Dodow Review 2022: Does Dodow Device Really Work?

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For the past 2-3 years, due to work pressure, I’ve been suffering from sleeping issues very badly. I tried every sleeping pill possible to cure this problem, but nothing worked. After having the pills for a couple of weeks, they also stopped working.

Then I stumbled upon Dodow, and trust me, I was amazed about the process and how it works. I tried it on, and here I am, having 8hours of proper sleep with no side effects at all. My mind works just perfectly in the daytime, and I can sleep like a baby for the rest of the night.

In this article, I’ll share a thorough Dodow review – all the facilities I’ve been enjoying after using the Dodow device with the procedure of using it, price tag, customer reviews, and other guidelines.

Remember, it can only help to cure your long-term sleeping issues. Again the device completely varies from person to person!

Alright, let’s start!

Product Summary
Dodow Review

Dodow Review

  • The Hypnotic Blue Light calms your busy and stressed mind
  • It can calm your breathing and nerve system
  • The product helps to regain the natural sleeping ability again
  • It’s super convenient and easy to use
  • Made of durable and high-quality components which last longer

Dodow Review: A Short Overview

Study shows 264 million  people of all ages suffer mental pressure or depression all over the world. Also pandemics like covid-19 accelerate the rate noticeably.

However, mental instability is one of the root causes of lack of sleep . On that note, people are struggling with sleep or it takes hours and hours.

Poor sleep  can affect your daily life and cause health issues over time. Getting rid of  this severe illness is not that easy. To be honest, not only this Dodow sleeping aid but nothing is as effective as becoming mentally stable to have a sound sleep. But Dodow, unlike  sleeping phills having no side effects, can play a role to help you get a tranquil sleep at night.

Dodow Review

It can help you sleep in like a few minutes, and you won’t even realize it. The amazing soft blue light will work like a sleeping pill (although it’s 100 times better than a pill) and has no side effects or is addictive. Natural all the way!

Additionally, this magic piece is recently trending in the UK, United States, Australia, Canada, and many more countries just because people know its wonders.

What Is The Dodow?

It is a metronome ( a device that forms a specific rhythm) including a light projecting system. This French sleep trainer influences your brain to fall asleep naturally.

The basic is, it comes with a touchpad including a blue light breathing trainer on the surface. Once you switch on the claiming blue light it starts to form a rhythm by simply going on and off.

What Is The Dodow

Your job is to cope up with the rhythm meaning  inhale when the light appears and exhale while it goes off.

It mainly diverts your concentration from life issues and creates a naturally hypnotizing surrounding through light projectioning. Moreover, inhaling and exhaling while maintaining a rhythm also influences your nerves in a positive way and finally  leads to a sudden but deep sleep.

Benefits of Dodow Sleep Device

While sleeping pills are discouraged by specialists, natural remedies like Dodow sleeping aid are suggested to the patient struggling with sleep. The significant benefits this natural trainers includes to  influence your brain to fall asleep are :

  • The Hypnotic Blue Light calms your busy and stressed mind
  • It can calm your breathing and nerve system
  • The product helps to regain the natural sleeping ability again
  • It’s super convenient and easy to use
  • Made of durable and high-quality components which last longer
  • If there’s an issue, you can send back the product within 100days and can get a full refund

Dodow Technical Specifications

This sleeping device has a simple and classy design. The white disk of the gadget is 3.5 inches, and the thickness is 3 quarters of an inch. There’s a touch control at the top of the device where you can automatically set the time. You can also manually turn on/off the switch.

Dodow Technical Specifications

After you tap the top, a small blue hypnotic LED light will be emitted in your ceiling in the halo shape. Now, at the button of the device, the light blue disk will serve as the base with grip.

In the below, you’ll find 2 images that will let you know how you can activate the 8 minutes or 20minutes light cycles for your sleep schedule.

Below these images, there’s a divot that’s horizontally shaped which is the battery portion. You can unlock the compartment easily with a coin or screwdriver and change your batteries whenever you need them. Remember, the device can run on AAA batteries.

Reasons for Sleep Problems

There can be several reasons for sleep problems in people. For example,

  • Physical Disturbance: There might be some physical issues that can cause insomnia, headaches, pain from arthritis, or fibromyalgia (a condition that can cause pain in the whole body).
  • Medical Problems: For some medical issues like sleep apnea and many more, sleep problems can happen.
  • Psychiatric Disorders: Among most people, stress, tension, depression, and anxiety are common. These things lead to multiple sleep issues.
  • Environment Issues: Environment plays a huge role in your sleep schedule. Like if your partner snores a lot, you won’t be able to sleep peacefully, or if your room’s too bright, you’ll have sleep problems.
  • Genetics: Sometimes, genetics can also be responsible for less sleep. It’s a neurological disorder
  • Medications: If you take a lot of medication for your other health issues, your sleep pattern can be affected due to that.
  • Aging: People over the age of 65 generally have sleeping problems. However, it’s not clear if that happens for the aging or if that’s just the result of taking too many medicines as an older person.

