Eyeque Review: Test Your Vision and Order Glasses From Home!

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Due to my eyesight issue, I have to go for regular check-ups, which are very costly and time-consuming. To ensure the perfect power of my glasses, I have to do these check-ups. Luckily, a few times ago, I found EyeQue and researched about it. Then finally, I decided to purchase it and see how it works for my eyes.

This device is so comfortable and convenient that within a few minutes, I can test my vision. To check the quality and condition of eyes, it requires a smartphone. The given results are as accurate as of the doctor’s prescription. Here in this eyeque review, I am going to share my opinion and experience.

Eyeque – What Is It?

EyeQue is an award-winning device that is used for checking the vision with an accurate result. This patented vision tracker shows a full and functional vision checking experience only within 8 minutes. It consists of MIT technology that ensures its accuracy.

Eyeque – What Is It?

This device can be used anywhere. EyeQue just requires an internet connection and a smartphone. Both the EyeQue app and device are compatible with android and iPhone devices.

Keep reading this eyeque review to understand its benefits and other essential information. It uses an EyeQue cloud for storing the evolution results after completing the test.

This allows to analyze the reports and compare them over time. In this way, it helps to diagnose eye issues and prevent them. Anyone from children to older people can use this device comfortably for doing the eye test.

Is Eyeque Accurate?

Yes, absolutely. Generally, the vision fluctuates throughout the day. Thus, it takes multiple tests at different times. As a result, it can collect a better average reflection than the one-time office visit check-ups. After every test, EyeQue’s powerful analytics contained in the cloud™ evaluate the uploaded results.

Based on the test, this EyeQue cloud™ determines the level of confidence. The eyeglass numbers will be provided on the screen with a high level of confidence.

With an inconsistent confidence level, the eyeglass numbers will not be displayed. In this case, they will prompt for taking another test or consult with the EyeQue customer experience team.

Top Specification & Features

It is necessary to understand all the technical aspects and features of any device. Therefore, here, I will show the specifications and features of the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker.

Top Specification & Features

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 7.0 x 5.7 x 3.0 inches or 177 x 144 x 77 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 oz or 213 g
  • Power Supply: None
  • Finish: Matte Black and Glossy White
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-95° F
  • Storage temperature: -4°to 113° F
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
  • Operating Altitude: Up to 3000 m
  • Phone Requirements: iOS 9.3 and later, Android 6.0 and later.
  • Phone Screen Resolution: PPI>300
  • Visual Acuity Range: 20/20 to 20/400

EyeQue Features

  • The hypoallergenic silicone eyecup is extremely comfortable and safe for the skin.
  • EyeQue allows ordering glasses from home without requiring any prescription. It prescribes glasses by itself and, after completing the test, helps to order online.
  • With its patented MIT technology, it can offer highly accurate results.
  • It can complete the test and provide glass numbers within only 8 minutes, which is very time-consuming.
  • The EyeQue app allows to analyze and check the previous reports.
  • EyeQue is very easy and convenient to use with its lightweight design.

Eyeque Reviews: How to Use It

For the first time, it may look tricky, but actually, it is not. Here is the step-by-step process of using EyeQue.

Download the App:

  • Install the EyeQue PVT app from the Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Create an account after opening the app.
  • After that, the app asked for a serial number. This number will be found inside the registration box.
  • Then complete the activation process of the account.

Taking the Vision Test:

Taking the Vision Test

  1. Remove the protective sticker and attach the miniscope to the smartphone.
  2. Hold the phone by placing the hands on a flat surface. Keep the phone as steady as possible.
  3. Increase the brightness and volume for seeing the screen clearly and listening to the prompts throughout the test.
  4. Click on the test tab. First-time users can complete the practice test and review the tutorial before attempting the full test.
  5. Place the smartphone at reading distance. After that, slowly move the miniscope close to the eye until the silicone cup touches the right eye.
  6. There are two lines, red and green, shown on the screen. Find out these lines; if not found, slowly move the miniscope up and down, left and right.
  7. Keep the non-testing eyes open during the test and stay relaxed.
  8. Tap the + and – button for overlapping the two lines into a solid yellow line.
  9. Once the lines fully overlap, click on the Next button.
  10. Now, there will be a prompt saying, “rotate the miniscope to position 2”. Place the number “2” above the white dot by turning the rotating eyepiece to the arrow.
  11. Keep looking at the miniscope, and in this stage, the red and green lines will be separate angles like before. Overlap them as before and make a solid line.
  12. Repeat the test by rotating the eyepiece to position 3. Follow the voice prompt and complete all 9 measurements.
  13. Do the same things with the left eye. After completing the test, the test completion screen will appear.

