Does Resetting Pc Make It Faster?

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If your PC is running slowly and has never been like that before, it may be because of large software space or outdated software. And as computer users, in all our computing operations, speed is one thing we enjoy. To raise a PC’s speed, many ask, does resetting PC make it faster?

When your computer was brand new, it ran operations with speed. But as time went on, its speed wavered. And perhaps now you’re thinking of resetting your PC to clear out those large files. But you want to make sure forgoing your personal files for a faster experience is worth it. Then, a question you need an answer to is that does resetting PC make it faster? So…

Does Resetting PC Make It Faster?

The short-term answer to that question is yes. Resetting your PC will shortly make it faster. But after some time, once you start uploading new software and apps, it may return to its slow pace. And that’s one primary reason this article is here in the first place.

Does Resetting PC Make It Faster

Apart from looking at why resetting makes computers faster, we’ll also be looking at how to prolong the PC speed. You’ll discover a few tips to maintain the PC’s speed after resetting it.

What Is PC Resetting?

Resetting is the process that wipes out apps and files installed on the PC. Then it brings back default Windows and any app that the PC’s producer put in the system from the beginning. When PCs slow down, many PC users quickly consider resetting their devices. And that will clear out files blocking the smooth flow of the computer. Then, as time goes on, after adding new software upon software, the slow pace returns. That’s due to the upload of new files though we need to use web browsers, graphic apps, Microsoft Word, and the others on our PC.

What Is PC Resetting

What Is the Best Time to Reset Your PC?

Apart from asking does resetting PC make it faster, some individuals ask for the best time to reset it. As you already know, resetting your PC means you clear out personal files, software, and installed apps. Then, the computer is left with only the system apps.

Therefore, when you’re disposing of your PC or selling it off is the best time for a PC reset. That’s because your files may contain sensitive information even though it’s work details. But in case, before you reset, you’ll want to back up your files for future access.

If, however, you’re one of those who want to reset PCs for speed without file loss, there’s a way for that. Let’s see it.

How Can I Reset My PC without Losing Windows?

This is for those who want to avoid reinstalling Windows by installing media files in CD/USB Drive. There’s a feature in your PC to reinstall Windows with no CD/USB drive. There are simple steps to reinstall Windows without installing media and retaining your files— photos, documents, music, etc.

How Can I Reset My PC without Losing Windows

  • Step 1: Go to Windows settings.
  • Step 2: After doing that, on your screen, you’ll see a list of options. Click on “Update & Security.”
  • Step 3: Then, you’ll see some options on your screen. Click on “recovery.”
  • Step 4: Afterward, under “reset this PC,” click ” get started”
  • Step 5: Then, on your screen, two options will display— “keep my files” or “remove everything.” To keep your files, you click ” keep my files.” But if you want to clear all, then you click “remove everything.” Since, here, you want to keep personal files, click ” keep my files.”
  • Step 6: After some seconds of loading, “next” will display. Click on it.
  • Step 7: Finally, click on “reset” to reset your PC settings without taking out your Windows or files.

Does Your PC Still Run Slow After a Reset?

Once again, we said that resetting a PC makes the computer only temporarily faster. But you can coax your PC in staying fast. Here, we’ll be laying down tips on how to ensure the just-reset computer maintains its speed. You’ll need to follow these tips weekly or monthly. By doing that, you’ll rest assured that your computer stays fast. So, no more need for PC reset again. Here are the key ways to keep your PC running fast:

Does Your PC Still Run Slow after a Reset

Reduce Startup Apps

Why your laptop can take time to boot is that it has lots of software and apps to load too. Not all the apps are unrequired. Some are crucial, like your mouse, drives, or keyword software. The deal here is to take out apps you don’t need and disable them. To disable software from running on startup, here’s what to do:

  • Step 1: Go to your Task Manager. The shortcut to get there is pressing shift+ ctrl +esc keys.
  • Step 2: Click startup. Then, you’ll see a list of apps that run on startup.
  • Step 3: To check, click on one of the apps to see if it’s enabled or disabled to run on startup. Plus, it’s to see the app’s effect on the computer’s speed.
  • Step 4: To enable or disable an app, click on it and mark the button to enable or unmark to disable.

