FixMeStick Review [Update 2022] – Does It Really Work?

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I am a 35 years old businessman. I keep track of my sales and revenue in excel files to keep things running smoothly. Business was good until one morning I woke up to find that my laptop was infected by malware. It cost me years of data and to make things even worse, this happened 4 days before the payday of my employees.

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That’s when I decided to bring home the FixMeStick. Hope this FixMeStick Review will help you avoid the mistakes I made so you won’t be crying over your pillow later on. The review is based on my personal usage and has been written with reduced geeky terms. So let’s grab a cup of coffee and dive into it.

Our Summary



  • Fast scan time with easy operation
  • Helps speed up the entire system
  • Really affordable for the service it provides
  • Works flawlessly with both Windows and Mac
  • Ensures peace of mind of user
  • Offers real-time protection

Overview of FixMeStick Review

We people have lots of problems in our life. I too had to face sudden safety issues that left me sleepless for many nights. Our gadgets are no exception. And your desktop or laptop being connected to the internet is most vulnerable. That’s where FixMeStick comes into use. Simply put, it’s a superhero for your PC that protects the device from various threats.

Overview of FixMeStick Review

By threats, I mean viruses and malware that can cause severe damage to your files and in many cases your entire setup. FixMeStick is a USB device with 3 times the antivirus power that you can plug into your PC effortlessly. This amazing gadget tracks down any suspicious elements on your system even before your computer boots up. Thus you get to destroy all the viruses and malware as soon as they appear.

One of the advantages FixMeStick offers is the huge savings on PC technicians. With only a few check-ups every month with this USB gadget you can ensure a safer life for your system. Thus you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on expensive antivirus software and technician support.

Key Features of Fixmestick

Now it’s time for this FixMeStick Review to cover some of the stellar features of this amazing device.

Powerful Protection:

The USB gadget may look cute and small but packs a punch. It’s been developed by the collaboration of top antivirus companies to fight against any harmful viruses and malware with ease. Thus your pc along will your files will be safe and secure from hackers and deadly software 24/7

Ensure Future Safety:

After your PC has been filtered for existing viruses, this smart device doesn’t sit idle. The Fixmestick has been designed to upgrade itself to tackle upcoming danger with time. All you need is to plug in the device and it automatically makes itself stronger and better for future threats and dangers.

Ensure Future Safety

Handy And Portable:

What you will absolutely love about the stick is its super compact and small size. Its tiny and lightweight form allows you to carry it inside your pocket or wallet. Thus you can have a quick virus scan in the coffee shop while having a chat with your colleagues.

Handy And Portable


All goodies don’t cost a fortune and this gem is a prime example of that. You can have this super powerful USB device at the expense of a few cups of coffee. And that isn’t all as the device will probably save up thousands of dollars throughout its lifetime.

Why You Need FixMeStick

Now that you are already aware of my reasons to pick up this stick, there are lots of reasons you might be interested in it too. Chances are you already have antivirus software running on your PC. You would be surprised to know that I too had antivirus software loaded when I got ripped off by viruses.

Why You Need FixMeStick

Thus you can get a stick as another weapon in your arsenal to guide you against harmful software. The brand’s statistics have shown that the stick was able to find viruses on 80% of the systems they checked. What makes things even worse is that 99% of those systems had antivirus enabled on them. Thus it’s never late to plug in the FixMeStick and enjoy an instant breath of safety.

What I Like
  • Fast scan time with easy operation
  • Highly effective protection against viruses and malicious software
  • Helps speed up the entire system
  • Small in size thus easily portable
  • Really affordable for the service it provides
  • Takes up little space on the office drawer
  • Works flawlessly with both Windows and Mac
  • Helps run program faster
  • Ensures peace of mind of user
  • Can run along installed antivirus program
  • Offers real-time protection
  • Has a 30 day trial option at an extremely cheap rate
What Should Improve
  • Availability in nearby stores can be made possible
  • Though customer service is responsive, there is always space for improvement

What Customer Says About FixMeStick ?

It’s always down to the customers that decide the success and failure of a product. By winning the hearts of many of the users including me, it’s safe to say FixMeStick has got everything right. John who is an engineering student said he used to repair his grandma’s PC every month which was getting annoying.

But things took a quick turn after he hooked up her PC with a FixMeStick. Now all the calls he gets are for cookies his grandma made for him to have. This just shows what greater impact a small device can have on your life. Stories like this have made this masterpiece a clear fan favorite.

What Customer Says About FixMeStick

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money?

Well, to be honest, I was skeptical about the product too. Then I thought to myself what are the downsides with the purchase. I figured out that the upsides of the risk were much higher compared to the extremely low price of the stick. Thankfully the little risk I took paid off.

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money

Now I save an average of 200 dollars every year just by eliminating the technician fees for my setup. That along with the priceless files it protects makes the FixMeStick an amazing bargain for the price. Thus you can pick up the device without any hesitation and enjoy top-shelf security all day long.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

What makes the FixMeStick a much safer purchase is the exceptional after-sales support the brand offers. Its all-star team of 30 tech experts makes sure all your problems are solved with an utmost emergency. On top of that, the money-back guarantee ensures you the best value for your bucks which is an absolute steal.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

Where I Can Buy It?

Though the FixMeStick can be found in some stores, it’s obvious that they are a third party and may charge a higher price. Thus I bought mine from their official website and got it delivered to my home.

Where I Can Buy It

This will ensure you multiple benefits. You can take advantage of all the discounts offered by the brand in that specific period. This includes the 2 year home plan which is available at an amazing price with free shipping. Thus with the only click of a button, you can bring home this gem of a device. With stocks running out fast, you better get yours now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to some of the common questions that might arise in your mind before purchasing FixMeStick.

How long does fix me stick take to run?

The FixMeStick takes from 2.5 hours to 4 hours to scan completely. You just need to plug in the USB and start the scanning process.

Does the fix me stick work on cell phones?

The stick is only compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Does fix me stick work with Windows 10?

The FixMeStick is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This also includes Windows 10.

Can you use a fix me stick more than once?

You can use the stick any number of times you want within your subscription period.

Final Thought

There are certain things we need to prepare in advance for. Viruses are one of them. You don’t find out about them until it’s too late. This results in you losing your beloved PC or priceless data and then wasting money in vain.

Well, this wraps up my FixMeStick Review. It’s been a pleasure sharing my thoughts on this super handy and useful gadget. Now you can bring it home and ensure max protection of your system as well. This will keep your Windows or Mac system running at full throttle and without any worries.


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