How to View Photos on PhotoStick?

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Photos and videos are some of the most important pieces of technology that the modern world has brought us; they allow us to capture and preserve various moments in our lives. Viewing old photos and videos makes a lot of people feel like they’ve been transported back in time. There are many ways to store these precious digital files but using PhotoStick is perhaps the best way to go about it. Owning and knowing how to view photos on PhotoStick is crucial.

PhotoStick provides convenience and safe storage spaces, and it helps users safeguard their important files against unexpected loss. This article will show why PhotoStick is the best bet for saving photos and videos safely and how to view photos on PhotoStick.

What Is PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is a portable device that is shaped like a flash drive. Its primary function is to store thousands of photos securely. It can also be used to transfer photos from one device to another. Storing photos on PhotoStick ensures their safety.

What Is PhotoStick

Normally, it isn’t easy to sort through photo files on computers. If you’ve ever tried to send photos from your computer to another device, you’ll agree that it’s sometimes very difficult as you may have trouble locating the pictures you’re looking for. Other times, it seems the photos are lost even though you’re sure they are still inside your computer. For these reasons, PhotoStick is an important problem-solving innovation.

PhotoStick doesn’t function like a regular flash drive, even though it looks like one. It provides a smart option that allows you to find files hidden in your computer without stress. So, it basically filters through your computer to search for the files you’re looking for, saving you time and energy.

This amazing technology contains software that helps it sift through folder after folder on your computer to bring out hidden photos, and it does so automatically and efficiently.

How Does PhotoStick Work?

PhotoStick contains very sophisticated software that doesn’t just save pictures but also helps you find pictures on your computer. When the PhotoStick is plugged in, it scans all the folders on the computer for photo and video files. You can rest assured it will find your media files and save them, no matter where they are.

Some PhotoStick devices also contain other excellent features, like the ability to specify the type of file you want to find and save. For example, you can choose to find and save only PNG or JPEG files.

How to View Photos on PhotoStick?

Photos on PhotoStick can be viewed in two major ways;

  • From the PhotoStick software
  • From the computer’s file manager

How to View Photos on PhotoStick

1. From the PhotoStick Software

Viewing photos stored on PhotoStick using this option is very easy. All you have to do is open the software, click on the photo/video organizer button, and you’re good to go.

2. From the Computer’s File Manager

PhotoStick stores photos and video files in the directory path: <PhotoStick drive>\My_Files\<computer name>.

To find photos on PhotoStick on a Windows computer, if it’s plugged into a computer named mpeters, and windows assign the drive letter E: to the PhotoStick, the path to files backed up to it would be E:\My_Files\mpeters\

For Mac computers, the PhotoStick photos can be found on /volumes/PHOTOSTICK. So, for a Mac computer named peter-mac, the path to PhotoStick backed up files will be /volumes/PHOTOSTICK/My_Files/peter _mac.

How Many Photos Can You Store on PhotoStick?

PhotoStick comes in various storage sizes options. The variants with the least storage size have an 8Gb of storage, which is probably enough for most people as it can house up to 3,500 photos and videos.

The next storage option is 64GB, and it can hold up to 30,000 photos and videos. This is the one that professional photographers most commonly use. There is also the 128GB variant, which is capable of storing up to 60,000 photos and videos. Finally, the 256GB and 1TB PhotoStick devices can hold up to 120,000 and 500,000 photos, respectively.

These numbers are relative, so, for example, if you have photos and videos of small sizes, you might be able to fit in more, and vice versa.

How Do I Transfer Photos from My Computer to a PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is a very simple tool to use. You don’t have to start looking for photos and transferring them manually. Its built-in scanning software does most of the work for you. Below is a rundown of how photos can be transferred from a computer to a PhotoStick.

How Do I Transfer Photos from My Computer to a PhotoStick

  • Step 1: As stated earlier, the PhotoStick looks like a flash drive. The first step is to insert it into a USB port on the computer. Once this is done, the PhotoStick software will pop up, open it, and press go.
  • Step 2: After performing step 1, the software tracks all media files and related extensions on your computer. All you have to do is wait.
  • Step 3: After sweeping through your computer, searching for media files, and finding them, the PhotoStick proceeds to save them. At this point, it also helps to remove duplicate copies.

As you can see, it is a very easy process; all you need to do is click once or twice, and the PhotoStick will do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

With Which Smartphones Can You Use PhotoStick Mobile?

PhotoStick mobile can work on any Android or IOS device, including iPads and iPods.

Does PhotoStick Organize by Date?

PhotoStick organizes data alphabetically by the name it was stored in on your device

Can PhotoStick Be Used on Multiple Devices?

Yes, PhotoStick can be used on multiple devices

Does PhotoStick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

The software that PhotoStick uses is all on the device itself and does not need to be downloaded onto your computer. It does not put any software on your device.

Can You Use PhotoStick outside Your Home?

Yes, you can. PhotoStick is a very portable device that can be easily carried around.

Do I Need to Be Tech-Savvy to Use a PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is a very easy device to use. You just need to make one or two clicks, and it’ll do the rest.

How Does PhotoStick Mobile Work?

PhotoStick mobile works by plugging the stick into your phone and using it to transfer files.

What Happens when the PhotoStick Memory Gets Full?

When the memory becomes full, PhotoStick stops saving files.

Does PhotoStick save Music?

No, PhotoStick only saves photo and video files.


Most people backup their photos and videos through cloud storage. However, cloud storage isn’t always reliable as it could be hacked, and users often suffer from invasion of their privacy. This is why PhotoStick is very important.

Photos and videos are very important mediums through which people can store memories. PhotoStick helps us save those memories in a secure place and gives us access to them whenever we want.


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