Bril Review 2022: Beats Germs and Guards Oral Health!

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Who doesn’t love having shining teeth? But who takes care of the toothbrushes? We usually pay a little attention to our toothbrushes. Most of us haven’t enough idea about germ absorption in our brush heads.

And we are dealing with tons of germs in our toothbrushes from early day to late night. So, what the solution to the health-sensitive problem is?

Yes, the solution is Bril. I am talking about the most brilliant way of sterilizing the toothbrush with the UV sterilizer. Bril is a handy air-tight cap to protect brushes from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses. Let’s find more about Bril.

Product Summary
Bril Review

Bril Review

  • UV-C light sterilization technology
  • Lockable case to hold a toothbrush
  • 360-degree ultra-deep sterilization
  • Elegant transparent design
  • Magnetic mounting hook to hang on the wall

Bril Review: A Short Overview

Bril is an innovative toothbrush case to kill air-spread germs, viruses, and bacteria. We cannot see the germs absorbed in our brush heads. And we are daily struggling with millions of harmful germs from our much-needed toothbrushes. Bril uses natural UV lights to kill germs automatically.

Bril Review

Bril can be our reliable family friend to live healthier and to smile happier. It kills 99.9% of germs by destroying the molecular level of DNA. Furthermore, Bril uses hospitals and space stations’ uniform UV sterilizing technology. Therefore, we can keep our oral health safe by the trusted and tested device.

Bril is portable and usable for any kind of toothbrush. And it is easy to maintain and mount on the wall. We can assure the overall health well-being of your beloved family members with the UV lights toothbrush case. It saves time and money too.

What Are The Risks of Oral Bacteria?

According to health experts, oral bacteria causes severe health hazards like diabetes, heart diseases, dementia, and missing teeth (Dorfer, et. al, 2004). Furthermore, it may create other gruesome diseases like cancer and stroke. Unfortunately, our toothbrushes are fertile lands of harmful bacteria. If we don’t care about toothbrush-driven oral bacteria, we can face the following health risks.

What Are The Risks of Oral Bacteria

  • Heart Diseases: The harmful oral bacteria can travel through our bloodstream to damage arteries. And it encourages bad cholesterol deposits into our coronary arteries to cause sudden heart failure.
  • Diabetes: Recent studies show that oral bacteria create gum diseases. And it can cause a serious health hazard for diabetic patients. Oral bacteria causes inflammation of beta cells that worsen both types of diabetes.
  • Dementia: A poor oral health with an excessive amount of harmful bacteria leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, oral bacteria increases the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and vascular dementia.
  • Cancer: The elevated level of harmful oral bacteria incites cancer cells to grow in favorable conditions. It can cause chronic gum diseases like pancreas, lungs, colon, and breast cancer. Unfortunately, our oral health is quietly related to unavoidable diseases.
  • Teeth loss: We can lose our invaluable teeth due to the attack of detrimental oral bacteria. Advanced gum diseases cause teeth loss that grows inside over time. And our toothbrushes are the main patronizer of the gum oral bacteria.
  • Odorous breath: The common consequence of bad bacteria oral inside is odorous breath. According to dentists, harmful bacteria generate sulfur chemicals as the by-product of the chemical metabolism process. In consequence, it causes bad breath inside our oral system.

Our toothbrushes are the motherlands of harmful oral bacteria. And these are silently causing serious health hazards for our family members. Bril can keep us away from unexpected health risks.

Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

We don’t know how many germs and bacteria are entering our mouth by our favorite toothbrush. And we feel sick due to different diseases like diarrhea, cholera, heart diseases, and many more. Bril is a brilliant sterilizer that impedes germs from touching our toothbrushes. It automatically kills bacteria and viruses and makes our toothbrushes safe for every use.

Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

Bril has an Ultraviolet-UV technology to sterilize 99.9% of bacteria on our toothbrushes. It is a natural shield to keep our brushes away from the toilet and flush germs. Bril kills bacteria and viruses before getting to our mouth. We can bring drastic change to our family oral care with Bril.

Features of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

Bril comes with the next-generation space-age sterilizing technology for germ-free toothbrushes. It confirms complete family oral care. Our beloved kids feel safe to use their brushes anywhere. We can consider it as our reliable family friend. Let’s find the key features of the Bril toothbrush sterilizer.

