FIXD Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Buying?

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People who use cars many times face some common issues and have to go for servicing or inspection. I had to visit car mechanic shops frequently for my car’s inspection that takes huge time and money. To prevent all these situations, I started using a device called FIXD. It is a time-consuming and cost-effective solution to find out the car issues.
This device finds out the common problems, shows warnings about technical issues, and provides a detailed analysis. FIXD keeps the internal workings of the car up to date. It finds out the issues and works much better than the mechanics. See the FIXD Reviews and get the best car diagnostic. In this article, I will share how FIXD helps me and the cost of repair is minimized.

My Quick Overview Of Fixd (30 Sec)

There are plenty of car diagnostic systems that inspect and provide reading of issues of the car. However, I found the Fixd which is the most convenient and best cart health scanner I have ever seen. I am admitting my opinion based on its easy to use, user-friendly mobile app, maximum error reading capability and more.

All you have to do is, attach the Fixd device to the OBD port and then turn the car on. And, then install their smartphone app which is available for both iOS and android devices. That makes it easy to scan your car and get a quick inspection report which leads to quick repair.

Moreover, you can see real-time data of your car with an alert system that is going to inform you about the issues of the car 24/7. In addition, you can install Fixd on multiple cars and control phone one app. And, it supports almost every car that was released after 2006.

What Is Fixd?

FIXD is an OBD-II port system scanner that works with a mobile app to diagnose the car’s health. This innovative gadget can translate over 7000 error codes and alerts for the car’s real-time issues. It shows the reason behind why the check engine light is on and its intensity also.

What Is Fixd?

FIXD provides the information and results in simple and understandable terms. With its continuous monitoring, it becomes easy to find the issues and estimated repair costs. The FIXD Reviews show how effectively this technological hardware and software combination detects car problems.

Specification Of Fixd Device

It is essential to know all the specifications of any device before purchasing. Below are the technical specifications of FIXD.

Specification of Fixd Device

  • Product Dimension: 1.65 x .78 x 1.96 Inches
  • Product Weight: 27.2 g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Codes: Abs, Airbag, Engine, and transmission.
  • Compatibility Port: OBD2
  • Smog Check: Premium
  • Number of cars: Up To 5
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or above and iOS 14 or later

Main Features Of Fixd

This OBD2 scanner connector technology provides huge benefits as a diagnostic tool for cars. Here, I will share the benefits of FIXD that I experience.

Main Features of Fixd

Non-Stop Monitoring:

FIXD monitors the vehicle 24/7 that helps to avoid any mechanical damage, and controls everything. Whenever it detects any issue, this device sends an alert instantly on the mobile.

Easy to Handle:

Installing FIXD is just a matter of inserting it into the car’s port. This process requires less than 60 seconds. It works as a fault code detector to provide the most efficient diagnosis. With its simple reports accessing becomes much easier.


When the check engine light is turned on, it shows the car issues with a 2 or 3 sentence definition. It allows identifying what service the car needs along with the cost. FIXD can show the manufacturer’s maintenance timeline, determine the mileage then send a notification about it.


Vehicle History And Predict Future:

Before buying a used car, it can provide the previous owner information, accident history, and all other details. Based on these data, it can identify future issues and helps to avoid repair costs. To ensure the overall car condition, FIXD is the ideal device.

Multi-vehicle Control:

FIXD makes all my vehicles in one place. Its app allows me to see the status and health of my other family member’s car. In this way, I can schedule service for the other car while they require repairing or maintenance.


The FIXD sensor is plugged into an OBD2 port. This sensor comes in a small compact design. It connects with the FIXD app wirelessly via BlueTooth and syncs data automatically to the smartphone.


This device is compatible with cars that are sold in the USA. Also, it works with cars that are built-in 2006 or newer outside the USA. Moreover, it can effectively run on the 1996 or newer gasoline-powered vehicle and 2009 and after diesel-powered vehicles. For trucks, it requires a gross weight of under 14,500 lbs.

How Does Fixd Work?

FIXD comes with a modern application to diagnose the vehicle condition and detect mechanical origins issues. It works with BlueTooth and the OBD2 system code reader. This scanning tool effectively detects car failures, accesses the internal registry, and breakdowns. After completing the scanning, it transfers the data to the app with the car’s real-time condition.

How Does Fixd Work?

The data and analysis of this device are easy to understand, and anyone can catch them. FIXD prevents rip-offs by showing the fair market price of the specific repairment. This feature keeps everyone safe from fraud mechanics. Indeed, FIXD can’t solve the car issues, but it can identify the issues and allow to solve them.

Can I Use Fixd On Multiple Cars?

The FIXD device does work on multiple cars with its multi-vehicle control feature. When the other vehicles are experiencing any problems, this device provides immediate alerts.

To add multiple vehicles, simply open the FIXD mobile app, click on the top-left button and tap the plus button. It allows you to change the vehicle name and delete the old one. And, make sure you have added multiple vehicles in multiple names to easily understand which is what. Otherwise you can create confusion between cars. And, missguide with the information.

