Isavera Review [2022] – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/scam?

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Losing fat from my body is the toughest thing. I tried low carb, workout, and many more antibiotics to lose fat from my body. Those may work well for sometimes but then the body starts reacting in many ways. I was so devasted and searching online for a solution. While scrolling I saw many belts that claimed to reduce body fat. But I was confused about the result.

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After a while, a belt caught up in my eyes named Isavera. The ergonomic design and working process catch my eyes that I decided to buy one. Finally landed up here writing an Isavera Review after using it. So, let’s check what I experienced after using this fat-freezing system belt. Without any side effects, this neoprene adjustable belt triggered my stubborn body part within a few weeks.

Our Summary



  • Convenient & user-friendly.
  • Budget-friendly Gadget
  • Use 2-3 times per week.
  • No need to use it regularly.
  • Get a relaxed vibe while using.
  • Universal Size
  • No harmful elements.

About Isavera

Isavera is a clinically approved adjustable belt that directly works on fat cells. The belt uses three gel packs that kept in the freezer before use. This gel pack shrinks the body fat and compelled the stubborn fat to lose. With this amazing belt, you can now get a toned and sculpted body shape at your home.

About Isavera

If you think this belt works on losing weight then you are mistaken. The belt specifically works on fat cells and reduces the extra fats from the problematic area. To reduce the fat cells the belt follows the CoolSculpting technique. By using an accurate temperature Cryilipolysis cools the fat cells and there will be no damage on the skin for that.

Isavera works so efficiently that you will notice the change within few weeks. There is no pain while using & it doesn’t use any chemical inside the belt. The belt is completely toxin-free, non-invasive, and safe to use. The anti-slip lining prevents fidgeting around the problematic areas. The belt uses a velcro strap to adjust on any body part like legs, thighs, arms, waist, etc.

Key Features of Isavera

Isavera is a fat-freezing wrap belt that I mentioned in my Isavera Review. This belt helps to freeze the fat cells & dramatically reduces the body fat. Here some features of the Isavera are given below. Take a look-

Anti-Slip Lining:

Inside the Isavera wrap belt, you will find the anti-slip lining. This lining prevents your belt from slipping and fidgeting around the affected area.  The belt has double stitches, so you don’t have to worried about coming out of the inside material.

Anti-Slip Lining

Triggers Stubborn Area:

The wrap belt is made in a way that you can use it on every stubborn area you want. Not only in the belly area, but you can also use it on your thigh, muscle, waist and any other area you want to reduce fat.

Simple Use:

Using Isavera is very simple and you don’t have to do anything at all. Just freeze the gel packs for a couple of hours and then put them into the belt. After that wrap up the belt o the affected area and keep it for 60 minutes. The belt will start working on fat cells.

Gel Packs:

The Isavera fat freezing use three flexible gel pack that normally kept on the freezer. This reusable gel pack perfectly distributes the body heat & stays flexible. To reach the ideal fat freezing temperature the gel packs use a thermocouple system. The gel packs reach above the 11°F temperature to formulated and make it safe to use.

Natural & Safe:

Isavera belt doesn’t use any chemicals and it uses non-toxic non-invasive materials. The belt is completely safe and there is no harm in using it on your skin. There are no side effects for long-term use. The proprietary gel pack along with the thermal insulation sleeve doesn’t create any damage to your skin at all.

Natural & Safe

Clinically Approved:

The belt work in two ways. The first one is scientifically proven called the fat freezing method and another one is cold thermogenesis. Both ways are clinically approved and completely safe for your body’s skin.

Faster Result:

Isavera fat-freezing wrap-up belts deliver faster service compare to other belts. The belt is used 2 to 3 times per week, and you have to wear it only for 60 minutes per use. With this much use, you will get results within 3 weeks.

Universal Size:

Isavera is a neoprene adjustable belt that is designed for everyone to use. The belt uses a velcro strap to make it flexible & adjustable. The strap system hit the accurate spot to adjust with any body part. With this flexible belt, anyone can get a toned body shape.

Why Do You Really Need the Isavera?

People often ask why I will buy a belt when I can work out to reduces my fat? But the thing is you may not have enough time to go for a workout daily. Besides going there you need enough strength and mentality. But using the ISavera doesn’t need anything at all. You just place the belt on the chubby area and relax. The rest of the work will be done by this fat-freezing system.

Why Do You Really Need the Isavera

Why do I really need this Isavera? Because the fat freezing system works effectively. The belt works on the fat cells and starts working as early as possible. Within few weeks I get the result. Surprisingly I don’t have to use the Isavera daily. I just use it 2 to 3 times per week.