Features of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer


  • UV-C Light Sterilization: Bril beats germs and bacteria with the cutting edge UV-C light sterilization technology. This is the same technology of serialization applied in hospitals and space stations.  It is an eco-friendly way of killing germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs: Bril kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the brush heads using UV technology. It is an automated sanitizer to make toothbrushes germ-free around the clock. Therefore, we get a safe and healthy brush at every use. Bril doesn’t require any more effort except keeping the brush inside to kill germs.
  • 30 days of battery life: Bril is handy to use with its rechargeable and long-lasting battery. It works for up to 30 days with a single recharge. Therefore, you can carry your brush anywhere for a couple of days with no battery issue.
  • Easy to port: Bril is a compact device with a super portable feature. We can easily carry and store it anywhere. We can feel better brushing our teeth in an unfavorable environment wherever we go.
  • Magnetic mounting: Bril has a magnetic mounting feature to hang it anywhere we want. I can easily mount my brush on the drywall to avoid germs and bacteria. The toothbrush keeps locked Bril inside, having no risk of falling.

Degree Ultra-deep Sterilization

Bril is effective enough to kill stubborn germs through 360-degree ultra-deep sterilization. It sterilizes all sides of the brushes at every use. Bril sterilizes every single bristle to remove germs from the depth. Therefore, we get a fresh brushing experience every time.

Around the clock protection

Bril takes care of our brushes 24/7. It confirms the pure protection of brushes while these are not in use. Bril builds a barrier around the toothbrushes to prevent germ absorption on brush heads. It is a natural shield of toothbrushes.

Auto sterilizing

Bril UV-C device sanitizes toothbrushes automatically. It doesn’t require any more equipment to keep the brush clean and safe for further use. I need to put my brush in Bril to have a safe one again. It automatically uses ultraviolet rays to kill germs and bacteria.

Fit for all toothbrushes

Bril is suitable for small, large, electric, and standard toothbrushes. It is usable for flat or odd-shaped brushes. Our kids’ small brushes also fit well in the UV-C case. At the same time, it accepts odd-shaped large brushes causing no hassles.

Zero effort

Bril offers me a safe toothbrush at my every use with zero effort. I just put my brush into the device, and it does the rest. It saves my money and effort to take care of my family’s oral health. I get a germ-less fresh brush to clean my teeth within three minutes.


The compact but cost-effective sterilizing device is available at an affordable price. It requires a trivial amount of investment for longer oral care. We can a have long-term service from Bril investing once.

Money-back guarantee

Bril comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee when any issues arise. If you don’t have 100% satisfaction for any reason, you can easily return it. And the return policy is convenient with hassle-free customer backup.

Technical Facts of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

Bril is a unique innovation in our daily lifestyle. It comes with outstanding features and functions. In addition, the technical facts have made the device decent in use. Let’s find the technical details of Bril.

Technical Facts of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

  • UV-C light sterilization technology
  • Lockable case to hold a toothbrush
  • 360-degree ultra-deep sterilization
  • Elegant transparent design
  • Magnetic mounting hook to hang on the wall
  • 30 days of battery life for long-lasting service
  • 24 hours of protection from 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria
  • Small in size but fit well with all toothbrushes

How Does Bril Work?

Bril protects our mouth from millions of germs and bacteria sunk in toothbrushes. The portable and compact UV sterilizer kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria within three minutes. It has adopted the advanced UV-C technology used in hospitals and space stations.

How Does Bril Work


Undoubtedly, a healthy family starts a day and shuts a night with healthy toothbrushes. In this regard, Bril is a trusted device to keep the brushes clean and safe for hours. Bril works in three simple steps, like the greatest saying Veni, Vidi, and Vici.

First of all, I put my used toothbrush in the Bril and shut the case. And then it pours UV-C rays on the brush heads all around. Finally, I get a 99.99% germ-free clean brush within three minutes. It keeps the brush safe for 24 hours until the next use.

Bril remains active with its 30 days of battery life with a single charge once. It saves my time, money, and energy to ensure my family’s sound oral health. Because Bril automatically starts sterilizing when I put my brush into the case. It is so simple to use indeed.

