How to Make a Mobile Stand with Hanger?

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Everyone knows that hangers(cloth hangers) are used for hanging our clothes either after use or if they just came back from the laundry. But not everyone knows How to make a mobile stand with hanger. Hangers, is there anything they can’t do? Yes, with a few simple tips, you can turn your hanger into an excellent stand for your mobile phone. With a few DIY tips, you can do this comfortably on your own. Read on how to make a mobile stand with a hanger?

Constantly holding our phones in our hands while watching a movie or video can be tedious. It gets even more tedious when you have to watch it with your whole family, and everyone is straining to get a view of the screen. A step-by-step guide to doing this will be given further down in this article. Read on.

What Is a Mobile Stand, and Why Is It Useful?

It can be exhausting holding your mobile phone all day in your hands or having to watch a one-hour movie, and you keep your phone upright in your hands all through. A mobile stand is there to make our lives easier, just like all other technological innovations.

What Is a Mobile Stand, and Why Is It Useful

Mobile stands are objects used to prop up your mobile device; they are usually small. They can sit on hard surfaces, like desks, the floor so that you can watch your videos view memes while keeping your phone clean and safe from falls.

We have different types of mobile stands like;

  • Pop socket stands.
  • Rings stands.
  • Stress toy stands.
  • Folding stands.
  • Base stands.
  • Stick-on stands.
  • Auto-mount stands.
  • Easel stands.

Why Are Mobile Stands Useful?

  • They keep your phone clean due to less contact.
  • They keep your mobile device safe from falls.
  • It gives you comfort. Mobile phones can be heavy to hold for extended periods.
  • They can help you keep your phone case clean due to constant holding.

What Can You Use to Make a Mobile Stand?

The human race has proven to be very innovative. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and we can all agree that mobile stands are essential. We consume a large amount of media content like movies, YouTube videos, etc. Holding phones too long can cause carpal tunnel; hence, the need for mobile stands.

There are tons of mobile stands you can use, but some of the best ones are made by you. Below are some innovative ways to make a portable stand.

Binder Clips

Binder clips are viral in the office, making them regularly available. If you’re in the office and you want to keep your phone on a stand, then you can make mobile stands using a binder clip.

Binder Clips

You can clip them together to fashion out a mobile stand.

Plastic Card

So, you have a plastic card that you no longer use? Did you know that you can use it to fashion out an awesome mobile hanger for your mobile phone?. You can bend it into shape until it forms a durable cardholder.

Thicker cards will support even bigger mobile devices, like, tablets.


The fork in your kitchen isn’t only good for eating and stabbing food portions. You can bend your knife with a plier until it forms an excellent mobile stand.

Lay the fork on a flat surface and then proceed to bend the handle to a 90° angle or any angle of your viewing choice. Then turn the fork’s prongs till it forms a cradle for your phone to rest on. When you do this, you have created a very durable mobile stand for your device.

Sticks and Rubber Bands

The combo of sticks and rubber bands can fashion a decisive mobile stand. Get five or six posts and a handful of rubber bands to secure it in place.

Sticks and Rubber Bands

Fashion the sticks to form a triangle and then hold them in place with the rubber band. Then, secure another post at the bottom of the triangle; this will serve as a makeshift for your phone to rest on.

You can add two or more sticks to the top of the triangle; this will help to act as a prop for your mobile device to gain more stability. When you’re done, your DIY mobile stand is ready.

Cassette Box

Often, when we get the cassette out of the box, we go-ahead to dispose of the cassette box. That cassette box you’re about to throw away can serve as a tremendous mobile hanger.

Cassette Box

All you have to do is just pop open the cassette box and put your phone inside. The mobile device stand made with cassette is probably the easiest to make. The downside is that you won’t put your phone in landscape mode.

There you have it, easy ways to DIY mobile stands for your viewing pleasure.

How to Make a Mobile Stand with a Hanger?

Constantly holding our phones in our hands while watching a movie or video can be tedious. It gets even more tedious when you have to watch it with your whole family, and everyone is straining to get a view of the screen. Here are some tips on how to make your mobile stand a hangar and solve the problem.

How to Make a Mobile Stand with a Hanger

What You’d Need:

  • A hanger, the easily bent metal ones
  • A length of string 1m in length.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A needle-nose player. Normal ones can also do fine.
  • Blu-tack to secure your phone to the hanger

Step 1:  Use the plier to pinch onto the hanger part that is usually rolled around to form the hook. Then twist the rest of the hanger in an anti-clockwise motion. The hanger wire should be straight after you must have done this.

Step 2: Make a small U-bend on the hanger part that doesn’t have the hook part. You’d be attaching the string to that point soon. At the other end of the wire, make a rectangular u-shape. The length should be about 1.5 times the width of your mobile phone. Use the pliers to bend to U-bend into a right angle to make sure that it is more significant than the width of your phone.

Bend the wire till they are both equal in length.

Step 3: Bend the wire underneath the phone holder to make the angle more reasonable.

Step 4: You can put some strings across the hanger wire to stop it from drooping when being used.

With these few steps, you should know how to make a mobile stand with hanger.

Should I Buy A Mobile Stand Or Make It At Home?

You can either buy a mobile stand or make it at home, but it all depends on how much you are willing to spend or not spend. A ready-made mobile frame will give you a lot of varieties to choose from and even different styles that you might like. Ready-made mobile stands can come in  Pop socket stands, Rings stands, Stress toy stands, Folding stands, Base stands, Stick-on stands, Auto-mount stands, Easel stands.

Should I Buy A Mobile Stand Or Make It At Home

However, with homemade mobile stands, you get to experiment more. It is also far cheaper when compared to the ready-made mobile stands. The homemade mobile stands also bring a rustic aesthetic feel to the environment where you place them.

So, you can choose to either buy a mobile stand or make one at home. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a mobile stand.

Keep in mind that when buying a mobile phone stand, you should go with revolutionary, portable, universal, and compact. There are very few mobile stands out there that can boast of such qualities, but there is one that does, and it is the GODONUT mobile stand.

The Godonut mobile stand is a universal mobile phone stand made to make your life easier.


How to make mobile stand with hanger is a fantastic DIY project that you can engage into task your brain and also produce something capable of making your life with your mobile device so much easier.


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