Hootie Review 2022 – Is It Worth the Money?

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Last year I went on a trip with my friends and lost my way while walking with them. I tried to connect with my friends through mobile but it shows a network error. After sometimes it felt like someone was following me. I tried to scream, but they went too far that didn’t hear my scream. Luckily that day I was saved by some passerby. From that day I was looking for a device that can be my safety device.

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After searching online, I found a device called Hootie. The louder sound of this device can easily reach up to 1000 feet. Besides the LED light makes the attacker or stalker uncomfortable for a moment. For the women who work late at night or come home alone, this could be a great protector device. Let’s read the Hootie review to learn more about this safety device.

Our Summary



  •  Great Alarming Device
  •  Strobe Light
  • Anti-Sweat
  • Quality Material
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Safe & Lightweight

Overview of Hootie

Hootie is a personal safety tool that works effectively. The device effort the 130db alarm that sends the siren from 1000 feats far away. The ultra-flash strobe light makes sure that the attackers get confused for some time. It is a small & convenient device that is only 1.2 x 3.8 inches.


Hootie uses long-lasting & durable material to ensure the safety of the device. It uses ABS plastic that is completely water-resistant & sweat resistant. With louder sound & light on the device give you 40 minutes of non-stop services. Like other safety devices, you don’t need to get permission from any authority. It is TSA certified, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

This long-lasting protector device has a clip to attach with your backpack or jacket. The design of the device is so stylish that goes with the trend. This amazing device you can get with a 1-year long warranty. Besides they have 30 days money refund policy in case you don’t like it.

Features of Hootie

After overviewing the Hootie, I think it’s important to know the features of this safety device. Through Hottie Review see the exceptional features of this tiny device.

 Great Alarming Device:

Hottie is a great device for its louder alarming system. The gadget emits an ear-piercing of 130db alarm. The alarm is so loud that you can hear it from 1000 feet far away. The louder sound can be compared to the military aircraft or with a rock concert as well.

 Strobe Light:

This is another great feature of the safety device. Hootie comes with a strobe light that is ultra-bright. This LED strobe light makes the attackers uncomfortable and notifies the passerby. For emergency signal or SOS, this light works efficiently.

Strobe Light


Hootie is an anti-sweat device for its matte body finish. Because of this feature, I gain more trust in it. Even I am nervous or my hands get sweaty it won’t slip and it is long-lasting.

Quality Material:

This handy device that ensures the safety of a woman comes with quality material. It uses ABS plastic that has a matte finish material. The device can survive on any temperature or weather & rust.

Quality Material

TSA Certified:

This gadget is a great safety device that can easily be carried anywhere. It is TSA certified which means I don’t need extra permission to carry it. Unlike guns, knife, mace, pepper spray, or other dangerous tools I can carry it everywhere without any permit paper.

Long-Lasting Battery:

As the device is helpful manufacturer ensures a durable battery that lasts for 1 year long. Even if I activate the device it can give me straight 40 minutes to use without any interruption. I can replace the batteries also

Safe & Lightweight:

This non-violent device is completely safe to use and is very lightweight. The device looks like a key ring and the size is only 1.2 x 3.8 inches long. I can use this great self-defense tool everywhere in every situation.

How Does Hootie Work?

Hootie works in a very simple way. By pulling the pin I can activate the device. When the device activated the siren can be heard from 1000 feet far away. It is louder like a power drilling sound of military jet aircraft sound. The strobe LED light also turns on at the same time. I can easily make the attacker uncomfortable by aiming at his/her eyes.

How Does Hootie Work

The gadget is made of plastic that ensures military-grade durability. Also, it is water-resistant & has the anti-sweat capability to prevent slipping from hand. The device is so small that you can carry it in your pocket. While traveling or going anywhere I always hang this device like a keychain and feel safe.