Update Software Regularly

It’s good to update your apps regularly to the latest versions. If you’re running a 2-year-old app, then there’s a high chance that’s why your PC runs slowly. Besides, reset won’t sort that. To update Windows software, here’s what to do:

  • Click start
  • Then, click the settings icon
  • You’ll see a new Windows welcome.
  • Click “update & security” there.
  • After that, the screen will display a welcome greeting with pending downloads
  • So, click download to update the software.

Run Virus Scan Regularly

It’s advisable to regularly run virus scans on your PC for its smooth running. Also, endeavor to take note of sites you download from. Please ensure you avoid downloads from untrusted sites. By doing that, you shield your PC from internet viruses and keep your PC efficient.

How to Make Your Computer Faster?

Apart from reducing startup apps, updating apps, and running regular scans on your PC, there are other ways you can tighten your PC speed. Plus, by doing them, you may even succeed in raising your computer speed. And you’ll want that. Here are the ways:

How to Make Your Computer Faster

  • Lessen the apps you run at the same time.
  • Regularly do disk cleaning: Disk clean up finds out large files such as downloaders and internet files. Here’s how to do disk clean up:

Step 1: Click on “start.”

Step 2: Then, click on ” all programs”

Step 3: After that, click on accessories.

Step 4: Then, amongst the list of display accessories, click on “system tools.”

Step 5: After clicking on “system tools,” you’ll see disk clean up. Click on it and wait for it to clean up your PC of large files you never use.

  • Remove dust from the computer: Many may overlook this one. But dust can block airflow. And when airflow blocks, the system can heat. Plus, heating can slow down the system process. Therefore, it’s good to rub those dust off your PC.
  • Outsource more storage or RAM: As you already know, computers slow down when they have large files with limited space. Typically, if storage or RAM gets 85% full, the PC can slow down. But if one adds more RAM or storage, the PC will flow smoothly again. So, it’s beneficial to maintain large space in a computer to ensure fast running.

Can the ” Xtra PC” USB Device Make Your Old Computer Faster?

On the way to speed up your computer, perhaps you must have heard of the Xtra PC. Plus, maybe you heard how it could improve a PC’s speed. And if this is your first time, then get ready for a fast computing experience. Because with the Xtra PC, you’ll turn your computer into a speed machine. The Xtra PC is a wonder working USB device. It would help if you saw how it works.

All you need to do to set up this fantastic USB device is plug it into your PC USB port. Then, wait and watch the magic that happens to your PC in a few minutes. Before your very eyes, your PC that was slow and took hours to load a page becomes super fast.

The Xtra PC USB device practically turns an old computer into a brand new one. And one will expect this great device to be costly. But guess what? It’s affordable. If you want a fast and inexpensive means of speeding up your computer, you can try the Xtra PC device. It works on Windows and Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Resetting My Pc Remove Viruses?

Yes, resetting PC clears out viruses. But there’s something. Because of the varying nature of viruses, we are unable to conclude that resetting can cure malware infection.

Will Resetting Pc Fix Driver Issues?

Yes, resetting Windows 10 can clear the driver issues though you may have to download a couple of drivers. Windows may not find some.

Will Resetting Pc Fix Wifi Driver Issues?

During the resetting, the WiFi drivers will clear out also. So, you may need to reinstall it.

How Long Does Resetting a Pc Takes?

It would take three and a half hours to reset and start using your new PC.

Bottom Line

Does resetting PC make it faster is no doubt a crucial question to ask on speeding up computers. Running your PC with speed saves time and makes work faster. Hence, one should take proper steps to prevent PC slow down and maintain computer speed.


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