrance. Thus, I never feel irritated and rashes on my skin after using this tissue.


It is obvious that LastTissue is more expensive than one-time tissues. But when I summarize the number of tissue boxes and packets I used for a year, this cost makes nothing to me. Each LastTissue can be washed 520 times, which means I can easily use one pack for many years. I give each family member one pouch of LastTissue, and in the long run, it reduced my cost.

More Convenience:

It comes in 6 different colors, red, green, turquoise, blue, peach, and black. For easy recognition, I bought different colored pouches for each family member. This compact-sized portable pouch is very easy to carry and hang. The pouch has silicon material, so it won’t tear out and will last for many years. It won’t break, bend, crack, or get damaged in any harsh condition.

Easy to Clean:

When all of the 6 tissues are stained, take them out from the package and put them into your washer. As they’re super flexible and sturdy, they won’t get damaged in the process.

You can also wash those with your hands, it totally depends on your preference. Once they’re washed properly, you can use them again.

Last Tissue Review: How To Use It?

The process of using LastTissue is very simple. Here, I will give a complete guide for How to use LastTissue.

The pouch has a tiny opening outlet under it. This outlet is used to pull out the tissues. After using, keep the tissue safely for further use. The pouch has a single compartment with a barrier. All used tissues should keep by pushing them inside from the upper area of the pouch.

Last Tissue Review How to Use It

After using all 6 tissues, wash and dry them. Make sure to wash and dry the pouch also. Then, refill all the tissues in the clean pouch. Fold the tissues, open the outer lid of the pouch, and put the tissues inside it one after one. In this way, each tissue can be used more than 520 times.

How To Wash Last Tissue?

The best thing about LastTissue is both the pouch and tissues are washable. The washing process is also as simple as washing regular clothes. For cleaning the tissues, pull them out from the pouch and put them into the washing machine.

How to Wash Last Tissue

Make sure to keep the temperature 140°F or 60°C to maintain the integrity of the tissues. After that, hang them to dry properly. The material of the pouch is 100% silicon, which is dishwasher safe. So, by using the hands, it can be washed and disinfected from germs.

How Is It A Boon To The Environment?

Just for making tissue papers, millions of trees have been cutting down. Also, a million gallons of water have been used. That causes deforestation and damages the wildlife habitat. Moreover, it directly hampers the overall environment. That is why reusable tissue like the LastTissue is used for keeping the environment safe.

How Is It a Boon to the Environment

One packet of LastTissue can save 2 liters of water. Also, it can restrain the use of more than 3100 single-use tissues. This product is 100% biodegradable as a result, it won’t create any landfill waste. The pouch can be disposed of at any time because it is purely recyclable. For their packaging and shipment, they use non-coated cupboards and paper. That is also disposable and recyclable.

Is It a Scam?

The LastTissue is designed to save nature from unnecessary waste or garbage. Replacing the one-time tissues with this product can make a huge positive change in the environment. Not only for the environment, but it is also absolutely safe for the skin and maintaining hygiene.

Is It a Scam

High-quality organic materials make this product last for years. It is the most convenient, portable, easy to use and wash tissue I have ever used. As per my using experience, I can confidently say that it is not a scam. On top of that, it is the best eco-friendly product that everyone should try.

Last Tissue Review: Pricing & Refund Policy

They have a 30-days refund policy for their product. So, with any dissatisfaction with the quality, you can file a claim. But, instead of returning, I ordered three more for my family.

Last Tissue Review: Where To Buy?

I always prefer the manufacturer’s website for buying any product online. Because only the official website can assure quality and original product. After seeing this last tissue review, you can visit their official page to buy this product. It is the safest option to get good and authentic products with the best deals.


It’s high time for us to do something that will lessen the environmental hazards. I changed my habit of using single-used tissues by adapting the LastTissue. Now it’s your turn to contribute something for the betterment of our society. This last tissue review will show you every positive side of using this beneficial product.

I became a big fan of the LastTissue because of its immense benefits. This eco-friendly product ensures producing Zero waste. It is a safe, hygienic, and above all, the best product for our skin. All the investment will be worth having the LastTissue because this little change can do some good to nature.


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