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How to Set up Fixd

How to Use Fixd The Right Way?

Fixed is a  groundbreaking distinctive tool including an OBD2 system car scanner which works with a mobile app. Do you have any idea how to use fixd? With this you will utilize an onboard diagnosis to figure out what trouble your car is having in real-time. You would also be given particulars on the potential … Read more

FIXD Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Buying?

People who use cars many times face some common issues and have to go for servicing or inspection. I had to visit car mechanic shops frequently for my car’s inspection that takes huge time and money. To prevent all these situations, I started using a device called FIXD. It is a time-consuming and cost-effective solution … Read more

Fixd VS Veepeak: Which One is Worth Your Money in 2022?

Car maintenance is an unavoidable and very common task for every car owner. Your beautiful car becomes your headache when the matter is about maintenance. Besides, the maintenance task becomes more challenging if you don’t have any technical idea about the car. One of the greatest examples is me. Due to my lack of technical … Read more