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Car maintenance is an unavoidable and very common task for every car owner. Your beautiful car becomes your headache when the matter is about maintenance. Besides, the maintenance task becomes more challenging if you don’t have any technical idea about the car. One of the greatest examples is me. Due to my lack of technical knowledge about my car, I’ve spent a lot of money in the car repairing center for maintenance purposes.

Most of the time car mechanics make me fool and charge a huge bill, no matter if my car has no problem at all. But now I’ve overcome all these problems with OBD2 car scanners. I’ve used two renowned OBD2 car scanners Fixd & Veepeak. Here now in this article, I’m going to present you a comparison detail between Fixd VS Veepeak. Once you complete the reading of this article, you can pick the right one for yourself.

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Comparison Chart

Check this Fixd VS Veepeak comparison chart and learn the common differences and similarities between these two OBD2 devices.

Supported Vehicles
Supported Vehicles
European, US, Asian
US, European
OBD-Fusion, DashCommand, Torque-pro for Android, OBD Auto-Doctor for iOS.
Operating System
Operating System
Android, iOS
iOS, Android.
Appropriate for
Appropriate for
Only for Professionals
Vehicles number
Vehicles number
Real-Time data
Real-Time data
Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

What is Fixd?

Fixd is one of the most reliable and renowned OBD2 car scanners. By connecting this device to your car’s OBD2 port, you can detect all the issues of your car in real-time. One of the greatest reasons behind its high popularity is, it’s able to detect 7000+ car issues that your car may face.

What is Fixd

Moreover, by using the Fixd app, you can simultaneously monitor 5 vehicles at a time. Fixd will tell you why your car’s check engine light is turned on. It’ll show your maintenance timeline, mileage, the history of your vehicles, and everything about your car. Because of this device, user-friendly settings, and innovative features, it is an appropriate choice for beginners to a professional.

What is Veepeak?

Veepeak is also another top popular OBD2 car scanner device. The specialty of this device is it’s decidedly designed for professional purposes. This smart OBD2 car scanner effectively identifies all the issues and faults with your car. Moreover, the device is able to run with low power because of its BLE technology.

What is Veepeak

Any of the cars that are manufactured after 1996 is perfectly run with this OBD2 car scanner. It uses the Bluetooth connection of your phone and sends real-time data of your car through an app. With this device, you can do Smog-tests, reset your engine-lights, fuel-estimate, etc., and all other issues of your car. The only problem you'll face with this device is it supports only one individual vehicle.

Fixd Features

If you’re not familiar with the Fixd device then you can check the features of this device from the below section. This will help you understand this scanning device with better clarification.

Fixd Features

Real-time Problems Identifies

If you have a Fixd device then you don’t have to worry about your car maintenance. Whenever your car encounters any problems the device will identify it instantly. Fixd has a super ability to detect more than 7000+ issues that your car may possibly face.

Check Engine Light

Whenever the check engine light of your car is turned on, it means there are some issues with your car. Now if you have the Fixd OBD2 car scanner, you can identify the reason and fix it. The device will provide you the right suggestion to solve the issues of your engine light.

Maintenance Alert

Servicing your car is important after a certain period of time and it varies from car models to model and brand to brand. Now the problem that people usually face is they forget the running period.

Along with that they also forget when they need to bring their car to a car servicing center. But if you installed the Fixd device in your car then this is not your job anymore. The device will alert you about the maintenance and servicing time of your car.

Multiple-Vehicle Control

Fixd is the one and only OBD2 car-diagnostic device that can be used in 5-vehicles. With its smart organizing system, it provides you all the data separately.

Vehicle History

Fixd stores all the issues and problems of your car and provides you all data whenever you need it. As a consequence, whenever your car encounters any major problem, you can analyze the problems from where it sources.

Veepeak Features

Above this section, I have discussed the Fixd features, now below this segment, I’m going to list the features of the Veepeak device. So, you can make an analytical comparison and pick the right one for yourself.

Veepeak Features

Car Monitoring

Monitoring your car problems become very easy & simple with the latest Veepeak OBD2 car scanning device. By connecting this device to your vehicle, you can figure out all of your car’s engine trouble codes, reset the engine-light, smog, and other issues of your car.

Supported Vehicle

Veepeak supports almost every car that comes into the market after 1996. The device is perfectly run with gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric cars. Even you can use the device's sedan cars, minibus, and trucks if the vehicle has an OBD2 port.

Provide Complete Report

With the Veepeak OBD2 car scanner, you’ll get a complete report of your car instantly. It’ll take a couple of minutes to provide you complete data in real-time.

Connection Method

The scanner uses a Bluetooth connection to connect with your smartphone. Once the device is connected to your car’s OBD2 port, it provides all the data on your phone through a Bluetooth connection. Though the device has no default app then again you can use other third-party apps with this device.

FIXD - Pros
  • Easy to Install.
  • Saves a huge amount of money.
  • Reset the check-engine-light.
  • Remind the maintenance schedule.
  • Vehicle history.
  • Can be used with 05 Vehicles.
  • Able to detect 7000+ car issues.
  • Calculate the Mileage.
  • Estimate the repairing costs.
FIXD - Cons
  • Not compatible with diesel and electric cars.
Veepeak - Pros
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Clear check engine light.
  • Compatible with almost all vehicles.
  • Run with low power consumption.
  • Allow the user to customize the dashboard.
  • Measure the fuel consumption.
Veepeak - Cons
  • No default app.
  • Support only one vehicle.

Where to Buy Fixd?

If you want to get the Fixd device for your car, I’ll suggest you get it from the official site. Because when you create an order from the device’s authorized site, you’ll get the right one. Besides that, you will get the official money-back guarantee and warranty only when you make the order from its official site.

Where to Buy Fixd

Where to Buy Veepeak?

Veepeak is available on Amazon, its official, and other e-commerce sites. Though you can purchase it anywhere you want, I’ll suggest you get it from its official site. Because it ensures you get the right product and other benefits like warranty and money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy Veepeak

Fixd VS Veepeak

As Fixd and Veepeak both are OBD2 car scanning devices they have some similarities by their nature of tasks. However, both of these devices are also from different brands so they have some comparisons as well. Below I’m going to present the similarities and comparison of these devices gradually.


Fixd and Veepeak both of these devices use the Bluetooth connection to connect with your smartphone. With both of these devices, you’ll get an instant update about your car. None of these devices require an external battery for operation.  Both of these devices are perfectly run with US and European cars.


Fixd is able to run with 5 vehicles where Veepeak only runs with one individual car. Veepeak has no dedicated apps for your phone but Fixd has its own dedicated apps for its user. Fixd is good for beginners to professionals both where Veepeak is designed for professional purposes.

Fixd VS Veepeak: Which One is Better?

Now that you’re at the end of this Fixd VS Veepeak comparison, you can easily determine which one is better than the others. As I’ve used both of these devices, I’ve practical experience with these devices. Both of these devices are outstanding then again if you want to specify one.

Fixd VS Veepeak

I’ll suggest you go for Fixd device. Because it is more user friendly and it can detect almost every single car issues of your car. You could use it with 5 vehicles. It has a smart dedicated app to control the device. For your convenience, at the end of this section, I’m going to include the official link of the Fixd device. So that you could easily get the product from its authorized official site.

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