Pros and Cons of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

Pros and Cons of Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer

Pros to Prefer

  • A clean toothbrush: Bril offers me a clean toothbrush at my every use. It takes care of my family’s oral health. My kids are happy with Bril.
  • No more germs: Bril keeps my brush free from germs and harmful bacteria. It kills germs from the molecular level. The UV-C technology destroys the DNA of bacteria and confirms 99.9% of germs cleansing. So, it lets me say bye-bye to germs!
  • Good for mouth and body: Bril protects our mouth and body from harmful bacteria and viruses. It makes my toothbrush free from all forms of germs and lets me lead a healthy life. Bril is a blessing for my family.
  • No more diseases: Our toothbrushes are the fertile lands of germs and bacteria that enter the human body through the mouth. And these harmful bacteria cause numerous diseases like diarrhea, skin infection, pneumonia, heart diseases, common cold, and even cancers. Now it is time to prevent the diseases with Brill.
  • All around sterilization: Bril sterilizes a toothbrush from a 360-degree angle. The UV-C rays reach each bristle and clean it from depth. Therefore, I find my toothbrush 99.9 percent germ-free at my every use.
  • Effortless use: Bril does everything, and I enjoy brushing with a clean and safe toothbrush. I do one thing just place my brush in the UV-C sterilizing device. And Bril does everything to offer me a germ-free brush at the next use.
  • Fits any toothbrush: Bril fits well with any toothbrush, either for adults or kids. It holds both small and large brushes with no trouble. Bril never minds with even or odd-shaped brushes.

Cons to Consider

  • Not shareable: Bril is a single-user-based device. And its shared use is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, it can cause oral health hazards.
  • Not available worldwide: Bril is at limited stocks in the global market. And it is only available on its official website.

What Happens if We don’t Sanitize Our Toothbrushes?

We need to care for our toothbrushes to care indirectly for our oral health. And it is vital to have a germ-free brush at every use. Sanitizing is an ideal way of killing germs and bacteria from our brush heads. However, we haven’t enough time to sanitize our toothbrushes manually. I rely on Bril to sanitize my brush to avoid the following aftermaths.

What Happens if We don’t Sanitize Our Toothbrushes

  • Germ absorption: If we don’t sanitize our brushes, nasty germs and harmful bacteria attack the brush heads. In later, these germs enter our mouth and cause different physical disorders.
  • Bacterial diseases: The bacterial infected toothbrush can cause different diseases unless we sanitize before using. We can be sick with diarrhea, skin infections, pneumonia, and common cold diseases.
  • Oral health disorder: A toothbrush filled with germs and viruses can jeopardize the total oral health system for a longer time. It can lead to bad smells, decay, and the demise of teeth. And if we once lost our adult tooth, we never regain this.
  • Risk of gum disease: When we don’t sanitize our toothbrushes, harmful bacteria take the advantage to grow the risk of gum disease. Some particular bacteria spread gum disease inside the mouth around the teeth tissues.

Toothbrush Sanitizing Tips

A mouth is home to millions of malignant bacteria that originate from our innocent toothbrushes. I do believe that you are aware of disinfecting your toothbrush before using it. Unfortunately, it might not work due to toothbrush sanitizing errors. I want to suggest some proven tips to sanitize a toothbrush.

Toothbrush Sanitizing Tips


  • Use UV sterilizer: The ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria around the bristles. It confirms a quick germ removal from the head and body of the brush. Dentists suggest the UV toothbrush sterilizer for the complete cleansing of germs.
  • Stir into antibacterial mouthwash: We can sanitize our toothbrush just by stirring into antibacterial mouthwash. It is the easiest way to disinfect toothbrushes within the shortest time. It requires only 30 seconds of stirring the bristles into the antibacterial mouthwash solution.
  • Rinse with hydrogen peroxide: Rinsing the toothbrush bristles with hydrogen peroxide is an effective way of sanitizing. It is a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with hot water to kill the germs from brush bristles.
  • Use baking soda: The two spoons of baking soda are good enough to eliminate germs from a toothbrush. It is a natural way of killing harmful bacteria on the brush bristles before every use.
  • Use white vinegar: Someone considers vinegar the most effective alternative method of sanitizing toothbrushes. It is an entirely natural way of having a germ-free brush at regular use.

