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Last month I was driving home from my bachelor’s party. It was dark and lonely. Suddenly a bright flash of light fell on my eyes and I lost control. Upon hitting a tree, I realized it was from a car from the opposite side. Damn! I could have died before getting married. That’s when I ordered the ClearView and started using it.

9.5out of 10

Ease of Use9.4

Value for Money9.5




This ClearView Review is my attempt to save you up from similar incidents in life. After all, marriage is a beautiful thing and I don’t want you to get deprived of it. This handy gadget has ensured safety for me on the road and surely will ensure yours too. So let’s not waste any time and see what it’s all about.

Product Summary



  • Super Comfortable
  • Great For Driving At Night
  • Offers Versatility
  • Durable Materials
  • Fits All

What Is ClearView

I am fond of the night city lights and chances are you are too. The colorful lights decorate the whole city like it’s a festival. But there are downsides too. These lights from cars and towers can distract you sometimes and cause severe injuries. They lead to reduced vision during driving, jogging, or cycling at night.

What Is ClearView

This is where Clearview comes into the scene. It’s an advanced night vision glass that offers you a crystal clear view at night. The glass comes with polarised photochromic lenses that effectively reduce glare on the streets. This along with its enhanced contrast makes sure you see through bright lights or see better when the visibility is poor.

The incredible glass can be worn just like sunglasses. This is what makes them special. The lightweight gadget fits nicely with anyone as it can be adjusted according to your likings. Thus you won’t miss out on style and be safe at the same time.

How Does Clearview Work?

It’s not rocket science behind this amazing creation. The glass packs an anti-blue ray layer coating that protects you from blue lights from car headlights. This makes the traffic lights eye-pleasing and your view much sharper. Hence the Clearview will make your busy night commutes comfier and safer.

How Does Clearview Work?

Besides the polarized lens comes along with transition technology that works seamlessly to further enhance your vision. The transition tech enables it to be adaptable to different light sources instantly.  Thus the Clearview can be used for a better view during both night and day.

ClearView Review: Key Features of ClearView

Below are some of the incredible features this masterpiece comes with.

ClearView Review: Key Features of ClearView

Super Comfortable:

Anything I will be wearing for a long period needs to be comfortable. ClearView doesn’t disappoint here.  It boasts adjustable hinges that make it easier to fit any face size and shape. The glass is lightweight and thus I don’t feel anything heavy once I put them on. This makes them comfy for long hours of usage.

Great For Driving At Night:

Driving at night is fun but has its fair share of risks. The glare from car headlights, bright led signals, and road signs can put stress on your eyes. This night glass packs photochromic lenses and advanced tech that reduces the stress caused by such lights. Thus I feel more confident behind the wheel whenever I travel across towns.

Offers Versatility:

It’s not only driving at night this champ helps with. The handy glasses make poor lighting look better and crisp with its top-shelf engineering. This makes them ideal for usage in fog, rain, cloudy, haze, and badly lit areas. Thanks to the aviator design, the glass offers a wide range of vision that makes it suitable for all-purpose usage.

Durable Materials:

What had me blown away is its premium build quality. Everything felt impressive starting from the metallic alloy frame, quality spring-loaded hinges to the high-end nose pad. This offered me peace of mind right out of the box. After all, I was looking for a product that will last longer and the ClearView surely will.

Fits All:

Thanks to the wide adjustability the glass frame comes with, the gadget suits both long and short-sized users. They can be used on top of regular glasses and still holds the same effectiveness. The miniature screwdriver that comes along with the glass ensures quick adjustment to fit all face sizes. Thus my wife and I had a blast wearing it with ease.

Fits All

What I Like
  • Weighs only 20g
  • Ensures comfort during long usage
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Offers safe driving experience at night
  • Reduces eye stress
  • Ideal for driving, jogging and cycling
  • Works at various weather conditions
  • Comes with durable materials
  • Fits both men and women
What I Don't Like
  • Looking forward to different shapes for the glasses
  • These are not always in stock

What Are Customers Saying?

A product that is useful always wins over its customers. The ClearView has got everything right to enhance users day to day life. Peter who is a trucker mentioned the glass helps him view the road better at night and matches his style. Susan, a teacher, says she wears the glass to go out jogging at night. The better vision helps her make fast movements and makes her feel safer.

What Are Customers Saying

How to Wear ClearView Perfectly

The night vision glasses can be worn according to your likings. It doesn’t compromise its effectiveness whether you wear glasses or not. I usually wear glasses while driving so I wear them on top of my glasses. This offers me an added advantage enhancing my vision to many folds.

How to Wear ClearView Perfectly

You can also use the gadget just like usual sunglasses. Simply put it on while you drive, run or walk and you will experience a whole lot of difference. I have gotten used to the night vision glasses so much that I barely wear sunglasses now. The ClearView being so versatile has become my daily pick whenever I go out.

Is ClearView Worth It?

It’s not easy to trust something new. To be honest, I too was worried for a while. But all changed when I got the glass. What impressed me right out of the box was its incredible build quality. With months of usage, I realized this gem certainly lives up to the expectation. Each of the features mentioned in this ClearView review works flawlessly making it worth every penny.

Is ClearView Worth it?

Where I Can Purchase It?

I looked for ClearView at the stores around me and failed to get them. Then I realized they can only be bought from their website. This didn’t demotivate me as I would be getting the product from their official site. With lots of cheap clones in the market, this felt the safer option to me.

Where I Can Purchase It?

During my purchasing period, there was an offer of a 50% discount. It looks like you have hit the jackpot here as the deal has got better. Now you can own these ballers at a 73% discount ordering three at a time. What makes it more lucrative is you will be getting two more glasses-free with those three. With an offer this good, I hope you don’t miss out on these goodies.

Final Thought

Well, it’s time to wrap up today’s discussion. Having used the ClearView for over a month, I have to say I am quite happy I bought it. I did try the same sort of glasses before but they barely functioned as promised. This masterpiece ticks all the right spots with its advanced technology and premium build.

Hope this ClearView Review has offered you useful insights about the product. It’s always good to be safe than sorry and I learned in a hard way. A few inches to the right that day and I wouldn’t have been here writing the review. Thus bring home these amazing night glasses and have safe rides night and day.


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