Dechoker Vs Lifevac Reviews: Which One Is Right For You?

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One report of the non-profit National Safety Council showed that in the USA around 5k people die in a year due to choking.

Isn’t the number alarming?

Of course. Only proper use of airway clearance devices can dramatically improve this condition.

In this article Dechoker Vs. Lifevac Reviews and guide we’ll demonstrate about every nut and shell according to our research. We also attach the references of our provided information, so you can 100% rely on our words. Let’s start

Dechoker  Vs Lifevac : Comparison Chart

Large syringe
Small accordion
FDA approval
FDA approval
Yes with condition
Yes, with condition
Recommended age group
Recommended age group
12 month to any age group
Any age group
Learn from official website
Learn from official website
Usage number
Usage number
Expiry date
Expiry date
27 months
No expiration date
Using process
Using process
Place, and pull
Place, push, and pull
0.6 pounds
1.01 pounds
Success rate
Success rate
Relatively inexpensive

What Is Dechoker?

The Dechoker is a portable anti-choking device and it is scientifically designed to remove stuck foods or any other items from the airway. Most importantly, as it is FDA approved to use as a medical emergency kit, there is no risk factor or dilemma about its effectiveness to rescue the patient.

Dechoker - anti-choking device

How Does Dechoker Work?

The DeChoker is a syringe and tube-shaped medical equipment, which works by pulling like a plunger. When you pull its plunger, its tube will remove the stuck foods from the trachea.

How Does Dechoker Work

It comes in three different sizes of musk for different older patients. Such as; a pediatric mask for toddlers from 12 months to 3 years, child musk for 3 to 12 years children, and adult musk for more than 12 years patients. Though it is simple, you need to learn how to use it effectively and efficiently. Here’s the detailed process of how it works.

First, you should tilt the victim’s head to assess the airway.

Next, place the musk (what is suitable) over the patient’s mouth by covering his/her nose. When placing the musk, ensure there is no space left and insert the tube in the throat.

After that, pull the plunger of the tube to bring out the stuck obstacles from the airway.

If the obstacles don’t come out with the first attempt, pull the plunger once again into the exhaust valve to repeat the process.

You can check this YouTube video from its official YouTube channel to get a visual idea of how it works.

Advantage Of Dechoker

  • Easy to use: It is simple to use, and anybody can use it with basic knowledge. So there is no requirement to have any medical degree or knowledge to use it, which is incredible for mass people.
  • Portability: Nobody knows when an accident occurs, so you should always be prepared to handle any emergency. It is a lightweight design rescue device to carry everywhere you travel. It is also a life-saving tool in the hotel and restaurant because this choking issue occurs most at that place.
  • No battery and charge: The Dechoker doesn’t require any battery, wire, or charge to use. It works with the user’s physical strength and power. So no extra cost, no hassle, and no preparation.
  • No pain: The next advantage of this device is its completely painless. Though its tube will reach the patient’s throat to remove the obstacles from the airway, unbelievably most people find it doesn’t cause any pain.
  • No side effects: One of the main concerns for most users is the side effect of using any medical device. Fortunately, the Dechoker is free from any short-term or long-term side effects. So you can confidently use it to save your beloved person’s life.

Disadvantages Of Dechoker

  • Singe use: You have to throw it into the medical waste bin after one use to ensure sanitation. Because when the tube is entered into one victim’s throat, it’ll be contaminated. So it is recommended not to use it more than once.
  • Less effective: Here we compare the Lifevac and Dechoker, so according to Lifevac, it is less efficient and effective. But, if you don’t have Lifevac, then the Dechoker is worth removing the stuck foods.

What Is LifeVac?

The Lifevac is a  non-invasive, non-powered, and FDA approved Class II medical device. It is specially developed to clear the airway obstruction and rescue the victim. Because of being an emergency medical kit, the government and physicians both permit it to be used without any prescription.

LifeVac anti-choking lifesaver

How Does LifeVac Work?

The Lifevac works with simple mechanisms like a toilet plunger, and there is no hard and fast rule to use it.

How Does LifeVac Work

You should place the mask by covering the patient’s nose and mouth to create a tight seal.