How Can I Use Isavera?

Do you know Isavera not just a belt but it has 3 pockets with 3 gel packs that come with a neoprene wrap belt? To use this wrap belt here is a guideline for you.

How Can I Use Isavera

  1. Before using the belt put the gel packs on the freezer under 0 temperature. You can keep it for 24-48 hours if you want. You will see a slight color change of the gel pack with flexibility.
  2. The belt has 2 sides. The outer side is plain and the inner side is filled with 3 pockets to keep the gel packs.
  3. Put the gel packs inside the pocket and wrap them up on the affected area. You can use it on the thigh, muscle, belly, and other stubborn areas you like to reduce fat.
  4. Keep the belt on your affected area for 60 minutes and do it for 2to 3 times a week.
  5. After 60 minutes you can open the belt and message on the area for 2 to 3 minutes with a massage tool. It will give you relaxation after using the belt.

Pros Of Isavera

Some pros of the Isavera you need to know. I added them here for your convenience.

  • Minor side effects for some time.
  • Convenient & user-friendly.
  • Budget-friendly Gadget
  • Use 2-3 times per week.
  • No need to use it regularly.
  • Triggers stubborn area for reducing fat
  • Perfectly suitable for every body part
  • Get a relaxed vibe while using.
  • Universal Size
  • No harmful elements.

Cons Of Isavera

While using Isavera I got some cons too. Here they are-

  • Limited Stock
  • It is only available on the official store.
  • Harmful for pregnant women

What Are Isavera Customers Saying?

Before buying something new it is great to read some customer reviews. Those reviews will give you a vibe to know about the product more. Before using the Isavera I also go through some reviews of the customer. Here I am including some customer reviews for your convenience. Along with my honest Isavera reviews, you can also check this out.

What Are Isavera Customers Saying What Are Isavera Customers Saying2 What Are Isavera Customers Saying3

Is Isavera a Scam?

I have the same doubt before using the Isavera. Is this a real scam? No this is not a scam and it actually works on my fat tummy effectively. The non-invasive material makes the product less harmful. It is completely natural and you can use the product 2 to 3 times per week. Within few weeks you will see noticeable changes in your body. The isavera effectively starts burning fat cells and reduce the fat. So yeah, it not a scam at all.

Is Isavera a Scam

Where Can I Purchase the Isavera?

The Fat Freezing system Isavera can be ordered from their shop. You can visit the official store that I linked up here. The great benefit of purchasing from their online store is you will get the discount & offers all the time. Recently they are open for a sale and give three different offers for the customers. Personally, my most favorite offer is Best Deal.

Where Can I Purchase the Isavera

With 80% off they offer Buy 2 get 1 free. This is the most saving deal as far I got. If you want more than 3 Isavera you can go for the Most Popular deal with 35% off.  For the payment, you can use American Express, Master Card, VISA, PayPal method. They also have a return policy with a full refund within 30 days. Besides, you will get a lifetime warranty on purchases from their store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently questions asked by the customer are given below. I tried to cover up through my Isavera Review. Still for more queries-

Does Isavera work on any body type?

Isavera generally works on everybody types to fat freezing on the belly area.  Except for pregnant women or nursing mothers, everyone can use the Isavera. The adjustable Velcro strap is perfectly suitable for all types of bodies.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects while using the Isavera on your body. The fat freezing belt is completely chemical and toxic-free. It is 100% natural and no side effects on your body at all.

Does it hurt when you wear it?

While wearing it no it will not hurt you. But you will feel some tenderness, tingling, slight numbing, or redness while using the pack. These symptoms are minor and you will feel them for the first time. Don’t worry, after use, you will not face any of these issues.

 How often can I use Isavera?

It is better to use the Isavera 2 to 3 times per week not more than that. Daily use on your body may create little injuries or infections. Also, make sure you maintain the temperature of 11℉ above to prevent any injuries.

When can I expect my order?

You can expect the order very fast. The delivery is done by the manufacturer within 24-48 hours. On average the product takes 3to 5 business days to deliver inside the USA. Outside the USA you will get the product within 7-12 business days.

Final Thought

After reading my Isavera Review I am sure you are clear that this is not for losing weight. The belt completely works on fat cells. Isavera comes with a free body fat massager. Right after using the strap, I use this massager to damage some more fat cells. This massager should be used in a circular motion from 2 to 3 minutes.

This will give you complete relaxation after using the belt for 60 minutes. Within a budget, I really get an awesome gadget that helps to burn the stubborn fat from my body. The ergonomic design and universal size help to wear it anywhere I want.


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