How To Use Photo Stick For Iphone

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Photostick mobile is one of the faster USB devices to back up photos, videos, and media files. Its smart scanning and backup technology automatically backup our memories by filtering duplicates. It has a cloud backup system that prevents the risk of losing memories. With the Photostick mobile, you can store more than 60 thousand photos and videos.

The Photostick mobile allows us to backup photos from our smartphone with 1 click. It has an individual version for android and iPhone. Both work fast, but the installation process is a little bit different. Here, I will explain how to use photo stick for iphone?

How To Use Photo Stick For Iphone?

IPhone has no extra SD card support. Don’t worry about your iPhone storage. Photostick is here. Below, I will present the overall process on how to use photo stick for iPhone. By following these simple steps, you can back up your memories on photostick and get rid of the “Storage full” alert.

How To Use Photo Stick For Iphone

The Photostick app

The Photostick works through the photostick app. Follow these instructions to install the app on iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store and search for the photostick mobile app.
  • Download and set up the app on your device.
  • Now, open the app and give your storage access permission to the photostick. The permission will ask only for the first time.
  • The photostick main screen will appear on your iPhone screen.

Star Backup with the Photostick App

The Photostick app has an easy-to-use interface. Anyone can store memories on Photostick from iPhone by following the steps:

Star backup with the Photostick app

  • Go to the backup option. There is a backup all and select backup option. Choose your desired option.
  • All displayed files are stored in the Photostick mobile.
  • Go to the restore option if you want to restore the file again.
  • The permanent delete option is very useful. It shows the deleted files and allows you to retrieve the files.
  • After successfully backup the file, eject the photostick mobile carefully and keep it in a safe place.

How Do I Download Photos From Iphone To Photo Stick?

Photostick displays all photos from your iPhone storage so you can download photos from iPhone to Photostick. Follow the steps:

  • First, connect the Photo Stick iPhone variant to your
  • Open the installed Photostick app.
  • Now, enter into the “Backup files now” from the app's main screen.
  • You can download all files or selected files to the Photo Stick.
  • In the case of all file backup, it stores files removing duplicates. You can store individual files from the backup option.

How Does Photostick Work?

Photo Stick is the best solution to organize and keep your captured memories with just one click.

This small USB device is available for Apple and Android devices and is equipped with an application that automatically performs all the functions you normally have to perform manually.

How Does Photostick Work

You have learned that you can instantly backup all your files on your iPhone, so you can send them to your computer or leave them safely on the device. It allows you to make your iPhone faster by managing storage. Also, your memories will be prearranged in a way that is easier to access them.

Benefits of the Photostick

The PhotoStick is an amazing backup device for the iPhone. It allows you to save your memories and save them to an external device automatically and instantly. A simple idea but applied in a very efficient way. Here are the reasons it helps in my day to day:

Benefits of the Photostick

  • One-click backup: With just one click, it allows you to automatically download all your files to Photostick without having to spend unnecessary time and effort.
  • Easy to use: You can access your memories wherever and whenever you want. It has another USB port to transfer stored files to the PC.
  • Eliminate fear and risk: It keeps all your memories in an organized way. Its advanced technology removes duplicates. This system avoids the risk of losing memories.
  • Low cost and transparency: Unlike the external device offered by several companies, The PhotoStick mobile does not require any subscription. The small initial investment makes it possible not to use clouds that require constant credit card payments.
  • Accessibility: It is simple, immediate and easy to use. Use the Photo Stick app on your iPhone for instant access. In PC, it does not require software to transfer the stored files.

 The PhotoStick Mobile Variant for iPhone

The PhotoStick is released in three lineups depending on the capacity which is designed for PC. But, they developed only 32GB variants for the iPhone. It is a plug-and-play format and requires photostick app installation.

Where to Buy Photostick?

The Photostick is officially sold on the merchant's website. What if you could return it if you're not satisfied? They are providing 40% off with 60 days satisfaction guarantee. For the iPhone, you can get the 32 GB version only with cloud service. You do not need to pay subscription charges for cloud service.

Where to Buy Photostick

Final Thoughts

If you seek comfort, practicality and simplicity, PhotoStick is for you. The Photostick has a different version for Windows PC, Android and iOS devices. Here, I have discussed how to use photo stick for iphone. IPhone has fixed storage capacity. So, the photo stick will be the best solution to avoid “storage full” and file losing problems. Its free cloud service ensures a stress-free backup of your memories.

Hello! This is Robert Link, the owner, and author of this site. By profession, I’m a businessman. I’ve been doing business for almost 10 years and my business is related to technological products and goods. Besides my business, I’ve another identity as a blog writer. Writing is actually my passion. I love to help people who want to learn about technology products and gadgets. This is why I actually create this site“techiesstuff”.

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