How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster?

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Despite their complex state, solid materials can still break. Using super glue to fix these damages has become a norm. But sometimes, these glues do not dry as quickly as we want them to, thus making you wonder how to make super glue dry faster?

Getting your super glue to dry sometimes can be difficult, especially during emergencies or in cold regions or seasons. Several factors contribute to why your super glue is not drying as fast as you expect.

Factors such as the atmospheric condition, quality, and type of super glue may affect its drying process. This article will provide you with the correct answers and insights into making super glue dry faster.

How Long Does It Take for Super Glue to Dry?

Super glue can take about 3 seconds to 10 minutes to dry, depending on the type of glue. But, it might take between an hour to 24 hours for super glue to fully cure, depending on the superglue. Curing, in this context, means the process where the glue fully crystallizes (Solidifies).

How Long Does It Take for Super Glue to Dry

Drying and curing are two different terms for using super glues. Drying is only the process whereby the liquid in an adhesive is lost. During this stage, the material and the glue bond together. Drying usually takes between 3 – 5 seconds.

On the other hand, curing is a chemical process where the adhesive fully crystallizes (solidifies). At this point, it attains its final properties and builds to its true strength, thus creating a stronger bond. Curing usually takes between 1 hour to 24 hours, depending on the nature of the super glue.

Why Does My Super Glue Not Dry Faster?

Superglue may not dry fast for different reasons, such as the quality of the glue, the surface, and the environment. For instance, the duration for super glue to dry in a wet and moist environment will be longer than that of a warmer or hot climate.

Why Does My Super Glue Not Dry Faster

Adhesives generally require a good amount of exposure to air and sunlight before they dry. That is why superglue remains intact in its container but dry almost immediately when exposed to air and sunlight.

The quality of an adhesive also plays a significant role in how fast it can dry. Take, for instance, BONDIC, a glue that dries within 4-5 seconds of application. BONDIC works differently than most super glues. It makes use of LED UV light to dry the adhesive. All it takes is applying a good amount of glue and pointing the UV light towards it, and it drys instantly in 4 seconds and 30 seconds to cure. It bonds materials better than super glues.

What You Will Need for Super Glue to Dry Faster?

Making your superglue dry faster will require a few natural conditions, and most times, we can use various materials to act as a catalyst in speeding up the drying process. Below is a list of specific things you will need to dry faster naturally for super glue.

What You Will Need for Super Glue to Dry Faster

  • Heat/Temperature: A naturally warm environment will speed up the drying process. That is why the manufacturer has an instruction to “store in a cool place .”Areas with a high temperature hasten the drying and curing process, just as a lower temperature and high humidity environment will slow the drying process.
  • Moisture and Air: Superglue requires a bit of water that it collects from the air when exposed to the open and immediately reacts. It does not need too much moisture. An environment with high temperatures and low humidity will fasten the drying process.
  • A clean surface before application: A clean surface is essential too. An unclean clean might prevent the super glue from bonding to its target correctly. Pure and rough surfaces are best when applying super glue. You can achieve a rugged surface by using a file on it.
  • The right product: choosing a glue that dries quickly is also essential. Ensure to get a product that dries quickly and can work on different surfaces.
  • A dry surface: A dry surface is one of the things you will need to hasten the drying process of glue. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Wipe the surface to remove excess water, and in the case of damp surfaces, especially when working with woods, they can be allowed to dry for 2-3 days before applying super glue.

How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster?

Sometimes it takes super glue a long time to dry, especially with some material types. Certain conditions can make super glue dry faster. Sometimes it is essential to speed up the drying process, especially during emergencies, winter, or cooler months. Using the following tips will help put this question to rest how to make super glue dry faster?

