FIXD vs. ELM 327 Reviews: Which One Should You Get Now?

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Car maintenance is a routine-based task for every car owner. No matter how busy you’re or how much you hate this task, if you own a car, you’ve to do it. In the beginning when I purchased my car for the 1st time. I took my car to a car diagnostic center for all kinds of maintenance and servicing. But later I understood that most of the time car mechanics make me a fool and hand me an irrelevant bill.

Then I’ve started using the OBD2 car scanner and overcome all these issues. I’m using two renowned OBD2 car scanners FIXD and ELM 327 for almost 14 months. Below in this article, I’m going to show you comparison details between FIXD vs. ELM 327. This will help you to pick any of them that suits most with your requirements.

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Comparison Chart:

Here in this FIXD vs. ELM 327 comparison chart, I’m going to include a comparison detail about both of these devices. If you check this chart thoroughly, you’ll get a quick overview of these devices.

Details of Product  FIXD  ELM 327
Supported Language English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Spanish Only English
Supported Cars US, European, Asian US, European
External Battery No No
Apps Fixd App OBD-Car-Doctor, Torque-Lite, Torque-Pro, etc
OS iOS, Android Android only
Compatible With US-car, European-Car, Asian-Car Us, European
Connection Method Bluetooth Wifi, Bluetooth
Number of Vehicles 5 1
Where To Buy

What is Fixd?

Fixd is one of the most popular, user friendly, and revolutionary car diagnostic tools. The reason behind its high popularity is its user-friendly characteristics and a wide variety of car support. It instantly scans the issues of your car and delivers real-time data. The strong side of this device is, it could detect almost 7000+ car issues that your car might face.

What is Fixd

From a beginner to a professional both will be equally benefited by using this device. It has a dedicated app that will continuously update you about the state of your car. With this device, you can easily figure out why your car check engine light is turned on, the history of your vehicle, car mileages, etc.

What is ELM 327?

ELM 327 is another highly popular OBD2 car scanning tool. It is also capable of instantly reading the errors and faults codes of your car and providing you a real-time update of your car. You can install the device directly on your vehicle system or you can also use its electronic-sensor system.

What is ELM 327

To provide you with faster data it’s also equipped with a wifi connection. Though ELM 327 has no dedicated app like Fixd then again you can use other third parties car-diagnostic apps with this device.  Another thing that you should know about this device is it only compatible with android operating systems.

Features of Fixd

The smart Fixd device comes with a lot of outstanding features for its user. Here I’m going to list some of the features of the Fixd device that I’ve enjoyed by myself.

Features of Fixd

  • Fixd is able to detect 7000+ potential car issues. So if there is any issue you faced with your car it can easily recognize it.
  • It instantly scans the whole condition of your car and provides you real-time data.
  • You can forget about the time when your car needs to take a car repairing center but Fixd will remember that. It’ll remind you through the app when the time comes.
  • Using this device is very simple. Even a 1st-time user can use this device effectively without any trouble.
  • The strongest part of this device is, you can use it with 5 separate vehicles.
  • It also records the mileage calculation and the history of all the issues of your car. So whenever you need this information, you can easily get them.

Features of ELM 327

Before going to use the ELM 327 for your car, you should know the features of this device. Below this section, I’m going to list some of the outstanding features of this ELM 327 device.

Features of ELM 327

  • Like all OBD2 car scanners, this ELM 327 is also able to analyze all the issues of your car and provide you an instant report.
  • With this device, you can check the engine RPM operation, Freeze-frame data, fuel-pressure, temperature of the car, airflow, etc., and more.
  • It is specially designed for the professional and technicians, not for the beginners.
  • The device has no default app but you can use other third-party apps perfectly with this device, such as OBD-Car-Doctor, Torque-Pro, Torque-Light, etc.
  • ELM 327 is compatible with the android operating system and unable to work with iOS os.
  • The device only supports the US and European cars, not Asians.
  • It can provide you faster data about your car as it is able to run with a wifi connection.

Benefits of Fixd

Well, the Fixd device has a lot of benefits. If you haven’t used the device yet then it’s quite tough to make you realize how much this device could help you. Then again, I’m going to show you some of the benefits of this device that you’re going to enjoy.

