HealthWatch Review – Best Life Saving Smartwatch in 2022!

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I am bored of using a regular smartwatch that only shows me time. I was looking for a watch that can easily track my health condition. Also, give me update on my social activities through the watch. After some digging finally landed up buying HealthWatch. I got so many good & bad reviews about it.

9.5out of 10

Ease of Use9.6

Value for Money9.7




Still, I started using it, and guess what, the experience is good. The watch helps to monitor my health condition and I can use it to measure my sleep condition. By connecting the watch with my device, it helps me take instant message & call. Also, a remote camera is helpful to take photos. In HealthWatch Review I will explain how comfortable it is

Product Summary


  • A great sleep tracking device
  • Pedometer
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Colorful LED screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Control the Camera
  • Silicon design Strap
  • Anti-lost device
  • Multi-Sport Mode

HealthWatch Review: What Is It?

HealthWatch is a smartwatch that perfectly connects through Android & iOS devices. By downloading an app now, you can easily track down your body or health condition within a minute. This electronic gadget is really a helpful device in the modern era. To keep your body fit this works like a mini fitness device. I can check blood oxygen levels. Heart rate, blood pressure reading, etc.

HealthWatch Review: What Is It?

Also, I can keep track of my calorie-burning rate. The pedometer features help to keep my step count on point. The device is a great sleep analyzer with 10 inches of large colorful screen.

The OLED touch screen makes it special to everyone. OLED helps to consume low power and keep your eye protected from any ray. With 128*96 HD resolution the glass is hardened enough to protect the screen. It is anti-scratch & anti-fingerprint. With multiple sports modes, this device is great to use regularly.

HealthWatch Features

This smart gadget looks small but works very effectively. Through HealthWatch Review here are some features I liked to explain.

HealthWatch Features

Heart Rate Monitor:

Healthwatch Keep tracking of the heart rate and deliver instant result on the watch. This way it is easy to check my heart rate increase or decrease level. Also, I can take the necessary steps after seeing the result. To prevent heart attack this is a great fitness watch.

Calories Consumed:

The watch tracks down your calorie-burning rate and you can see how many calories you burned in one day. This will help you to keep fit all the time.

Sleep Analyzer:

HealthWatch is a great sleep analyzer for everyone. After using this watch one can easily detect his/her sleep condition. In fact, they can measure sleep depth level also.

Sports Mode:

The watch has multiple sports mode activate with motion analysis. While walking, jogging or running you can easily wear this watch. This will keep track of your health condition. The pedometer option helps to count the steps you are taking.

Fitness Tracker:

This smart gadget HealthWatch helps to keep you fit by tracking your fitness level. The watch not only monitors your sleeping condition or calorie-burning rate but also checks your blood pressure level, oxygen level, etc.

Larger Screen:

Healthwatch has a 10-inch large screen with an HD display. The watch uses an OLED touch screen to consume low power. Also, this screen is a great protector for your eyes, The watch has a bright and colorful display that helps to watch notifications even under the water or sunlight clearly.

Long-Lasting Battery:

With 110 mA capacity HealthWatch has a high capacity battery that lasts for 5 to 7 days. On standby, you will get the service for 15 days without charging. The watch has a USB port that easily rechargeable with any charger. For its long-lasting battery life using this device is easy.


Healthwatch supports both the android & iOS systems and easily connected through the devices. For iOS, you need the above7.0 version and for Android, you need the 4.0 version to connect with the HealthWatch. The latest technology Bluetooth4.0 version makes the connection easier for everyone.



HealthWatch is IP68 certified that makes the watch water-resistant. Also, the watch is dustproof. So, without any problem, you can use the watch while swimming. Even in the rainy season, this watch is safe to use.

What Does the HealthWatch Do?

