Drone X Pro Review: Record Your Epic Adventures in 2022!

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I always felt attracted or fascinated by drones. So, I started researching for the best drones. Then I found a drone called DroneX Pro with some best reviews. Finally, I decided to purchase it and see how it works for me. At first, I got confused by seeing its lightweight and compact size.

But, when I started using it, I found it like a powerhouse with advanced technology and features. It can make professional-quality videos and capture amazing adventurous images without any over-complication. In this drone x pro review, I will share my experience with DroneX Pro and its benefits.

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About Drone X Pro

DroneX Pro is designed with precise engineering and design that can fly with ease and capture the perfect shots. The most amazing part is, this device is absolutely lightweight, durable, and comes in a foldable structure. These features make it the perfect drone for carrying in any adventure. It uses a 720P HD aerial camera and a 200W pixel camera for a bright or clear photo. Stay with this drone x pro review to know it in a better way.

About Drone X Pro

With its pre-programmed built-in camera shots, a least tech-knowledgeable person can also capture professional-quality footage. It is made with all those features that keep it extremely simple and easier to control. This amazing drone can fly up to 10 minutes without changing the batteries and touching the grounds. To avoid the collision, it uses a gravity sensor that helps to detect the ground and any other obstacles.

Specification & Features of Drone X Pro

While purchasing this type of gadget, it is essential to know all the technical specifications and features. For better convenience, I will put here the specifications and features of DroneX Pro.

Specification & Features of Drone X Pro

Specification of DroneX Pro

  • Drone Size (Folded): 12.5cm x 7.5 cm x 5cm
  • Drone Size (Unfolded): 19.5cm x 27cm x 5cm
  • Passage: 4
  • Motor: Hollow Cup Motor
  • Battery: 3.7V 550 Mah (3 x 1.5 “AA”)
  • Camera: WiFi
  • Flying Distance: 60 – 80 meters
  • Flying Time: Up to 8-10 minutes
  • Map Pass Distance: 30 – 60 meters
  • Pixels: 720P
  • Configure Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Charging Time: 60 – 90 minutes.

Features of DroneX Pro

This foldable and ultra-portable drone offers limitless exploration with its high-end functionalities or flight performance.


It comes with replay, headless, and panorama mode. Replay mode allows replaying the footage highlights in high-definition motion. With panorama mode, it captures 360° images with just one click. Headless mode assures standard flight by following the remote control’s direction.


Drone X Pro can record videos in HD and take clear and bright images with its 720P and 200 W pixel camera. This camera can turn down 90 degrees, and the 120° wide-angle lens provides high-definition large images. The camera lens of Drone X Pro uses glass material.


It is featured with high atmospheric pressure that helps to lock the location, height, and stable hover from any shooting angle. With its track flight option, I can draw the flight path on the screen of the mobile phone. Then the drone flies according to the trajectory plan. The remote control’s one key makes this device more convenient for easy takeoff and landing.



It comes in a very compact size that I can even fit it in my pocket. The folded size is 12.5cm x 7.5 cm x 5cm and unfolding size is  19.5cm x 27cm x 5cm. I can easily fold the propellers inwards, which is very convenient while traveling to carry.

Gravity sensor:

While moving the drone in the sky, it becomes difficult to detect the obstacles. Drone X Pro has a gravity sensor that can detect obstacles and ground. To avoid collision and before getting hit by something, it changes the flying course.

How to Set Up Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro requires no special knowledge for setting it up. With only two simple steps, the setup process will be done. At first, unbox the Drone X Pro and keep the battery charged. Secondly, scan the QR code from the manual, install the app, and connect it to the drone. That’s it, and now the Drone X Pro is ready to fly.

How to Set Up Drone X Pro

How Does Drone X Pro Operate?

Drone X Pro is beginner-friendly and absolutely hassle-free. In this drone x pro review section, I will show how to operate it.