Benefits of Fixd

Check Engine Light:

Turning on the check engine light is a nightmare for every car user. Because whenever the light turns on it means there is something inaccurate with your car. But if your car has this amazing Fixd device then you can instantly figure out why the light turns on, what is the issue. Then you can fix it and clear the check engine light.

Maintenance Alert:

Different brand model cars have different maintenance systems. After a certain period of time, your car needs to take it to a car servicing center. But it is quite tough for you to remember the exact date and here comes the Fixd device extraordinary. It’ll remind you through an alarm that your car needs to take a repair center.

Multi-Vehicle Control:

Almost every OBD2 car scanner is compatible with only one individual car but Fixd is different here. With the Fixd device, you can monitor 5 separate cars.

History of Your Vehicles:

Fixd record every single issue of your car. You can this information easily whenever you need them. Especially, when your car encounters any major issue the car mechanic needs those data to quickly fix your problem. If your car has a Fixd device then you can instantly do this.

Benefits of ELM 327

ELM 327 brings a lot of benefits to its users. Have a look at the below segment to know the features of this device.

Benefits of ELM 327

Freeze Frame-Data:

You can get your vehicles Freeze-Frame data by using this smart ELM 327 OBD2 scanning device. The device contains PID/ parameters information for the trouble codes that it identifies. Because of this, you can view all the issues and trouble codes of your car side-by-side and share this information with the professionals.

Real-Time Data:

Every OBD2 car scanner comes with this incredible feature. ELM 327 is not out of them, it scans all the issues of your car instantly and provides you all the data in real-time.

Smog Test:

If you’re conscious about the environment and don’t want to break the law of your country then you’ve to make sure your car passes the emissions test. If you have an ELM 327 device, you can do the test by yourself and make sure your car is all okay.

Check Engine Light:

Check engine light refers to your car currently facing any kind of issues and that need immediate action. If you have got the ELM 327 device, you can instantly figure out the problem and take the necessary steps.

Where to Buy Fixd?

After reading all the comparisons that I’ve discussed above, if you want to get the Fixd device. I’ll suggest you get it from its authorized official site. This will make sure you get the right device. Moreover, the company provides 30-days money-back guarantee for the users who order it on their official site.

Where to Buy ELM 327?

You’ll find the ELM 327 device on the local automobile stores, Amazon, its official site, or other online sites. But getting the product from its authorized official site would be a wise decision. Because that makes sure you don’t get the wrong product and ensure other benefits that the company provides for its user.

FIXD vs. ELM 327

FIXD and ELM 327 both are the top OBD2 car scanners currently available in the market. Based on their activities both of these devices have some similarities. Besides as the devices are from two different brands these devices also have some differences. Below I’m going to show you what are the contrast & similarities between these devices.

FIXD vs. ELM 327


Both of these devices work perfectly with US and European cars that are manufactured after 1996. None of these devices encrypts your data for advanced protection. Fixd and ELM 327 both of these devices could be connected through a Bluetooth connection. Each of these devices is designed to provide you real-time data.


The first difference that I’ve discovered between these two devices is the number of the vehicles these devices are able to support. With the Fixd device, you can monitor 5-vehicles where ELM 327 supports only one vehicle. ELM 327 has Bluetooth and wifi connection where Fixd has only a Bluetooth connection.

Fixd has its own dedicated app where ELM 327 has no default app. ELM 327 uses third-party apps to connect with your devices. Fixd is compatible with android and iOS both operating systems where ELM 327 only supports android OS.

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FIXD vs. ELM 327: Which One is Better?

Now that you’re at the end of this comparison between FIXD vs. ELM 327. I believe you have a complete idea about both of these devices. However, now you have the answer to the question of which one is better as you have an in-depth idea about both of these devices. Then again, if you ask me to suggest anyone. I’ll suggest you go for Fixd device. Fixd is the only OBD2 car scanning device that can be used with 5 individual cars.

It has a dedicated app that continuously updates you about the state of your car. Moreover, the device can identify 7000+ car issues that your car might face. For your convenience, at the end of this section, I’m going to include the official link of the Fixd device. So that you can swiftly go to the official site and get one.


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