How Effective is Bril on Gingivitis?

A film of bacterial plaque causes the inflammation of gums. It is a non-destructive periodontitis disease that progresses around the teeth. However, untreated gingivitis can cause serious oral health complexities, even the loss of teeth. Bril can be an ideal solution to unwelcoming gingivitis.

How Effective is Bril on Gingivitis

Gingivitis can grow from stubborn harmful bacteria that aren’t removable through traditional sanitizers. It can attack the teeth of any age, like kids or adults. Bril UV-C sanitizer kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria to prevent the growth of gingivitis. It is effective enough to make oral health free from periodontal probing.

Bril Toothbrush Cleaner: How do I Use It?

The problem of teeth originates from toothbrushes. So, we wouldn’t get a permanent solution to the problem unless we cleaned our brushes. Bril is the brilliant device to sterilize millions of germs from toothbrushes. And it is easy to use with simple guidance.

How do I Use It

There is no rocket science to use the Bril toothbrush cleaner. It is an automated toothbrush sanitizer that kills germs through UV-C technology. I have nothing to do more than put my brush into the Bril. It instantly starts cleaning my brush without any more effort. However, I need to check the battery life to get optimum performance.

How will Brill Help My Overall Health?

We brush our teeth to kill germs from our teeth. But have we thought about germs and bacteria on our toothbrushes? Oral health experts find millions of harmful bacteria on the heads of brushes that go to our mouth while brushing teeth. And it can vandalize our overall health system. So, the main issue is our toothbrushes. Let’s find how Brill will help our overall health?

How will Brill Help My Overall Health

  • Germ-free toothbrush: Bril gifts me a germ-free and clean brush at my ever brushing time. It is a UV toothbrush sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs from the brush heads. Thus Brill protects our overall health from millions of nasty germs and bacteria.
  • No bacterial infection: Bril is really brilliant at preventing bacterial infection to our overall health. It automatically sanitizes our brushes and blocks the risk of bacterial infections like gum disease and gingivitis.
  • No viral infection: Our lovely kids’ teeth are prone to the viral infection of herpangina. It is a viral disease that mostly attacks children of 3-10 years old. And the disease spreads around the oral system. Bril helps lessen the risk of herpangina.
  • No chronic diseases: Medical experts believe that oral health is overall health where a toothbrush is important. Our toothbrushes can be the carriers of gruesome viruses and bacteria inside our bodies. And it can lead to chronic illness due to diabetes, heart diseases, and cancers.
  • Total wellness: A clean brush confirms a healthy mouth. At the same time, a healthy mouth makes life happier. We feel better in our daily life and enjoy every moment with happiness and wellness. And Bril does the job brilliantly.

Why do We Totally Recommend Bril?

Bril is the killer device of more than 100 million nasty germs crawling over the brush heads. This UV light portable toothbrush case protects our family members from harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. We recommend the Bril for both kids and adults for the following factors.

Why do We Totally Recommend Bril


  • Bril for a safe toothbrush: Bril uses UV-C sanitizing technology to wipe millions of germs away on the brush heads. And it gives us a clean and safe brush for our every uses. Our kids and adult family members remain free from viral or bacterial infections.
  • Bril for oral care: Bril is a reliable friend to take care of our oral system 24/7. It prevents painful oral infections like gum disease, gingivitis, canker sores, oral thrush, oral herpes, herpangina, and bad smells.
  • Bril for overall health care: Bril is benevolent for overall health. It protects our health from harmful bacterial and oral infections. Bril beats millions of germs on our brush heads and offers us a safe brushing experience. Therefore, we enjoy a happy and healthy life.
  • Bril is portable: Bril is easy to store and port anywhere. It is compact and convenient to carry wherever we move. Furthermore, it is easy to mount anywhere with magnetic mounting properties.
  • Brill is affordable: Brill is affordable and available with a money-back guarantee. It is cost-effective for long-term service. And if it causes any fault issues, we can avail of the hassle-free return.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bril comes with four different packages at multiple price ranges. A single Bril costs only $29.99. But if we purchase two Bril toothbrush sterilizers together, we will get one free to save $29.99. One of the most popular packages is to buy three and two free, where we can save $59.98. In addition, we may have the best deal package with eight Brils to avail of saving $119.96. And most importantly, we will get free shipping across the USA.

