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Being an owner of a car has a lot of advantages. But when you think about its maintenance, it becomes a burden for you. Besides, car maintenance is a kind of task that you can’t skip. I can still remember when I got my car, I had spent a lot of money for its maintenance purpose. Every time I took my car to a car diagnostic center or a car mechanic. I don’t know why they always hand me a huge amount of bills.

Later, I understood that they made me fool most of the time and handed me an irrelevant bill. Now I’m using an OBD2 car scanner to monitor my car issues and able to identify all the problems of my car by myself. Currently, I’ve used Fixd and Hum top two OVD2 scanners. Here in this article, I’m going to present you a comparison detail between these Fixd VS Hum devices.

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Comparison Chart

Check this Fixd VS Hum comparison chart for a comparison detail between these two products. This chart will help you a lot to quickly understand these products.

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What is Fixd?

Fixd is one of the best OBD2 car scanners that are available in the market. With this car diagnostic tool, you can monitor 5 vehicles and get their real-time data. This powerful device can detect 7000+ car issues that your car might face.

What is Fixd

Fixd has its own dedicated app that can be used with Android & iOS both. If you use the Fixd device, you don’t have to remember your car maintenance date. The device will remember it on behalf of you & alert you when the maintenance time comes. It also provides you the vehicle history, mileage calculation, and much more.

What is Hum?

Hum is another very popular OBD2 car scanning tool. The overall system of this device is developed by Verizon to expand its network in multiple ways to provide your vehicles limitless benefits. It perfectly supports any car that is manufactured after 1996 or later. Interestingly the device is coordinated with google assistant that allows you to control the device through voice commands.

What is Hum

With this device, you’ll get support from the mechanic’s hotline so anything unusual occurred with your car, you can take immediate help. The device also comes with a crash response alert which means when you’re on the road, you’re not alone. Whenever it detects any crash, it sends an alert to the emergency service and brings a helping hand on your way.

Fixd Special Features

Fixd looks like a simple device but it is full of a lot of outstanding features. I've been using this OBD2 car scanning device for almost one year and enjoyed so many awesome features of this device. Below this segment. I’m going to present some of them.

Fixd Special Features

Identify the Car Issues

The manufacturer of the Fixd device claims that the device is able to detect almost 7000+ car issues that your car might face. After using this device these days, I can’t deny the statement because it successfully detects all the issues of my car.

Faster and Real-time Scan

Its faster and real-time scanning facility is one of the greatest features of this car scanning tool. For example, it scans the engine of my car within one minute that approximately took one hour or more in the car servicing center. Usually, within one minute it scans the complete car and shows the findings on the app screen.

Work with Multiple Vehicles

Basically, all the OBD2 car scanning tools available in the market are compatible with one individual vehicle. But the Fixd is superb here, it works with 5 vehicles and provides you all the data of separate cars in an organized way.

Record Vehicle History

The history of your vehicle is important when it encounters any major issues. Because a car mechanic could easily detect and fix the problem when he has the vehicle’s history. If you use the Fixd device for your car then you can remain tension free. The device will record all the issues of your car and provides you the data whenever you need it.

Maintenance Alert

It’s natural to forget the date, you need to take your car to a car servicing center. But when you have got the Fixd device, you can stay relaxed. Fixd will remember your car maintenance date and remind you when the maintenance time comes.

Hum Special Features

Hum is another top popular car diagnostic tool that is full of a lot of extraordinary features. Below I’m going to present some of its outstanding features that I’ve experienced.

Hum Special Features

Finds the Issues and Errors codes

Hum car diagnostic tools able to detect all the issues of your car in real-time. So whenever your cars face any kind of issues it instantly notifies you with an error code. The error code exactly explains to you what actually the problem is.

Google Assistant

Hum has a collaboration with google assistant. Because of this, you can control the device over the voice command. For example, you can check your fuel status, get maintenance reminders, and get all the necessary answers from google with the push button.

Mechanics Hotline

Hum has its own dedicated hotline number for its user. Where certified mechanics are communicating over the phone. You can tell them what kind of problem you’re facing and take instant guidelines.

Crash Response

Anything could happen when you’re on the road. But when you have got the Hum device, you’re not alone on the road. With its artificial intelligence, it can successfully detect if your car got crashes on the road. It instantly sends the crash report to the emergency helpline and sends help to your location.

Fixd – How to Use?

Fixd is a very simple device that anybody could operate without any experience. Then again as a new user, you might be curious to know how to use this device. Below I’m going to present you with some easy tips to use this device.

Fixd - How to Use

  • First, you need to get the Fixd code reader and then you can start up the installing process.
  • Now place the Fixd device on your car OBD2 port. Once the sensor connects successfully there will be a blue light turn on
  • Install the Fixd default app on your phone. It has android and iOS versions available.
  • Fill up the necessary information that appears on your app screen. Then click on the add sensor options.
  • Connect the Fixd sensor and give it a name that will help you in easy dealing when you switch the device in another car.
  • Now you’re all okay to go. Before connecting the fixd device let your car engine on for 5 seconds and then plug the device in.

Hum – How to Use?

Hum is designed for simple installation and easy to use. Down this segment, I’m going to show you how to use this device.

Hum - How to Use

  • First, place the Hum device on your car’s OBD2 port.
  • Then install the Hum app on your mobile. The device has an app for android and iOS devices.
  • Open your app to connect the Hum sensor with your app.
  • The app will ask you for some information. You need to fill them correctly.
  • Now start your car and it’ll take approximately 10-15 minutes to activate your reader. You’ll notice when your dashboard is connected to the Hum web portal.
  • Once it connects to the web portal, you’re good to go.

Where is the Price of Fixd?

Well, if you want to get the fixd device for your car, you might want to know the price of this device. The good news is the device is available on its official site at a very affordable price. Besides, if you purchased the device from its authorized official sites you’ll get some discounts on your purchase.

Where is the Price of Hum?

To know the price of the Hum OBD2 car scanning device, you need to visit its official price. Though the product is also available on Amazon and other e-commerce stores. To get the best price, I’ll suggest you get it from its official site.

Fixd VS Hum

Fixd and Hum both are the top two OBD2 car scanning tools. Because of their same type of activities these devices have some similarities. Besides both of these devices are from different brands and come with some unique features as well. Below I’m going to present some comparison details and similarities between Fixd VS Hum devices.

Fixd VS Hum


Fixd and Hum both use the Bluetooth connection to connect with your phone and both devices provide you real-time data. The devices perfectly run with almost every car of the US and Europe that was manufactured after 1996. Each of the devices has a default app.

Whatever your phone operating system is Android or iOS, these devices run perfectly. None of these devices has an encryption method for advanced protection.


Well, in comparison first I like to inform you that you can connect the Fixd device with 5 individual vehicles. Where Hum offers you only one. Hum has a collaboration with google assistance that allows you to control through voice command.

Fixd has no such option. Fixd estimated your maintenance cost but Hum doesn’t have this option. With the premium version of the Fixd device, you can do a smog test but Hum currently doesn’t include this option.

Fixd VS Hum: Which One is Better?

If you complete the reading of this comparison between Fixd VS Hum. You already know which device does what? So it is not anymore a difficult task for you to pick the best one. Then again if you want my suggestion, I’ll recommend you to go for the Fixd device.

Because with Fixd you can monitor multiple vehicles. You get the real-time report of your vehicle. Moreover, Fixd is able to identify more than 7000+ car issues that a vehicle may encounter. It’ll also help you to estimate the repairing cost. For your convenience at the end of this section, I’m including the official link of the Fixd device.

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