How Does Drone X Pro Operate

  • Properly unfold the drone and keep it on a plain surface.
  • Activate the remote control and the Drone X Pro, then hook the remote with the smartphone.
  • Before taking it off, make sure the Drone X Pro has enough battery power.
  • Then, press the top arrow button from the remote control.

What Is the Benefits of Dronex Pro

The marvel of high-tech engineering and design of Drone X Pro comes with huge benefits.

What Is the Benefits of Dronex Pro

  • The 4GHz remote control has a high-frequency signal and supports multiple aircraft simultaneously.
  • Its large-capacity lithium modular battery allows it to fly and film for 10 minutes.
  • With a 2km top transmission, it can fly up to 12 meters per second.
  • It is really easy to use with built-in pre-programmed camera shots.
  • Drone X Pro is designed with intuitive and smooth controls so; even any non-tech person can also use this.
  • The gorgeous lights offer a flashing dream color and brightness at night.

Drone X Pro Review: What Comes in the Box?

Drone X Pro Review: What Comes in the Box?

When I purchase DroneX Pro, I get some accessories. The storage bag is filled with an aircraft, remote control, 4 protective covers, 4 spare A/B fans, USB cable, screwdriver, and a manual.


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Is It a Scam?

After I started using Drone X Pro, I have realized that it is designed for meeting everyone’s needs. It allows me for the live streaming of my adventure tour. The smooth and intuitive controls provide incredible aerial shots and a top-notch experience from any angle.

Is It a Scam

At an affordable price, it offers high-tech modes, controls, and features. With its compact size, this drone works most faster. I tested this drone, and I can assure you that Drone X Pro is not a scam.

What Is the Price of Drone X Pro?

One DroneX Pro will cost 8,386 Tk. and save 8,387 Tk. If you buy 2 DroneX Pro, you will get 1 free, and it will cost 16,688 and save 33,630 Tk. with 3 DroneX Pro, you will get 2 free; it will cost a total of 25,159 Tk and save 58,704 Tk.

Where Can I Buy It?

I am very particular and protective about my gadgets. Therefore, I always prefer to buy any device or gadget from their official websites. I bought my DroneX Pro from their official website.

Where Can I Buy It

For your convenience, I will link the manufacturer’s official website. They provide 3 packages with free shipping. The best seller offer is Bye 2 DroneX Pro and Get 1 free. Another deal is that with 3 DroneX Pro get 2 free. Before the product gets stocked out, grab the best deals now.

Frequently Asked Question

In this section, I have answered the frequently asked questions about DroneX Pro. Hopefully, it will clear all the confusion.

How Far Can the Drone X Pro Fly?

DroneX Pro can cover 60 – 80 meters flying distance at up to 12 meters per second speed. It can easily push its limit and fly high without losing the transmission.

Does the Drone X Pro Have Gps?

It has GPS positioning that constantly provides updates about the position of the drone.

Is Dronex Pro Easy to Fly and Take Pictures/videos?

Yes, it is designed with some built-in pre-programmed camera shots for boomerang and asteroid shots. This thing makes DroneX Pro very easy for taking pictures and videos.

Is Dronex Pro the Best One to Buy for Beginners?

It comes with some extraordinary features that help to fly and control this drone with more ease. So, without any technician’s help and tech-knowledge, beginners can use it and have professional-quality footage.

Final Verdict

Don’t get fooled like me by seeing the DroneX Pro’s compact size and lightweight. It can work as a powerhouse with this tiny body and high-tech engineering features. Its quality and benefits are worth my investment. With the installed anti-collision feature, I don’t have to worry about protecting it.

It works easily with the pre-programmed features and modes. DroneX Pro is a beginner-friendly gadget and easy to control while flying. Its stability, capturing capacity, convenience, and flying quality amazes me. I share almost everything about DroneX Pro and my experience with it. Hopefully, this drone x pro review will help you to make the best decision.


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