When you press the plunger of the device, it forms a vacuum and steam to the airway of the patient to remove the obstacles.

As soon as the obstacles come out, you need to open the attached mask from the patient’s mouth to ensure comfortable breathing.

For your convenience, here you can check the YouTube video.

Advantage Of LifeVac

  • Comfortable: When the victim is suffering from airway obstacles, they are already in a dangerous position. If the treatment is not comfortable, that reaches the worst of the sufferings. In this case, the main advantage of the Lifevac is that it is entirely non-invasive and comfortable. The victim won’t feel any pain when the tube gets into the throat and releases the stuck objects.
  • Easy to use: Anyone can use this airway clearing device with manual effort. The victim’s attendance can easily be used if it needs enough time to reach the care professionals. After ensuring the first aid and releasing the objects, they can consult with an efficient doctor for further medical check-ups. (If needed)
  • Fastest: Every second is precious when the patient is between life and death in an emergency. It takes less than one minute to remove the objects and relieve the patient from this unbearable suffering.
  • No age group bindings: In most medical cases, the age group plays a vital role in defining the treatment. But here, the Lifevac is applicable irrespective of any age group. It can be used for all ages, including children to most senior citizens. Here is one short notice: the patient’s weight should be more than 22 pounds.
  • Essential accessories: It comes with a handy package, including an instruction booklet, A3-sized support poster, feedback form, and a suction device. That means what you need to save the patient, it  comes with everything. You can fastly use it without a care home setting.

Disadvantages Of LifeVac

  • Expensive: We all know that life is more valuable than money. But investing $60+ is too expensive for many users for a single-use medical tool.

Dechoker Vs. Lifevac Reviews: What Are Differences And Similarities?

Though both suction devices serve the same purpose, they have some fundamental similarities and differences. In this phase, we’ll discuss the imperceptible similarities and differences to help you make a fair decision.

Dechoker Vs Lifevac Reviews -Which anti-choking device Is Better

  • Shape and structure: At first appearance, you’ll find its shape and structural difference. When the Lifevac is small accordion-shaped, the Dechoker is large syringe-shaped. But both of them have valves to reinforce the air into the airway for removing the objects.

Winner: As both are different designs, there is a clear tie between them.

  • Expiry date: The Dechoker has a 27 months fixed shelf life, according to the manufacturer. On the other hand, the Lifevac isn’t bound with a fixed expiry date. It can be used any time before using it once. But, it is needed to change the Lifevac mask every 2-3 years to avoid risk.

Winner: Since Lifevac offers more expiry times, it is the winner.

  • Success rate: Once statistics showed that, Lifevac successfully saved the victim’s life in around 82% of cases. When the Dechokers success rate is only 44%.

Winner: One medical kit’s effectiveness is determined by its success rate. Here Lifevac is the winner.

  • Faster: Life is priceless, and Lifevac knows the value of every second in an emergency situation. It takes less than one minute to rescue the patient more than 80% of the time. Whereas the Dechoker takes less than one minute, around 67% of the time.

Winner: In prompt action the LifeVac wins.

  • Pricing: Lifevac is more accurate, effective, and efficient than Dechoker, that’s why it is more expensive than Dechoker.

Winner: If you consider the cheap price, Dechoker wins this time.

  • Weight: When any non-medical guy uses medical equipment, its weight plays a significant role in the proper use. Lifevac is slightly heavier than Dechoker; its weight is 1.01 pounds. At the same time, every Dechoker is only 0.6 pounds.

Winner: Dechoker wins as it is lighter than Lifevac.

Our Review Summary: What To Choose Between Dechoker Vs Lifevac

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our comparison guide on Dechoker Vs. Lifevac Reviews. Choking is a significant threat to human health, so there is no way to take it lightly. Both the clinical devices are worthy of saving a life, considering their usage, efficiency, and prompt action.

However, though Lifevac is a little expensive, it is most convenient for all ages of people from 6-96. Its success rate is much higher than Dechoker’s. Finally, the endless expiry date is worth your investment until use.

But, if you are looking for anti-choking equipment within a low budget, the Dechoker is the best pick for you.

No matter what you choose, both can save your beloved person’s life and satisfy you with their mind-blowing performance.


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