Ecoheat S Review 2022 – Is it Any Good?

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Last winter was tough for me and my family. The extreme cold had me trapped inside the house. To make things worse, my 5-year-old daughter fell sick. That is when I decided to look online for a room heater and found the Ecoheat S. It was all snow outside so I ordered it despite not knowing much about it.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9

Value for Money9.7




Today here I am with the EcoHeat S Review cause what happened next was magical. The device turned out so good that my family was able to tackle the winter being sound and healthy. Thus I am  presenting this amazing device in simple terms to make your  purchase safe and comfy

Product Summary



  • Completely Safe
  • Catchy Oscillating Design
  • Superior Adjustability
  • Portable Design
  • Super Easy Usage
  • Efficient

What Is EcoHeat S?

Not all days are comfy. Sometimes it’s too cold even to stay home and leave the blanket. But you can’t stay under the blanket can you? You might have your office works, kitchen chores, or studies to complete. That is when EcoHeat S comes into the scene.

What Is EcoHeat S

It’s a small and elegant heater that will keep you warm in chilling cold weather. With sleek attractive looks and top-shelf performance, this bomber fits nicely with high-end interiors both at office and home. It features a stellar adjustable thermostat that cranks out 600W or 1200W power to fit your needs.

What Is EcoHeat S 1

The high-end ceramic heater boasts an industry-leading user panel and functions. It comes with enhanced safety that makes no compromises when it comes to your peace of mind. All the goodies packs in a compact and high-end shelf make the EcoHeat S a handy addition to any family.

EcoHeat S Main Features

Below are the key features that have left me amazed. This portion of the EcoHeat S Review will let you know why this bomber has been such a hit.

Completely Safe:

The first thing I look for in a heater is safety. As my daughter is playful and likes to touch anything near her, I need the safety features above all. The EcoHeat S didn’t disappoint as it comes with tip-over protection along with overhead protection. Besides the fire-retardant design helps me be at the office with peace of mind.

Completely Safe

Catchy Oscillating Design:

Unlike those boring heaters I have had before, this gem comes with an elegant finish that pleases the eyes. The sleek exterior matches flawlessly with both my home and office setup. Its oscillating design makes sure it covers each corner of my room and thus enhances comfort.

Catchy Oscillating Design

Superior Adjustability:

It’s never too hot with this techy masterpiece beside me. The set the device to 1200 watts when it’s freezing outside and I need max heating. When the weather eases down, I simply set it at a low setting of 600 watts. Besides the device is also capable of offering cool air in case the sun is up and I need some breeze.

Portable Design:

What offers me the most value for the bucks is its portable design. I have used quite a few heaters that were huge and heavy. Thus I missed the warmth whenever I left home. But with the portable heater, I can now travel in comfort. I place the heater at home, my car, and my office. This has been really useful as my car’s heater broke down a few days ago.

Super Easy Usage:

You won’t need a degree to operate this modern marvel. To be honest it’s so easy that even my daughter has learned to switch settings. The control panel comes with an LED display that shows you the temperature reading. Its comfy function buttons are easy to get used to making it effective right out of the box.

Super Easy Usage


One of the things I had to worry about with my previous heaters was the heating cost. They were fixed at a spot. Thus they had to be turned on at max settings all the time to cover the entire house. This is where the portable ceramic heater shines. I can carry this device from the living room to the kitchen and have a comfy temp. This saves up my bills as I can adjust the performance to heat only the place I am at.

What I Like
  • Comes with premium finish and quality materials
  • Offers consistent heating
  • Portable and compact heater can be carried while traveling
  • Super easy controls can be used by all
  • Adjustable heating speeds to suit room temperature
  • Doesn’t cost much in heating charge
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Offers wide range of safety feature
  • Runs at low electricity and energy consumption
  • Packs unmatched efficiency
  • Offers wide-angle-heating due to oscillation
  • Spreads warm air at a 70-degree angle to cover more area
What Should Improve
  • Color options would have been better
  • Runs out of stock pretty fast

What Are Customers Saying?

The EcoHeat S has been a true company of tough times for its customers. Its advanced tech, superior build, and elegant looks have won over the hearts of its users. Sara who is a businesswoman mentioned she uses the device under her work desk while she works on cold winter nights. David, who is another happy user, says he uses it in his living space and enjoys late-night shows. Thus the heater has been ensuring both utility and comfort for its users over the years.

What Are Customers Saying

Why Do You Need EcoHeat S?

A heater always comes in handy when the sun can’t be seen for days and you are freezing. I bought mine when it was too cold even to remain indoors. With adverse weather comes sickness and I was a victim of that too. Cough and cold had me in bed for days. This impacted my daily life.

Why Do You Need EcoHeat S

The EcoHeat S offered me relief from all that and you can have that comfort too. Its portability will make sure you remain warm at home, Office, or travels. The advanced safety features it boasts will keep your worries away. Besides the high-end design and friendly controls ensures an enhanced user experience.

Is Buying EcoHeat S Worth The Money?

It’s not easy to trust a product online and I had my share of worries too. But I took my chances and went for it as everything was covered in snow. The delivery came fast and amidst all the snow, the device came intact. This impressed me right out of the box along with its looks.

Is Buying EcoHeat S Worth The Money

I  have been using the EcoHeat S for quite a long time and have to say this is an absolute baller. Starting with its durable and stylish build to its super handy features. Everything was of the very high end. Thus it’s safe to say this champ is absolutely worth your money and will offer you enhanced comfort wherever needed.

Where I Can Purchase It?

Unlike traditional heaters, you won’t be able to pick this up from your local store nearby. This gem can be bought exclusively from the brand’s website. This eases off any concerns regarding crappy copies and you will be getting from the website. Besides this also ensures you better deals.

Where I Can Purchase It

I got mine at a 50% discount and was telling everyone how I managed a steal. But it looks like the deal got even better now. You can bring home 5 of these bombers paying for only 3 of them. That too at a 69% percent discount price makes this purchase an absolute no-brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are brief answers to a few of the common questions that might arise in your mind while you shop for the EcoHeat S.

Is the EcoHeat S Heater easy to use?

It’s one of the easiest heaters I have used. The control panel is simple yet has all the essentials.

Is EcoHeat Portable Heater safe?

This portable heater from EcoHeat packs advanced safety features such as Tip over and overhead protection.

Can the temperature be set accordingly?

You can adjust the heat output to keep the temperatures according to your likings.

Final Thought

It’s time to wrap up my EcoHeat S Review. To be honest, the product has become my company wherever I go. It’s cold outside so who doesn’t want warmth and comfort. Ever since this has helped my daughter heal quicker, it’s been my favorite and I hope it will be yours too.

I too had bad experiences with online purchases but this has helped me gain my faith back. There are brands that are offering value for the buck products which I think you shouldn’t miss out on.  Thus bring home this elegant heater before it runs out of stock again.


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