How to Use Bondic The Right Way?

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It is a common incident to break any things unintentionally. Then it needs to be fixed with proper care as a permanent bond. If you want to fix any cracks in any types of plastic material, you might think about a Super Glue. What if you notice damage in Underwater Plastic Material? A Super Glue can’t give you the proper solution in those circumstances. In that case, you need a Bondic. A Bondic is a plastic in a liquid and stable form.

Many people get confused about the use of Bondic because it looks similar to Glue. If you don’t know How to Use Bondic properly, you may place it in the wrong place. Besides, knowing the proper steps of Using a Bonding is also essential. Generally, Bondic is used in four different steps like cleaning, filling, curing, and shaping. In the rest of this article, we will guide you to those steps in detail.

How Good Is Bondic?

Bondic has a versatile use and is essentially used on virtually any rough surface to fix, fill, or bond. It works with leaky pipes and is also able to repair underwater things. Bondic will only dry when you put ultraviolet light at the end. This feature makes it different from traditional glue.

How Good Is Bondic?

It is also good to repair rescue items that can’t be fixed with glue—the non-toxic Bondic satisfied thousands of its users with its features. You will find a lot of positive Bondic Review on the internet. Here below there are some valuable features. After going through this section, you will understand how sound is Bondic rather than any conventional glue.

Speedy and Robust Bonding:

Bondic’s liquid plastic and Led Uv light repair the cracked part with a solid bond. It creates a tight and sturdy bond that looks like the new one. It builds the bond with the permanent joint within 4 seconds.


Generally, traditional glue is irritating for the skin, which can cause extensive health issues. Besides, Bondic has no harmful chemicals and need not put any extra heat to dry up. If the liquid attaches to your finger, it can be extracted without any skin irritation.

Easy to Use:

This plastic welding kit is easy to use. The installation process is simple and secure. The liquid will not dry if the cap of the bottle is always open. It is possible to use it for life until the end of the glue.

Easy to Use

Durable and Resistant:

The bond of Bondic glue can last at a high temperature. It always ensures durability in all weather conditions. It can absorb heat up to 40° to +015°C temperature.


This quick repairs kit is also cost-effective. In a single Bondic tube there are almost 80 drops of liquid solutions. That can repair a lot of items with one tube. The price of Bondic is also more reasonable than any other competitive adhesive.

How to Use Bondic?

Using this nice Bondic is so simple as they declare. This awesome product comes with a pen-like tube and it contains plastic glue as a liquid form. After wielding it on the rough surface, heat the liquid with the help of ultraviolet light and after some time it will turn into a solid reacting by the UV ray. You will find ultraviolet light with the glue itself.

How to Use Bondic

In the above, we have mentioned the elementary use of Bondic. It does not consist of any harmful elements that are harmful to us. Here is the step-by-step guide on How to Use Bondic on the material.

  • First, detect the part and place the materials you owe to repair.
  • Clean it properly, or then Bondic will not work effectively if it contains dust and mud.
  • Now place the fluid plastic and ensure that it is used by UV lights on the broken places.
  • In consequence, it is installed with an ultraviolet bulb that helps to dry the fluid plastic within a few seconds.
  • After that, you are allowed to finish your work by painting on it.
  • And to get the utmost benefits don’t use it in the sunlight. Because sunlights produce the same UV radiation.

Things to Remember When Using Bondic

Bondic is made to repair many things. Such as replacing items, repairing minor leaks, insulating open wire, and connecting joint objects. It is not toxic at all but you need to keep some things on your mind when you use Bondic. Without remembering those things you will not get the proper benefit from it. Besides, it can be a waste of money and time. So it’s worth knowing the safety precautions whenever you use this plastic liquid.

Things to Remember When Using Bondic

  • Don’t look directly at the UV light on an eye. It can be the cause of permanent eye damage.
  • Use UV light for a maximum of 10 seconds and keep the distance from the material at least 25 inches away from the eye.
  • Keep out this product from the children. UV rays are also dangerous for people of all ages.
  • If you look at the UV light unintentionally, rinse the eye with clean water, and for serious problems contact an eye specialist.
  • If the glue contacts the skin, remove it quickly before it dries.
  • Never use solvents to remove material from the eye or skin.
  • While insulating with Bondic, it always ensures that there is a connection with the low electrical resistance while in use.
  • Use Bondic only while isolating low voltage connections. The AC voltage should not exceed 50 volts RMS and DC voltage up to 120 volts.
  • Bondic generally is not a substitute for screws, nails, plugs, and dowels. It occurs due to Different Thermal Expansions.


The ultimate replacement of traditional super glue is Bondic. Its plenty of beneficial features make it worthy to DIY workers to repair handy metal. People use this to repair their personal things also and they found it safer than any other competitive glue. Even though it’s simple to use, often many people get confused about How to Use Bondic. Actually, they don’t mix up Bondic with the common glue found in the market.

We hope, by going through this article you got a vivid concept about this nice product. Now you are able to understand the difference between Bondic and General Glue. It will help to fix things as a permanent bond.


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