Can I use An Eyeglass Cleaner To Clean My Computer Screen?

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Can I use an eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen is a commonly asked question amongst many computer enthusiasts. Knowing the answer to this question makes it possible to care for our computer screens better.

Computer screens gather dust and dirt as we carry them about and use them every day. Most of us do not spend a lot of time thinking about keeping the screens of our devices clean, and when we inevitably need to wipe their surfaces clean, it is tempting to grab an eyeglass cleaner because we think they are both glass surfaces after all; this could not be farther from the truth.

Eyeglass cleaners contain chemicals that are meant to clean and disinfect glasses but those same chemicals, when applied to computer screens, cause damage to the structures of the delicate electronic devices. In this article, we are finally going to help you answer the question: Can I use an eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen

Can I Use an Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen?

Firstly, before using a solution, it is vital to know its chemical components or what it is made up of. The chemicals used to make an eyeglass cleaner vary between manufacturers; some are safe for cleaning computer screens, while others aren’t.

Can I Use an Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen

The chemical components of eyeglass cleaners are Ethyl Alcohol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and water. The harmful chemicals that people should look out for in terms of suitability for cleaning are Ethyl Alcohol and Ammonia. The highly acidic nature of these two chemicals causes screens to become brittle, which makes them susceptible to marks that can turn into cracks over time. LCD screens are much more susceptible to this type of damage than LED screens.

Over the years, manufacturers have looked up to LCDs for the production of computer screens because of their energy efficiency and evenly lit pixels. LCDs don’t light up directly; they reflect light directly using a reflector to produce color. They are pretty fragile and should be handled with utmost care.

What Are the Alternatives for Cleaning My Computer Screen?

There are many things that one could use to maintain and clean computer screens, including various household products and kitchen products. Some examples are:

What Are the Alternatives for Cleaning My Computer Screen

Water-Based Solution: a water-based solution, if wrongly used, can damage the computer system entirely, so extreme care must be taken when using this to clean a screen. When a water-based solution is used, it should be sprayed on a soft cloth, which is then used to wipe the screen, with care taken not to apply excess pressure.

Note: The solution should never be sprayed directly on the screen! If water is sprayed directly, it may get into openings and damage the electronic system.

Microfiber Cloths: these pieces of cloth are very gentle and carefully woven to clean dust and fingerprints off screens and leave the surface spotless. They are primarily sold in tech stores.

Mild Cleaning Solution Made at Home: this is similar to the water-based solution. You can make a solution for cleaning at home comprising a few droplets of vinegar and about one cup of water. The water dilutes the vinegar so that it becomes non-acidic because acidic compounds are not ideal for computer screens. Ensure the water is voluminous enough to dilute the vinegar adequately.

Once again, be careful not to spray the solution directly on the screen. Instead, spray on the cloth before cleaning.

Cotton Cloth: this is a good alternative when the solutions mentioned above are not available. Using a very soft cotton cloth to wipe smudge, dust, or oil off the computer screen is ok. You can also spray a cleaning solution on the cotton cloth before cleaning.

There are other materials that can be used to clean computer screens, but it is essential to consider the material carefully before applying it.

How Can I Clean My Computer Screen without Damaging It?

Before cleaning your computer screen, you should make sure to check what your screens are made of; yoyu need to know if it’s a LED or LCD screen. Most of the latest generation of computers are made from LCD screens. This categorization determines how and what to use in cleaning your computer screens.

How Can I Clean My Computer Screen without Damaging It

Follow the following steps to clean your computer screen.

Firstly, make sure to put the computer off before cleaning; this lets you see the fingerprints, smudges, or stains on the screen.

Screens made off LED gets heat over time, making dust stick to its surfaces, so it’ll be easier to clean when it’s cool.

  • Clean with a microfiber cloth, ensuring every screen spot is wiped. It is advisable to clean in a particular pattern: it could be in circles or zig-zag from up to down.
  • Spray alcohol- and acetone-free cleaning solution on a very soft cloth and wipe the screen.
  • For the screen’s nook and crannies, you can clean with a cotton bud sprayed with the same cleaning solution.
  • Finally, dry off with a microfiber cloth, so dust doesn’t stick to the newly-wiped screen.

Throughout the cleaning process, it is vital to make sure not to use too much pressure on the screen as this could damage the screen’s integrity. Always apply minimal pressure while cleaning.

How Do I Clean My Computer Screen with Screenklean?

Screenklean is a device that has proven worthy of appraisal in the market. This device is made with advanced technology that cleans computer screen surfaces and disinfects them without leaving any streak or dirt behind.

How Do I Clean My Computer Screen with Screenklean

The device is made handy in such a way that you can easily transport it from place to place. Owing to its window wiper-like structure, it is suitable not just for computer screens but any screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is common for people to wonder if they are cleaning their screens the right way and, if not, the proper way to go about it. I’ll give detailed answers to some of the popular questions.

Can I Use Alcohol Wipes to Clean My Laptop Screen?

No, alcohol wipes are too harsh for your laptop screens. It is so because most laptop screens are made using LCD technology. Continuous use of alcohol wipes would make the brittle screen, making marks that could lead to cracks.

Is Screen Cleaner the Same as Glasses Cleaner?

No, it isn’t, even though most people use them interchangeably; they are meant for different purposes. Screen cleaners are made strictly for cleaning screens of electronics like computers. They don’t have harsh chemical compounds that can damage such screens.

Glasses cleaners are suggested by an optician to help maintain the integrity of medical glasses. These might contain alcohol to help disinfect the glasses, which is bad for screens.

Is Eyeglass Cleaner the Same as Windex?

No, it’s not. Windex is for cleaning window glasses and countertops. It is not ideal for optical glasses as it can damage the integrity of the glasses. Eyeglass cleaner is primarily sold in pharmacies, whereas Windex is sold in supermarkets.

Is It Ok to Use Windex on a Computer Screen?

No, it’s not. Windex has chemical components peculiar to cleaning thick glass surfaces. Therefore, it might be too harsh for computer screens. It is advised you use a microfiber cloth and alcohol-free cleaners to clean your screens.


Can I use an eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? Most people overlook the answer to this question until they’ve inadvertently caused irreversible damage to their computer screens.

It is important to avoid bad cleaning solutions and adopt good cleaning practices in order to preserve your device’s screen.


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