How to Jam a Drone Signal?

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Drones are one of the magnificent creations of man, which has helped in the widespread surveillance of large terrains of land over the years. But these buggers have turned into mechanical pests, infringing people’s rights and privacy, which is now a bother that made people look for how to jam a drone signal.

These drones function or transmit information at a certain radio frequency range which is peculiar to the type of drone. Some drones would perform at lower frequencies while others would be higher, which also affects the prices in the market.

The aim of drone jammers is to mess with this frequency and cause a disturbance in the transfer of the information between operator and drone. With the large increase in drones people have resorted to looking for adequate means to protect their privacy at all costs using drone jammers.

What Are Drone Jammers?

Drone jammers are gadgets or mechanical system that disrupts the transfer of information from the drone to the receiver or operator.

What Are Drone Jammers

Drone jammers function with electromagnetic pulses. This pulse, when released, completely blocks out the frequency at which drones function stopping the transfer of video and audio.  At this point, the drone goes back to its home location, or it’s taken down. They work or block out frequencies at a range that doesn’t cause a blackout to every gadget in the area.

Some jammers are mounted on tower-like structures to improve their range, and others are constructed so that they look like a gun that makes them mobile.

  • Drone gun jammers cover a large area.
  • They are mobile and can easily be transported.
  • Very little technical handling is needed.
  • Most of them have GNSS disruption ability.
Disadvantages of the Drone Gun Jammer
  • They can’t work without handling.
  • They only face a particular region.
Advantages of the Mounted Drone Jammer
  • They can function all day.
  • They cover all directions within a particular range.
  • The drone jammer cannot be easily damaged because it is at a fixed position

Disadvantages of the Mounted Drone Jammer
  • Too much technical experience is needed to handle.
  • They are not effective in far ranges.

Advantages of Drone Jammers

  • It gives a sense of privacy: With drone jammers in a particular residence, there is guaranteed to be a sense of privacy to the inhabitants. They feel safe and can live without prying eyes.
  • Security: Over the years, people have been known to use drones for fraudulent activities, such as taking shots of confidential files listening in on a private discussion, and many other atrocities. But when the drone jammers take down the drone. The owner can be traced from the license number and punished by law.
  • Prevention of terrorist attacks: Terrorists have now turned to gadgets like drones to continue wreaking havoc in societies and countries at large. They now plant explosives in drones with very populated areas as the target. Therefore, with the presence of drone jammers in such a large populace. Their safety is guaranteed as no drone would be allowed to fly or scout the area without authorization.
  • Reduces the trafficking of drugs: Drug traffickers look for ways daily to transport drugs or illicit materials from place to place without the authorities noticing, and drones are not left out in these endeavors. Therefore drone jammers help to control these hidden processes.

How to Jam a Drone Signal?

The main component of a drone jammer is the transmitter. It sends or gives off energy in the form of an electromagnetic pulse. This pulse travels all the way and causes interference or disturbance between the receiver and the drone, which causes failure or loss in transmission of information and visual contact.

How to Jam a Drone Signal

At this point, the drone is taken down, or if it has GPS home location saved, it travels back to its kick-off location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Over the years, people have asked a series of questions like:

  • How much can I get a drone jammer?
  • Are drone jammers illegal?
  • What is transmitter jamming?
  • Do drone jammers really work
  • What to do if a drone is spying on you
  • What is the effective range of a drone jammer?
  • Can a drone be hacked?
  • What are spoofers?

I’ll take my time to answer a couple of these questions.

Are Drone Jammers Illegal?

In some countries like the United States, drone jamming or drone jammers are illegal. Only authorized security or an officer related to the government are licensed to own one. It is not clearly stated that other countries say drone jamming is illegal. So this should be dependent on a country’s laws and constitution. Ensure you check with the laws of your country. Check before practicing the insights shared in this article about DroneX Review.

What Is Transmitter Jamming?

Receivers are what’s jammed and not the transmitter. Receiver jamming is the broadcast of a fake signal at the receiver’s frequency. If the signal is very strong, the receiver will no longer pick out the real signal. Think of it as putting a call on hold and communicating with another caller.

What Is the Effective Range of a Drone Jammer?

The effective range of a drone jammer varies with the type of drone jammer. Some are effective in a range as far as 4km, while others could only be effective at about 1000m. The mobile gun-like jammers are the ones have a more distant range of effects.

How Much Is a Drone Jammer?

The price of a drone jammer could be in the range of $500-50000. The price is dependent on the efficiency of the drone jammer. Therefore, the higher the effective range of the drone jammer, the higher the price, and the lower the range lower the price.

Do Drone Jammers Really Work?

Yes, they do. They are so functional that the government had to put up laws to guide the ownership. They have the power to jam drones and mess with cell phone satellites and aircraft.

What to Do if a Drone Is Spying on You?

If your country is peculiar about the ownership of a drone jammer and you are being spied on. It’s better to report to the authorities quickly and not take laws into your hands and become a felon.

Can a Drone Be Hacked?

Yes, like any other electronic gadget out there, drones are susceptible to hacking. It is done so that the hacker can view every information being transmitted. If the drone proves to be a nuisance, the hacker could even crash it if they wanted.

What Are Spoofers?

Spoofers give out phony GPS signals that look exactly like the real thing. Spoofers employ a counterfeit call to hijack a drone’s communication link, which the device interprets as authentic because it is a replica of the actual signal. It is mostly used by hackers


Not all drones are privately owned; most of the drones in the air are being launched by government officials for surveillance and ensuring safety in a particular environment. So it is important to know how to jam a drone signal.


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