Who is Dodow Fit for?

The fact that you’re already reading this Dodow review means you’ve some problem with your sleeping schedule and trying to get some permanent solution for this.

Well, people who have insomnia or can’t sleep right after they go to bed, even when they are busy all day, will need a Dodow device.

Not only people with insomnia but also if you want to stabilize and calm your mind and make it stress-free, you can have this one. Even when I’m not sleeping, I just turn on the machine and the calming blue light takes away all my stress with its hypnotic power!

How Does the Dodow Sleep Light Work?

You may already have an idea about how magical this gadget is. It literally helps to make you fall asleep, controlling the body’s natural rhythm. You’ll wake up stronger and stronger at the same time.

How Does the Dodow Sleep Light Work

Using this item is not hard at all. You just have to maintain the following steps,

  • Step 1 – Unbox gently the new purchased Dodow Sleep Device
  • Step 2 – Place the Dodow on any flat surface beside your bed on the bed stand or use the side drawer
  • Step 3 – Select the 8 minutes or 20 minutes cycle. Then tap the top of the gadget
  • Step 4 – Now lie back and wait for the calming blue light to appear in your ceiling. Inhale and Exhale with the blue lights growing and shrinking appearance. The light will move slower and slower and by that, your breathing rate will decrease too. You’ll breathe for 6time per minute when the stressed person’s rate is 11per minute.
  • Step 5 – All these things can make your nerves and mind calm, and you’ll suddenly start to fall asleep, removing all the anxious thoughts.
  • Step 6 – Done. Wake up in a fresh mood, and you’re ready for the whole day!

Pros & Cons: Dodow Reviews

Now I’m going to tell you about some pros and cons of the Dodow sleeping device. Of course, it has some restrictions like all other gadgets, and let’s find that out together.

  • The gadget is super easy to use
  • It can help to calm your mind, nerves, and breathing
  • Extremely affordable
  • The durability and reliability is worth the money
  • Blue light won’t affect your partner as its noiseless and soothing
  • 100days guarantee is available
  • This product is only available on their official website
  • People with no internet or poor net connection may find it difficult

Where Can You Use Dodow to Fall Asleep?

You can use Dodow beside your bed to keep. Also, the side drawer or any flat surface that’s near you can help. Just tap the ON button, and you’ll see the beautiful light blue light which can make you calm inside.

Where Can You Use Dodow to Fall Asleep

The interesting thing is, as the Dodow doesn’t need to be connected to electricity, you can carry it in your purse/bag if you want to sleep over with your friends or go hiking, camping, etc.

Don’t forget to take extra AAA batteries, though!

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Dodow?

Not really. With the science of sleep, this device works very naturally. The blue light will work like magic, and you can fall asleep on your own without any force, which is a great thing if you’ve insomnia. We’re not saying it’ll cure your insomnia, but it can try to reduce the effect!

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Dodow

It can also cure your other sleeping disorders simply, and you can get the result immediately.

How Fast Can I Expect To Fall Asleep With Dodow?

Actually, this depends on person to person. For me, it works within 15-20 minutes. If you’ve severe insomnia, it might take 30-40 minutes, or if it’s only hard to sleep right after going to bed, it can work within 20minutes.

How Fast Can I Expect To Fall Asleep With Dodow

You’ve to use the product regularly to get the best result, though.

And coming to the disruption part, No, it doesn’t disturb others as it’s a noiseless machine. And the blue light is very soft; the other person won’t even know if he closes his eyes!

Is The Dodow Suitable For Children Or The Elderly?

If you think Dodow only works for adults, then you’re wrong. As instructed on their official site, Dodow can be used for all aged people. Children from 6 or above who have sleep-related issues can easily use this product.

Is The Dodow Suitable For Children Or The Elderly

But if you’re a little worried about your children, then you can observe them while using the gadget and see if that helps.

Dodow Sleep Device Refund Policy

Suppose you’re not satisfied ( no way though) with your Dodow device and you want to send it back; you can do it. Within 100days of delivery, you can send back your products and can get a full refund.

The customer care system is there 24/7 as they’re real humans so they’ll respond immediately.

What Customers Are Saying About Dodow?

As I’m super obsessed with this product, I found out other people are too. So here I’ll be sharing the thoughts of some of them about this amazing Dodow sleeping device!

