How to Use Fixd The Right Way?

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Fixed is a  groundbreaking distinctive tool including an OBD2 system car scanner which works with a mobile app. Do you have any idea how to use fixd? With this you will utilize an onboard diagnosis to figure out what trouble your car is having in real-time. You would also be given particulars on the potential costs of having the issue fixed by a specialist, like a cost estimate.

If you drive a lot, having this FIXD gadget on your car is a great idea. You should relax and not be concerned. It’s time to utilize the FIXD automotive to run a general check of the vehicle’s condition. Insert FIXD on your vehicle’s steering wheel, then download the app from the App store. After registration wait for the setup to complete.

Does Fixd Have a Monthly Fee?

A subscription is not needed for utilizing your FIXD car diagnostic tool sensor. Additional options come with the package, but scanning the car is still free. Tap the premium section to see what services are included with the subscription!

Does Fixd Have a Monthly Fee?

Now they are offering $1000s in car repairs along with getting 50% off a 2nd FIXD. Buy 2 and get 1 free with free USA shipping on 3rd FIXD. They always provide 30 days money-back guarantee.

What You’ll Need to Check Before Setup Fixd

Please double-check the following options to ensure a successful setup of your FIXD sensor and FIXD app account:

What You’ll Need to Check Before Setup Fixd

  • Double-check if the car is compliant.
    • 1996 and newer vehicles manufactured in the United States are compliant.
    • Vehicles manufactured after 2006 and marketed in other countries are compatible.
    • Starting in 2008, diesel cars are compatible.
  • Check to see if the mobile phone device is compliant.
    • iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 and later are compliant.
    • Android devices running version 4.4 and higher are supported.
  • Make sure you’ve got a good wireless signal.
    • The majority of the app’s features include a 3 bar data link.
    • Any Wi-Fi signals aren’t good enough outside, so you may need to detach.

After you’ve double-checked these things, you’re ready to talk! Simply watch the video and follow the instructions! To know more about the FIXD device you can follow this FIXD Reviews. They will show you how “effectively this technological hardware and software combination detects vehicle problems.”

How to Set up Fixd?

Obey the procedures’ setup guide details and turn on this life-changing car scanner device by yourself from here-

How to Set up Fixd

  1. Download the FIXD app:
  1. Switch on Bluetooth:

In the Bluetooth settings, do not pair with the sensor. For an instant pairing operation, switch on Bluetooth in your mobile’s settings.

  1. In the FIXD app, create an account.
  2. Choose your repair preference and make sure the maintenance alerts are turned on.
  3. “I have a FIXD sensor” should be elected.
  4. Input the sensor code printed on the sensor’s back (ex: CV11111)
  5. The OBD-ll port is situated on the driver’s side of the dashboard, right above the pedals, in the large majority of cars. You can drive with the FIXD sensor plugged in until it’s been mounted. Contact help or go to the FIXD app OBD-ll port option, if you can’t detect the port.
  6. Link up the sensor to the OBD-ll port in the following way:

When you plug in the sensor, see if it flashes blue light. If you don’t view the blue light, this would mean that the system is wired properly. Now you need to contact the supporter.

  1. To attach the sensor, barely tap on it. The FIXD app will search for nearby sensors along with display them on your mobile.
  2. Now label the sensor name: it’s a good idea to identify the sensors after your car which it’s attached to.
  3. Switch your car on and wait 5 seconds before attempting to communicate.

You should search for the engine light after you’ve registered your account, sensor, and car. Email if you get lost or have any problems. The FIXD app support system is delighted to assist!

How to Use Fixd?

The scanning program on the FIXD device is very convenient to use. If you’ve no concept on how to use fixd then all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

How to Use Fixd

  • Make a thorough search for the code reader. Begin by installing the FIXD into the base of the steering wheel of the car.
  • On your Android or iOS gadget, go to the Google App Store and download the app for free of charge.
  • Complete the registration forms that surface to include the requested personal information details. Then write down the FIXD socket number which you’ll see on the sticker.
  • Linger for the obd sensor and the application to finish setting up.

Now the actual time to use the FIXD automotive to carry out the common scan of the state of the car.  If you’re wondering does this FIXD really work? FIXD will give you a detailed report on your car which will describe each problem. This report contains 6,800 possible motives which can identify and interpret the issues for you.

Top 3 Features and Specifications of FIXD

There is a slew of advantages to utilizing this cutting-edge obd connector technology by means of a diagnostic device. Here, I’ll go through the top three features and specs of the FIXD device that have proven to be extremely useful to me. The following are some of them:

Top 3 Features and Specifications of FIXD

Less Flapping:

It’s just not pleasant when something bad happens to your vehicle if you’re out and about. All will be under your influence, and you will stop colliding with the mechanic.

Save time:

You save quite a lot of time traveling to mechanical factories by using FIXD automotive to diagnose car defects effectively. It’s worth noting that these assessment procedures don’t always detect technical failure.


You will test the device’s efficacy and see whether it will detect any technical harm to the vehicle ahead of time. It keeps you from revealing yourself and experiencing the anxiety of being stuck on the road with no idea what’s incorrect with your car.


It’s ideal for car owners who don’t like having a little oil on their hands when operating on their own ride. Hope this article may fix your issues about how to use fixd on your car.

It just makes perfect sense to equip yourself with the details your car is going to tell you. Particularly because it’s so simple to install, and the software permits single-touch data display. Fixd is simple to set up and install, making it a breeze to utilize. 


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