What I like
  • Makes the women’s life safe & secure. They feel empowered by using it.
  • Slim & sleek design that goes with every style you want.
  • This life-saving device is portable & convenient to use.
  • The loudest noise and strobe light make me feel secure at any place.
  • Hottie makes an easy way to show me the right direction even I am lost.
  • The loudest noise makes the attackers or stalkers uncomfortable and lets me escape from any dangerous situation.
What Could Be Better?
  • Sometimes they are out of stock
  • Need to available in every store.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

Before purchasing the Hootie, the first thing I did was searching for the customer review. Those reviews also inspired me a lot to buy the product. It is good to read some reviews before purchasing any gadget products. Because only the customer provides you 100% honest reviews for a product. Here are some of the reviews I liked to add for your convenience.

Compilation of Customer Opinion 1 Compilation of Customer Opinion 1 Compilation of Customer Opinion 1

How Can I Use Hootie?

Thinking of how to use this key-size safety device on your own? Well, using the device means actually activate it. This doesn’t require any training. I added a simple guideline of using through the Hottie Review. Let’s have a look-

  1. The great protector device Hottie comes with a top pin that can easily be removed. To pull out the pin you need a minimum of 2 pounds.
  2. Pull out the top pin now from the body and the device will activate with the siren & flashlight.
  3. For effectiveness keep the speaker uncovered and face the light towards the target.
  4. To off the sound & strobe light replace the pin to the Hootie’s body.

Is Hootie a scam?

No, definitely Hottie is not a scam. After using it I can ensure that this non-violent device ensures safety strongly. This tiny device is portable & you can protect yourself from any stalkers. The device is TSA compliant that ensures that you don’t have to get a permit for using it.

Besides protecting myself I can use it in emergencies. This tiny device can make the loudest sound that can be heard from 1000 feet distance. This thing about the Hottie I liked the most. Through my Hottie Review, I can ensure that this is not a scam instead it is a great protector device.

Where I Can Order It?

After learning about the Hottie I searched online to get the device. I found their official website and ordered from there. You know why I choose to order from their store. They have some amazing offers that I liked the most. I choose the Most Popular offer that provides 3 exclusive Hottie with 2 extra free with a huge discount.

They also have a great discount on the Best deal offer that comes with Buy 4 get 4 completely free. I also get a 1-year of warranty with a money-back policy on each purchase. The money refund policy they ensure within 30 days. These all offer come on their store. So, it is better to get the Hottie from their website and make your life more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the information that you need to know I added in my Hootie Review. Still some frequent questions I tried to answer here. Have a look-

What is included with Hootie?

Hootie is a safety device that comes with a guideline book, premium safety alarm, high-quality carabiner along 1-year warranty.

Do I need Hootie if I already carry mace or pepper spray?

Yes, it will be great if you carry the Hottie still you have mace or pepper spray with you. Because Hottie helps to track you down and send signals to the others that you want.

How long does the battery last?

Hottie has long-lasting batteries that promise to give you services for 1-year long. The battery is also replaceable and keeps you protected all the time.

When can I expect my order?

I received the order very fast which is within 24-48 hours. On average the manufacturer ensures to deliver the product within 3 to 5 business days in the USA. If you order from outside the USA, the product will be delivered within 7-12 business days. The time can vary based on the country sometimes.

Is there a money-back guarantee and/or warranty?

While purchasing Hottie I get a 1-year of warranty with 30 days money refund policy. If I don’t like the product, I can return the product and they will refund my money.

Final Thought

Hootie is a device that ensures the safety of anyone, especially women. Most of the women in the world physically or sexually harassed. For them, it is a great safety device. By pulling the pin of the device the device will be activated. The sound of the Hootie careful the passerby and women can easily send the SOS message through it. Also, the LED strobe light gives time to confuse the attackers. The whole service you can get for 40 minutes long even the light or sound is on.

Through my Hootie Review, I tried to explain how this helpful gadget works. Within a budget, this can be your personal safety device rather than pepper spray or mace. Also, TSA certified to ensure that you can carry this self-defense tool without any permission like knives or guns.


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