HealthWatch is a great fitness tracker smartwatch for your body. The watch collects the data of your body and shows it on the screen. You can instantly identify the problem of your body through the given data. One of the great features of this device is sleep monitoring. The device keeps track of your sleep pattern. How much sleep you get and how many times you wake up, you can easily find out through the device. Also, this sleep monitoring helps to count the depth of your sleep. You can achieve your fitness goal by using this tracking device.

The app of this watch connects both iOS & Android systems. You just need to download the app and connect through your device with the watch. You can receive messages or call from the watch. Also, you can instantly capture the photo with a remote camera on the watch.

The watch effectively works to count blood pressure, works as a pedometer. The colorful LED screen helps to see the result even underwater. Healthwatch is dust & waterproof. The battery capacity is 5 to 7 days while working. On standby, you can use it for up to 15 days without any recharge. Within a budget, this health monitoring device will be a great thoughtful gift for everyone.

What do I like?
  • A great sleep tracking device
  • Monitor blood pressure, heart rate
  • Pedometer
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Anti-scratch & anti-fingerprint
  • Colorful LED screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Control the Camera
  • Support Android & iOS system
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Silicon design Strap
  • Anti-lost device
  • Multi-Sport Mode
What I Don't Like
  • Limited Stock
  • Few colors available

How Can I Use HealthWatch?

The using process of HealthWatch is very simple & easy. If you are worried about the using process then let me give you the guidelines of this quality

  1. Unbox the package and take out the watch.
  2. Wear it in your hand and press the button to start.
  3. After turning on the device now you can set the Bluetooth with your phone
  4. The device is ready to use. Now silicon strap of the belt will prevent slipping and you can use it anywhere you want.

The Bluetooth connection will easily give you all data about your health condition through your mobile. Also, to receive instant calls or send emergency messages the device connectivity is great.

Is HealthWatch Worth Buying?

If you ask me the question, I would say yes, the HealthWatch is worth buying. Why? Because I get almost all the facilities in a watch. To save my life or check any health condition for instant Healthwatch is a great device. The device works for 25 hours and I can easily count my calories, heart rate, blood pressure.

Is HealthWatch Worth Buying

Also, to check my sleeping patterns this watch is great. Healthwatch not only good for tracking your health condition but also you can text, call or capture photos even you don’t have the mobile on hand. The watch is water & dust proof and supports multiple sports modes which are great. So yeah, this watch is worth buying.

Where I Can Buy It?

You will find a similar smartwatch-like Healthwatch in every store if you want. But the watch I am talking about in HealthWatch Review is available on their official website. To get the authentic product with the discount you can visit the store. They are recently offering up to 70% discount.

Where I Can Buy It

I choose their Best-Seller offer. In this offer, I get 2 Healthwatch completely free by purchasing 3 watches with a 70% discount. For the single customer, they have almost 50% discount on a purchase. They also offer free shipping. Also, I get 30 days money-back guarantee, in case I have to return the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through my HealthWatch Review, I already explained the details about the watch. Here some frequent questions that asked by people. I tried to answer the questions.

Can a smartwatch detect blood pressure?

A normal smartwatch may not be able to detect blood pressure. But, the HealthWatch is able to detect blood pressure through a motion sensor. Also, it can give you the result of blood oxygen level.

Who Wears a HealthWatch?

Anyone can wear a HealthWatch if they want. If you want to track your sleep or heart rate or the steps while walking you can easily wear the watch.

Are blood pressure watches accurate?

To check the blood pressure, it is good to go to the doctor and take an accurate result. But for instant result watches are also provide the blood pressure result. Those results are not wrong at all.

Final Thought

Sometimes I wonder how many gadgets I need to buy to track my health condition. Besides, it is not possible to carry all the devices with me. Healthwatch literally saves my day. This great smart device not only shows me the time & helps to receive calls, messages but also tracks my health condition.

Such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep analyzer, and many more. Through HealthWatch Review I explained how this amazing watch works in multiple ways. The waterproof and long-lasting battery features make the smartwatch special to everyone. The device has also anti-lost features to retrieve your data.


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