Why Is Eyeque So Good?

EyeQue is the class one medical device that is registered with the US FDA. This device becomes more benefited with its unique features and technicalities. In this eyeque review section, I will share the benefits that I got from it.

Why Is Eyeque So Good

Time-Consuming and Affordable:

EyeQue saves me from visiting the eye specialist every month. I had to suffer a lot when I used to miss my doctor’s schedule. After I started using it now, I can save my time and approximately $276 per year. It’s a huge number, right?


It uses MIT technology and takes several tests at different times to ensure the correct results. EyeQue determines a confidence level based on the test and provides glass numbers. This device wouldn’t show any glass number if the test were inappropriate.

No Need for Prescription:

Commonly, a prescription is required for ordering glasses. EyeQue generates the test result like a traditional prescription, which includes the axis, spherical, and cylindrical metrics. Thus, it becomes easier to order glass without any prescription.

Convenient and Compatible:

EyeQue will take only a few minutes to complete the whole process of vision testing. The process is hassle-free and reduced the need to visit a doctor’s place. By listening to the prompts and following them anyone can use it.

Convenient and Compatible

Tracking Result:

It stores all the previous test reports in its cloud or on the app. In this way, it becomes really handy to track the reports, analyze, and compare them with the previous eye condition.


EyeQue comes with higher-quality silicone material that works gently with the skin. Without causing any discomfort, the eyecup fits any sized people’s eye. When the eyes are exposed to the smartphone’s screen, it does not irritate.

Eyeque Review: How Does it Work?

EyeQue is a self-administered and smartphone app-driven refraction device. This device provides eye spherical, cylindrical, and axis correction metrics. It works with the miniscope and free app.

Eyeque Review: How Does it Work

It comes with highly engineered and expertly designed features to provide an accurate vision result. There are arrow indicators to direct the eyepiece, and 1-9 rotating eyepiece marked position. These help for easy operation while taking the tests.

Who Can Use Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker?

This device is absolutely safe for the eyes and skin. It contains zero side effects and provides more comfort while testing the vision.

Who Can Use Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker

So, EyeQue is safe for everyone. It comes in two different modes for the adults and the children. Anyone with eye vision issues can use this device conveniently.

Is it a Scam?

One day I found this EyeQue luckily while browsing the net. After the first time of use, I found this device really interesting and accurate. The first time it looks a bit trickier. By seeing the tutorial and doing the practice test, it becomes easier for further tests.

After completing the test, I showed my results to the doctors to get assured about this device. My doctor said that these results are 100% accurate, and based on that result, he prescribed me some medicines.

The best part is it takes very little time to provide results. EyeQue keeps all the results in its cloud and allows for further analysis. The result of EyeQue is very detailed and explained very easily. By using it I can check the effectiveness of my contact lens also. It is the ideal device that helps me to take regular vision measurements and prevent any eye issues.

Where Can I Get the Eyeque?

With its emerging popularity, EyeQue is now available on almost every single online platform. But be very careful with the fake product. I will recommend you to buy the EyeQue from their official website.

Where Can I Get the Eyeque

I bought my EyeQue from the manufacturer’s website, and I must say they are pretty good. To get the best deals and guarantee nothing can beat their official website.

They come up with three different packages. The most popular package is Buy 1, Get 1 50% off and save $25. With 2 EyeQue, Get 1 absolutely free and save $49.99. Both these packages offer free USA shipping. You can have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty with each EyeQue. Before the product gets stock out, buy your one.

Final Verdict

EyeQue is the ideal device for tracking the condition of the eyesight with 100% accuracy. I find it very useful with the faster, convenient, and high-tech features. It comes in a strong and durable structure with higher-quality materials. It is unbelievable that I finished my test and got the numbers within 8 minutes.

Then, from my home, I ordered my glasses online. For my family members and me, regular eye checkup it works very efficiently. I just love this device; thus, I write this eyeque review so that you also get benefited by using it. I almost share my every bit of experience with it; hopefully, it will help you.


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