Susan– “I bought this one as a gift but ended up keeping it for my own”

Andrea Zentai- “You can’t believe how happy I’m to receive Dodow for this Christmas. After having tons of sleeping pills that didn’t work for me, this one did wonder! Recommending it to everyone out there.

Larry F.– “a great way to fall asleep in a few minutes. Loving it”

George C.- “I’m very pleased and happy to use this device. Like other insomniac people, I had the problem forever. But now I can sleep faster, better and deeper and can always wake up in a fresh mind .`

Laurie– “So glad to be finally off sleeping pills”

What Customers Are Saying About Dodow

How Much Does Dodow Cost?

You can purchase Dodow from their official website at the following prices,

  • If you buy 1 Dodow Sleep Aid Device, it’ll cost $59 + shipping charge
  • Buy 1 and get 1 50% at only $88.50 + Free USA Shipping
  • If you buy 2 you’ll get 1 free at $118 + Free USA shipping

Make sure to input the exact location of your home to avoid any kind of delays!

Where Can I Order A Dodow Sleep Device?

You can purchase your Dodow from the manufacturer’s official site. Multiple payment methods are also possible, like Paypal, Credit, or Debit cards. They confirm the utmost security of your information.

Furthermore, your product will be delivered to you faster than you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Practice Breathing On My Own Without Dodow?

Well, breathing on our own is actually what we do in a normal situation, but most people usually fail to continue the practice.

So if you’ve got a gadget that’s exactly made for a specific action, like Dodow for peaceful sleep, then you should try to get help from that. As I already said, people tend to stop practicing breathing on their own for sleeping purposes if there’s no extra force.

Dodow works like that special force that’ll help you to be motivated about your sleep problem. It’ll solve the issue easily!

What Is Included In The Dodow Box?

Here are some things you’ll be getting with your Dodow Box,

One Dodow obviously

3 AAA batteries which will last for 100nights if you use them normally

An instruction manual to help you know how to use Dodow without any confusion

Does The Ceiling Need To Be Flat For The Dodow To Work?

No matter what type of ceiling you have, the Dodow sleeping device will work in all of them. If you’ve textured, high, or no ceiling at all, it’ll work just fine.

Just make sure to keep the room as dark as you can. In that way, the darkroom will catch the soothing blue light effect spontaneously. You can also feel the result immediately by following this trick.

Why Do Experts Warn Against Blue Lights?

Staring to any light for more than an hour can cause problems, not only blue lights. They can make you feel dizzy or nauseous.

But here with the Dodow, it won’t happen as it has an 8minute and 20minute cycle for sleep. Within this time limit, you’ll be snoring, and it won’t damage your health.

What If I Sleep With A Fan On How Will The Dodow Hear Me Breathe?

First of all, Dodow doesn’t hear anything. The main work of this device is to spread the soothing, hypnotic blue light in a halo shape, so you get hypnotized, and your nerve, mind, and body get relaxed.

Also, the blue light’s structure change will let you breathe in that way so the breathing can be decreased, which will let you calm your body. So it’s completely okay if you sleep with a fan on.

What Is The Difference Between Original And Version 2?

There are actually not so many changes in between Dodow original and version 2. The slightest change that I saw would be in the battery lid.

Version 2 has a battery lid that can be opened and shut more easily. And it has a more sturdy design than the 1st one. That’s it!

Does Dodow Work If My Ceiling Is Grays But Not White?

Of course. No matter which color your ceiling is, you just have to keep your room really dark before switching the ON button. The darkroom will help the blue light to reflect perfectly whether the ceiling is of different color or if the ceiling’s texture is different. Don’t worry at all, and purchase this magic right now!

Who is the Supplier of Dodow?

The supplier of Dodow is the LIVLAB SAS store. They manufactured their first product back in 2017, and till now, it’s trending in the United States, Canada, Uk, Australia, and many more!

Contact Info

There’s a contact page on Go to this page, write your queries or if you want to buy a product and send them.

They’ve real human customer care service who’ll respond to you as soon as possible.


As said, nothing is more important  than organizing your mind to get a sound sleep. Finding sleep is a bad habit as it should come automatically when it is time for.  But if it is not there, something must have gone wrong.

Oppositely , falling asleep naturally at a certain time is a good habit and here comes Dodow to help you to form the habit gradually. Remember any instant solution in terms of fixing lack of sleep can be deadly overtime. Therefore natural sleeping aids like dodow can be your ace in the hole in getting rid of this unsettled sleep at night.

Product Summary
Dodow Review

Dodow Review

  • The Hypnotic Blue Light calms your busy and stressed mind
  • It can calm your breathing and nerve system
  • The product helps to regain the natural sleeping ability again
  • It’s super convenient and easy to use
  • Made of durable and high-quality components which last longer


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