How To Use Fixd?

The FIXD Reviews come up with the easy process of using this device. Here, I will show the step-by-step process.

How to Use Fixd?

  • Download the FIXD app from the app store.
  • Through the phone setting, turn the Bluetooth on, and it will pair with the device automatically.
  • Go to the FIXD app and register an account.
  • Choose the repair preferences and enable the maintenance reminders.
  • After that, select this button called “I have a FIXD sensor”.
  • A sensor code is located on the device’s backside. Find out this code and input it.
  • Install the FIXD sensor into the car’s OBD2 port.
  • Make sure the sensor’s blue light flashes on after plugging it in. This light will ensure that it is properly connected to the car.
  • Scan the sensor with the FIXD app.
  • Name the sensor after the vehicle is connected.
  • Finally, turn the car on and leave the FIXD device running for at least 5 seconds before connecting.
  • After everything is registered, tap the scan button to check engine light.

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Is Fixd App Free?

FIXD app is the easiest way to know and understand the car. This app is absolutely free, and the best part is it does not charge any monthly fee. Becoming a FIXD club member is also free. You only have to pay for the device that is going to scan your car. And, the convenient app that you need to see the scan result and perform other tasks is totally free.

Is Fixd App Free?

What Apps Work With Fixd?

The FIXD Automotive device works with the free FIXD app. This app helps to understand the car’s issues and requirements by communicating with the FIXD sensor. Through this app, all the notifications and insights about the car can be seen. And, it does not support any third-party app. So, make sure using their own app that works the best to pull out maximum benefits from this device.

The FIXD app is available both in the Playstore and AppStore. However, I recommend using it on Android 9 or higher OS and iOS 14 or higher.

Is It A Scam?

For more than 10 years I am using my car. I used to visit the mechanic shop and spend huge money on the service fees. Without having much knowledge, I did many unnecessary expenses. After I started using the FIXD device, I knew exactly the problem and how much it would cost. This device saves me from all those fraud mechanics. The cost of repair is now much less than before.

Is it a Scam?

With the OBD-II port system and mobile app, I can quickly diagnose my whole car and detect the issues. In this way, I convey the exact issues to the mechanics. It saves me many times from facing uncomfortable situations by letting me know the issues. From my experience, I can assure you FIXD is not a scam.

Where Can I Buy It?

Due to its convenience, affordability, and cost-effectiveness, this device becomes much popular. For this reason, it becomes available on several online platforms. But, I will suggest buying FIXD from their official website as I did. They assure authenticity with the best deals, discounts, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 1-year limited warranty.

Where Can I Buy It?

You will get 3 different offers on their website. The most popular package comes with Buy 1 Get 1, 50% off. Another package is Buy 2, Get 1 Free, and this is their best value offer. With these two packages, you will get free USA shipping. For USA shipment, they take 2 or 3 days, and for outside the USA, they may require 7 to 12 days.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

This section will show the answers to some frequently asked questions. Which will help to understand the FIXD device easily.

Does Fixd Work With iPhone?

FIXD app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. To run on iPhone, it requires 14 OS or newer versions. However, it is not tested on the older OS versions. Therefore, it is not certain whether it will support older versions or not. But, I am sure it will be supported.

Can Fixd Clear Codes?

Yes, the codes can be cleared by clicking on the clear engine light. This button will be founded on the details page. While using the app, you will get to know better how it works. Otherwise, you can check the user manual to find out more functions that might be helpful for you.

Does Fixd Read Transmission Codes?

Though FIXD is cordless, it can read transmission codes and helps to transmit the diagnostic of the car.

How Long Does Fixd Scan Take?

FIXD scans much faster than the other motor vehicle scanning tools. Within a few minutes, FIXD can fully scan and provide results.

Does Fixd Only Work When Check Engine Light Is On?

Yes, it only works when your car engine is on. Only then it can scan your car to find out what problems it contains. Otherwise, you will never get the actual monitoring data that you need to fix your car.

Does Fixd Work With Other Apps?

No, this device is only compatible with the fixd App. All the functions and features that it contains can work with their built-in app that fits the most. And, you will get it from the play store and app store for both Android and iOs.

What Company Owns Fixd?

This software and hardware combo is founded by John Gattuso, Julian Knight, and Frederick Grimm. It is an American-owned company, and its headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia.


As mentioned in the FIXD Reviews, this device actually fulfills all the characteristics effectively. This OBD2 connector decodes the check engine light instant and saves thousands of dollars at the repair shop. It offers quick car diagnostics, maintenance alerts, and issue severity by its free FIXD app.

The best thing is it shows an estimated cost of the car repairment, which prevents unnecessary costing. It allows me to prevent uncomfortable situations by letting me know about car issues. I have presented my experience and opinion about the FIXD device in this article. I hope you get an idea about FIXD now, make the ideal decision.


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