Explore Air Review 2022 – Is it Any Good?

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The life of a freelance photographer looks fun until you are the one doing it. As an aerial photographer, I have to meet tight schedules to finish shots for clients on time. And for that drones have always played a massive role in my career. To crank up my game, I decided to gift myself the Explore AIR on my last birthday.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use10

Value for Money9.7




And oh boy! I have to say this gift alone was worth the whole year. This Explore AIR review is my take on the amazing device you should know about. It comes with stellar tech and handy features that will bring the true joy of drones into your work or hobby. So get ready to fly high and far with me on this in-depth review.

Our Summary


  • Superior build materials
  • Detailed and colorful image
  • Long flight life
  • High-quality video recording
  • Flight route customization
  • Durable blade set

About Explore AIR

Drones have become the new normal in all sectors including security, film making, transportation, and so on. Explore air is the most advanced drone in the market right now and packs high-tech features. The quad copter can be controlled by a remote and reaches great heights in a flash.

About Explore AIR

The drone comes with key features and stunning looks that match the brand’s dedication towards innovation. It comes with impressive features such as lightning-fast charging, One-click Launch and returns, 360 degrees flip ability, and easy navigation. All these make the Explore AIR a must-have device for enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists.

Does Explore AIR actually work?

Getting a new product is also exciting. But there also remains a risk that the money could be spent on faulty products. It wasn’t an exception in my case. As I ordered the Explore AIR as my birthday present, I was more tense. It was due to the fact that I never received anything good on my birthday till now.

Does Explore AIR actually work

With all being said, all my worries eased off when I first unpacked the drone. Its solid build and foldable design impressed me right out of the box. And now after 5 months of usage and countless shots later, it’s safe to say the Explore AIR works flawlessly. Its impressive camera, long air time, and easy operation amaze me every time I switch on the device.

Explore AIR Key Features

Being a professional photographer I have quite a few drones in my arsenal. Below are the features that have inspired me to use the Explore AIR as my go-to device amongst all others.

True To Life Camera:

The camera has always been the deciding factor for me when it comes to drones. Being a perfectionist, I was worried about the camera performance. But the Explore Air blew me away with its amazing capture quality. Its 720P camera captures images with enhanced clarity and true colors. The higher resolution gives me enough space to work with when I sit down for editing.

True To Life Camera

Lighting Fast Charging:

Charging has always been my biggest enemy. I used to have a tough time keeping my done juiced up for the perfect shot. This machine comes with super-fast charging that takes a mere 1.5 hours to get fully juiced. Thus I can have several attempts throughout the day for that million-dollar shot.

Better Air Time:

It’s not only amazing photos but also the lengthy videos this baller offers. It’s because the device cranks out 13-15 min of air time with each flight. This has allowed me to capture long videos in a single flight and ramp up my productivity. Besides due to more air time, I also get a wider area to work with on my projects.

Enhanced WiFi Distance:

One of the cool features that impressed me the most is its lengthy WiFi distance. The Explore Air offers 80-100 meters of  WiFi which is really handy. Now I can travel far across the landscape at an enhanced speed  and still have total control over my drone. This sort of power and range has added a whole new dimension to my work.

Tailored Flight Routes:

There are some features that set apart a device completely from the rest. Though this banger has plenty, the ability to tailor flight routes is what makes this unbeatable. Now I can plan my footage in advance as I know which path my drone will be following. This saves up both battery and time and helps me work efficiently.

Tailored Flight Routes

Fast One Key Return:

It’s not easy getting used to a drone as a first-timer. My first drone was a mess when it came to controls and thus I lost it on my third flight. But with fast one key return on the Explore Air, you won’t be losing yours. Simply with the press of a button, you can have it hover over the starting place or have it grounded.

Handy Foldable Design:

What has also impressed me it’s the brand’s attention to detail. Though additional features such as foldable design are not a must-have, this machine packs it. It can be folded nicely into a compact form which makes it easier to travel to the shooting location. Besides this also reduces the chance of wing damage while placing it in the backpack.

Handy Foldable Design

User-Friendly Controls:

Though a lot of my other drones needed time getting used to, thankfully this one didn’t. The Explore air comes with super easy controls that made me feel like playing a video game. With only a few hours of tutorial, I was able to have the drone flying over my residence.

What I Like
  • Superior build materials
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Superfast charging
  • Detailed and colorful image
  • Long flight life
  • High-quality video recording
  • One-click safe and easy return
  • Elegant finish
  • Flight route customization
  • Easy control and maintenance
  • Comes with protective accessories
  • Features wifi connectivity
  • Durable blade set
  • Can be used for a variety of projects
What Could be Better
  • Availability in physical store could have made
  • Goes out of stock quite fast

How Can I Use Explore AIR?

Like said before, operating Explore Air for the first time was fun and easy. Here is how you can unpack the device and have a good time in a few hours.

Step 1: First you need to unpack the drone without causing any damages

Step 2: Then you have to unfold the wings carefully. The first two wings open sideways while you need to twist and bring the back wings downward

How Can I Use Explore AIR

Step 3:  After that the fours stands needs to be installed on the bottom groove

Step 4: Now you can install the protective frames to the machine for minimizing crash damage

Step 5: It’s finally time to pair up the device with the remote. For this, you need to turn on the switch on the drone. The same needs to be done with the remote. After that you have to push the throttle upwards and back in position

Step 6: Then you need to set up the calibration pushing both throttles downwards in a v-shaped manner and you are good to go. You can also pair up your mobile using the scanner for better control of the blades and hence the drone

Compilation of Customer Opinion

A product is judged by the value it brings to its customer’s life. The Explore AIR certainly lives up to its expectations. Many of its users termed it the new budget king of drones due to its all-round performance. All that including fast and safe delivery has made this champ a clear fan favorite.

Compilation of Customer Opinion

Is Explore AIR a scam?

There is always a first time for everything. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna look for new experiences. I took the risk and got the most of my bucks. Hope this Explore AIR Review has eased off your worries about this amazing device and made you aware of its top-shelf features. Thus you can opt for the device and have a blast anytime and anywhere.

Is Explore AIR a scam

Where Can I Purchase It?

Where Can I Purchase It

Unfortunately, the  Explore Air is not available at your nearby store like usual tools. But this serves as an advantage as you can get various discounts offered by the brand directly. I bought mine at 50% and was considering myself lucky. But it looks like you can get more cheeky and get a homerun. Their latest deal lets you purchase 3 Explore Air and get 2 more completely free of cost. All that being at a 70% discount makes it a no-brainer to bring this masterpiece home.

Final Thought

There were times I had to wait the whole day for the sun to shine right just to see my drone run out of power. Thanks to Explore Air, those days are gone. Now with the fast charging and increased flight time, I get enough time to take pics and capture videos. This makes my clients happy and makes me richer at the same time.

Hope this Explore AIR Review explains why this drone was such an amazing birthday gift. You too can give yourself or your friends this modern marvel and put a smile on their faces. That being said, always follow the rules and safety measures while you have a fun time with the Explore air.


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