VIZR Review – Vizr Heads Up Display Puts You In Control

VIZR Review

To see the navigation display of my car while driving I had to look away from the road. This thing always made me nervous. Then, I found a device called VIZR that transforms my smartphone into a heads-up display. This new technology gadget is ideal for anyone who drives. Before using VIZR, I used many …

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FIXD Reviews – This Car Diagnostic tool is Shocking

FIXD Reviews

People who use cars many times face some common issues and have to go for servicing or inspection. I had to visit car mechanic shops frequently for my car’s inspection that takes huge time and money. To prevent all these situations, I started using a device called FIXD. It is a time-consuming and cost-effective solution …

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Comparison Details Between FIXD vs. ELM 327

FIXD vs. ELM 327

Car maintenance is a routine-based task for every car owner. No matter how busy you’re or how much you hate this task, if you own a car, you’ve to do it. In the beginning when I purchased my car for the 1st time. I took my car to a car diagnostic center for all kinds …

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Fixd VS Hum – Comparative Analysis

Fixd VS Hum

Being an owner of a car has a lot of advantages. But when you think about its maintenance, it becomes a burden for you. Besides, car maintenance is a kind of task that you can’t skip. I can still remember when I got my car, I had spent a lot of money for its maintenance …

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OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd – Choosing the Right One

OBDLink MX+ vs BlueDriver vs Fixd

Maintenance and servicing of the car is an irritating task for everybody. But if you own a car, you can’t skip it. Because the safety of yourself and your car depends on how well you take care of it. When I got my first car, I took it to the car diagnostic center whenever any …

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Fixd VS Veepeak – Pick the Right One

Fixd VS Veepeak

Car maintenance is an unavoidable and very common task for every car owner. Your beautiful car becomes your headache when the matter is about maintenance. Besides, the maintenance task becomes more challenging if you don’t have any technical idea about the car. One of the greatest examples is me. Due to my lack of technical …

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