How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster

  • Using A Heater: Heaters can speed up the drying process during winter or cooler months. Get a heater place the material you are working on in the same room as the heater. Please turn on the heater and set it to a warm temperature while keeping doors and windows shut tight to contain the heat to make the superglue dry faster. This method is best when the months are cold, or the sun isn’t shining brightly.
  • Allow It To Dry In The Sun: This method is best, mainly if you use a large amount of superglue. Firstly, pick a bright and sunny spot and put your material there for some hours until the superglue dries. You can use this method, especially when you don’t have to watch over your project and for materials that won’t damage under the effect of the sun.
  • Using Hair Dryer: The aim of using a hairdryer is to provide heat which is probably the most crucial factor that speed-ens up the drying process of glue. Plug in a hairdryer and hold the dryer about 30 – 32 cm away from the material for about 3 minutes. Ensure you direct it at the glue. It is also vital to ensure that your material is not fragile, as too much heat can destroy different materials. It is essential to be observant while carrying out this step.
  • Using Electric Blanket: The drying process can be fast if you decide to use an electric blanket. Put the blanket on the floor and place the work on it or cover the project with the blanket. Switch the blanket on and leave it there for a while until it dries and cures.
  • Using Fan: Normally, glues tend to dry whenever exposed to air. Exposing your super glue to more air is a perfect way of drying it very fast. Get a fan, switch it on and place the work underneath it or right in front of it. You can 1 or 2 fans depending on how fast you want it to dry or the number of projects you have. This method might not need too much monitoring as heat is not involved.
  • Accelerator Product: An accelerator is used to speed-en the time required for drying and curing super glue. Spray the accelerator on the surface where you’ve applied the super glue. Ensure you do not spray too much to turn the surface white. The accelerator will ensure the super glue dries and turn solid after a few minutes.
  • Use Compressed Air: Compressed air is often held in spray cans to clean dusty surfaces. You can use compressed air by turning the can upside down and spraying its content over the area where you applied the super glue. The compressed air will help the superglue to dry in a few seconds. Compressed air can burn the skin upon contact, so it is essential to be careful when using compressed air.

Can You Use BONDIC Instead of Super Glue?

BONDIC can replace super glue as it holds a lot of benefits over super glue. BONDIC adhesive is very efficient, and it is preferable over super glue, which can be messy and uncontrollable. BONDIC gives you a permanent solution.

It would help if you used BONDIC over super glue because BONDIC takes only 4 seconds to dry and cures almost immediately. You have total control when you use BONDIC in the sense that it can only dry when you point UV light on it, after which it dries instantly, and you can buy this product through this link. The product comes with UV light in its kit.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is Super Glue Permanent?

It is not permanent, especially when exposed to water, it begins to degrade, but BONDIC  can withstand dampness and other elements.

Is There a Waterproof Superglue?

Yes, several types of glue are waterproof. BONDIC, for instance, can withstand the effects of water 100 percent, whether hot or cold, after curing.

Is Super Glue Washable?

super glue is washable either in fabrics or if it spills on your hand, it degrades over time after much exposure to water.

Does Glue Dry Faster with Heat?

Glue dries a lot faster when heat is applied

How Long Does Super Glue Take to Dry?

Superglue takes between 5-10 minutes to dry, depending on the glue you use. Products like BONDIC dry and cure under 1-hour maximum.

Can I Use Super Glue to Fix Broken Pipes?

No, it is not advisable to use super glues to fix pipes as they are not waterproof and won’t last for long when in constant contact with water.

What Do I Do if I Spill Super Glue on My Body?

Soak and wash in warm and soapy water, and you can use a mild amount of nail polish remover to get it off.

What Happens If you Sniff Super Glue Accidentally?

Sniffing glue can be life-threatening as it can cause heart failure in severe cases. It is crucial to be extra careful with super glue.

Is BONDIC Safe for Use?

BONDIC is safe and is a multipurpose adhesive. You can wash it off easily if you have it on your skin. Remember you need the UV light to activate it.

Does Super Glue Dry in Cold Weather?

super glue will not dry quickly in cold weather and require you to take extra steps to dry it, but BONDIC does not rely on the weather to dry.


Super glue is a good tool during emergencies, but they are not a permanent fit in most cases. In extreme and cold weather, it becomes a problem trying to ensure that the superglue dries, which might cause some inconveniences for you. If you are looking for short-term fixes, super glue is a good mention, but permanent fixes with heavy-duty work can be carried out with top products like BONDIC and will have you worry less about how to make super glue dry Faster?



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