How Much Does It Cost


Where Can I Buy Bril?

Bril is available to buy on online shop. We can order it online from any corner of the USA. And the authorized online seller ships the orders across the country on time. We can enjoy the free shipping by purchasing one more.

Where Can I Buy Bril


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bril is a relatively recent innovation in the oral care system. Therefore, it grows so many questions about the Bril. Some of the frequently asked questions are here.

How do I know Bril will fit my toothbrush?

Bril fits well with all types of toothbrushes. The designer has designed the UV sanitizer for both small and large brushes. It conveniently holds the heads of any toothbrush. Bril works with electric or standard brushes also.

So, no matter what type of toothbrush we have, it sits nicely in the brush head chamber of the Bril.  The brush case comes with the guaranteed fitting with toothbrushes of any style and size.

Is UV Light Safe?

The ultraviolet (UV) ray is well recognized in the modern-day disinfecting industry. It is highly effective in killing viruses, germs, and harmful bacteria. Nowadays, UV sanitizing is common in hospitals and space stations.

Using UV lights in the Bril case is safe and harmless for us. When we close the lid of the Bril, it emits UV rays only to kill the germs. So, the exposure to UV lights inside is safe for kids or adults.

Will Bill Fit My Toothbrush?

Bril comes with 100% assurance of fitting with any toothbrush. It works well with standard and electric brushes also. No matter what the size of the brush. The toothbrushes of any size fit nicely in the sanitizing case.

The manufacturer has made the Bril size-friendly for convenient fitting with all brush heads. However, it is compact but fits better.

What Is The Battery Life of Bril?

The battery of Bril assures 30-days of sanitizing service at a single full charge. Therefore, we don’t have the hassle of daily charging. So, confirm the full charge once and enjoy the battery life for the next month.

And it is quite simple to charge the rechargeable battery. When the power indicator blue turns red, we should plug in the USB cable for recharging. We can charge the battery from a USB-included electronic device.

Can UV Light Dry A Toothbrush?

UV light is faster in drying objects than the traditional dryers. Bril uses ultraviolet rays to make toothbrushes clean and dry. It automatically works to dry the wet head of the  brush.

We normally keep our brushes in the particular box after brushing. It causes favorable conditions to grow harmful bacteria and germs on the watering head. But if we put it in the Bril, the UV lights will dry the heads for further use.

How Long Does It Hold A Charge?

Bril holds the charge for 30 days after getting a full charge. So, we can ensure proper care of our toothbrushes even in traveling and outings for a couple of days.

And we can recharge the battery by just plugging a USB cable into our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It saves time and money to sanitize our daily used toothbrushes.

Who Is The Provider of The Bril?

With the aim of healthy teeth and bright smiles, is providing the cutting-edge automated sanitizing device, the Bril. It is the official seller of the Bril that provides orders across the United States of America.

Their mission is to make every smile brighter and happier. And they believe that only a healthy toothbrush can ensure a healthy mouth.

Contact With Support Team

We can contact the 24/7 support team of Bril for any issues of order or refund. The support team is available via email at or over the phone at 888-746-8638. In addition, we can reach brill physically at 9160 E Del Camino Drive, Suite B1, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Let’s feel free to contact the support team for any query or service.

Valued Verdict!

They know the value of tooth who lose it. Most interestingly, we care about our teeth but are indifferent to our toothbrushes. But oral health experts opine that our brushes are the key sources of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. There are many conventional ways of sanitizing toothbrushes, but none is as effective as the Bril.

Bril comes with the latest UV-C technology to kill germs 99.9% of germs of our brushes. It never compromises with unyielding bacteria and germs. Therefore, we get a safe and clean toothbrush at our every uses.

Bril is so brilliant to let us live healthy and happy. Let’s love bright smiles with Bril. Thanks for being with us.

Product Summary
Bril Review

Bril Review

  • UV-C light sterilization technology
  • Lockable case to hold a toothbrush
  • 360-degree ultra-deep sterilization
  • Elegant transparent design
  • Magnetic mounting hook to hang on the wall


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