Does PhotoStick Remove Duplicate Photos?

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With the age of digital photography upon us, everyone is looking to save their photos electronically. Besides the hassle of saving photos and trying not to lose memories, people still worry about unintentionally backing up the same photos repeatedly. With all fingers pointed at the PhotoStick device as a solution to these problems, you might be compelled to ask, does PhotoStick remove duplicate photos?

The PhotoStick device has gracefully transformed photo and video file management into an evolution that saves everyone the hassle of deleting and sorting duplicate pictures, which would take hours to scan and sort images to successfully leave out duplicates.

In this guide, you will learn the working processes involved in transferring photos from your device to PhotoStick.

Does PhotoStick Remove Duplicate Photos?

First of all, what is a Photostick? It is a small, portable-looking storage device that can save thousands of digital photos for future reference. It is often mistaken for a flash drive because of its structural similarity.

Does PhotoStick Remove Duplicate Photos

PhotoStick is not just a storage device, but it is an advanced, intelligent storage device that can sort thousand of files, saving the user time and stress. PhotoStick can also dig out pictures that you think were lost on your computer. It works on any PC at all, whether Windows or Mac device. You are also able to transfer pictures to other PCs or gadgets.

The way Photostick operates is this; while you are transferring files from your PC to the PhotoStick. It carefully filters the picture making sure not to collect duplicates of the same image. It makes it able to save space for future photos.

I’ll take time to classify the pros and cons of getting a PhotoStick, so you know if it’s worth getting or not. Also, endeavor to check The PhotoStick Reviews.

  • Photostick can work on Windows or Mac, Desktops or Laptops.
  • It works by automatically sorting files to save you from unnecessary stress.
  • It saves time. You can do other things while it handles your files.
  • It works very fast. It can locate hundreds of pictures in a few minutes
  • Anyone can use it, tech-savvy or not.
  • It has different storage capacity variations like 8GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 1TB
  • Sadly, it doesn’t work on mobile devices.
  • The pictures are not sorted in the PhotoStick. So you’ll need to find an exact file.

What Is the Way to Find Duplicate Photos on PhotoStick?

In a case where you altered the Photostick settings and you are looking for a fast way to locate duplicate photos on your stick, or if you want to find pictures that are not precisely copied but look-alike on your Photo stick, it might prove quite stressful because of the many images saved on the Photo stick. I’ll guide you through ways you can find them.

What Is the Way to Find Duplicate Photos on PhotoStick

Firstly, it is the old-fashioned way. All you need to do is connect your Photostick to your PC, go to your file explorer, and on the search box, add the file extension you are looking for to narrow it down. Your computer will display all the files with the particular file extension. It can be time-consuming, especially if you have hundreds of pictures saved on your Photo stick.

Another way and probably the easiest is using a software known as PictureEcho. This software is specialized in finding similar pictures with visual differences. It can be pictures taken with the same clothing or at the same spot.

When the PictureEcho software shows all the duplicate files, you can either create a new folder to move them or delete them if you want.

How Do I Remove Duplicate Photos from PhotoStick?

Sometimes, you might find that duplicate photos slipped into your PhotoStick. It might have you wondering if truly PhotoStick removes duplicate photos. Well, there might be a few reasons behind this.

The picture might have been cropped or tampered with, or it might have a different file extension. Therefore, there might be a need for third-party software. There are specific methods used to remove duplicate photos from Photo stick.

How Do I Remove Duplicate Photos from PhotoStick

Native Method

This method involves plugging in your PhotoStick to your computer. Launch the PhotoStick application and go to the Photo stick settings. Click on options, choose the radio box to combine all files into a single directory, and tick the checkbox to skip duplicate.

Using Clone Files Checker

With this software, detecting duplicates is quite easy. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS and can be gotten on .

After download, start the app.

Choose the folder you want to search for the duplicate photos, then click on custom and images to direct the software to search for just pictures.

Hit ‘start search’ to see the history of all the duplicate pictures. Then click ‘review and fix’ and select that which you wish to delete or move.

Java-Based Solution

This method is a little bit advanced, and you need a Java Runtime Environment Software Development Kit (SDK) installed on the PC. Download it at

On your browser type, where the source code file is downloaded, click on the Raw button to display the file’s text mode, saving the file as text on the browser.

Configure the environment path of the kit to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\bin.

Open the command prompt and change the current directory to the folder where the Java source code is saved.

Cd C:\Users\%username%\Documents\JavaDupTest

Compile the java source code file to bytecodes that run on top of the Java virtual machine. CdC:\Users\%username%\Documents\JavaDupTest

Execute the bytecode file Java DuplicateFileRemoverTwo

When running the code, a request to check the folder for duplicate files pops up.

In the Command Prompt, type the complete path.

How Do I Stop My Photos from Duplicating?

Honestly, avoiding the creation and import of duplicate photos is the most effective technique to eradicate them. The best method is prevention.

How Do I Stop My Photos from Duplicating

It is very easy to make duplicate images on our computers since there are many ways to create photos. It makes organizing and finding our pictures more difficult.

There are a few methods to stop your photos from having duplicates, such as:

  • After every editing is done, probably Lightroom or any other picture editing app, you should always make sure to delete the original version of the picture. Editing photos create duplicates.
  • Create a folder for exporting photos. It would make sure that your pictures are always organized.
  • Always remove your backup drive from the software. Having your backup drive attached to your software is another cause of duplication.
  • Remember to delete your digital photos after each transfer. Yes, there is a chance you might forget you’ve sent it to your PC, and you’ll end up sending it again.

In short, always be careful while working on or transferring your pictures. That is how to curb the menace of duplicating photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

This section will answer some specific questions about PhotoStick and photoduplication.

Can the PhotoStick Be Used More than once?

Yes, it can be used as often as you like with no limitations. A Photostick is almost the same as a flash drive. Its portability makes it possible for you to carry it anywhere.

Is There an App to Find Duplicate Photos?

Yes, there are several applications you can use to find duplicate photos. There are software like clone files checker, PictureEcho, PhotoSweeper, and many more.

How Do I Scan and Duplicate Photos?

Suppose you’d like to scan your pictures to duplicate. You need to go to the photo’s file location you want to repeat. Right-click on it and choose copy, then go to the folder you wish to leave the duplicate. Then right-click and paste.

Does Infiniti Cloud Delete Duplicate Photos?

The Infiniti Kloud is almost similar to the PhotoStick with slight features. Unlike PhotoStick, Infiniti Kloud doesn’t remove duplicates automatically when transferring files. It copies all files and doesn’t delete them without permission.

What Is the Best Duplicate Photo Remover?

There might be slight variations in the features of each duplicate photo remover you find out there. I’ll suggest you check their qualities to decide which one you find easy to navigate. For me, I’ll say PictureEcho.


Does PhotoStick remove duplicate photos? Yes, it does. This device has saved many a tedious search for memories in a picture format by carefully sorting out files and making a safe space for future reference.


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