Bondic vs lazer Bond – What is the Best!!

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Are you unable to repair broken essentials with superglue? The plastic welder is the best solution to repair those essentials. Plastic welders contain liquid plastic glue and UV light to patch up anything within seconds. You can put together all materials with the plastic welder. Bondic and Lazer bonds are the most used plastic welders. They work the same but have some differences. In this article, I will discuss the Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison review with my real-life user experience. Let's enjoy the breakdown.

1. About This


As the world’s first plastic welder or UV light glue, Bondic has been working well in repairing cracks. It helped me to put together those repairs where superglue failed. I have experienced its amazing result on rough surfaces. You have to put the liquid adhesive and apply the ultraviolet light over it.


Within 4 seconds, it can repair the joints from both sides, which ensures an extremely strong bond. You do not need a heat gun or other tools to fix the joints with glue. I have touched the adhesive several times, but I did not feel skin-related issues and sticky fingers. Also, its glue never dries out in the air.

Lazer Bond

Lazer Bond works the same as Bondic. It uses a plastic resin that cures joints and cracks under UV light exposure. It makes a strong bond within minutes. I have tried almost all types of material parts to repair with the Lazer Bond. It successfully patches up all materials which were impossible with super glue.

Lazer Bond

It can hold up to 150 kg weight after joining the parts. Also, you can sand, paint, drill, and much more on the bond to have polished finishing as new. The plastic resin remains glued till the ultraviolet light is applied. I suggest you not touch the plastic resin, which is harmful to the skin.

2. Features


Bondic feature

Here are the features of the Bondic:

  1. Standard liquid adhesive formula: It contains a high-grade adhesive that creates a rock-solid bond within 4 seconds. You need to apply the ultraviolet ray over it. The adhesive will never dry up until the UV light is applied.
  2. Fast performance: It repairs cracks instantly by welding both sides. With a Bondic glue tube, I have repaired things 12 times.
  3. Safe to apply: Its adhesive is toxic-free. I have touched the adhesive several times but never faced skin irritation and other problems.
  4. Works on all surfaces: Normal super failed to repair rough surfaces and corners. You can apply the Bondic on those uneven surfaces where super glue failed. All materials can be put together with it.
  5. Resistance level: The bond of the plastic welder lasts on heat, water, acid, oils, and any rough situations. You can use machines and paints on it to give a new finish.

Lazer Bond

Lazer bond offers a wide range of useful features. They are:

Lazer Bond

  • Plastic Resin: Lazer bond uses plastic resin and UV light to patch up cracks. The resin works on those surfaces and corners where ordinary glues fail.
  • Multi-functional: You can put together glass, plastic, metal, iron, fabrics, and all other materials with the lazer bond. I also applied it on jewels and wristwatches. The result is perfect.
  • Strong and resistant: Lazer bond’s plastic resin creates a strong bond using UV light power. The bond has the capacity of taking weight up to 150 kg.
  • Works within seconds: You will see an instant result after applying the UV light over the resin. It takes a few seconds to repair a crack.
  • Paintable: The Lazer bond ensures a clear bond so you can apply machine and paint to give a smooth finishing.

3. How Does It Work?


How Does It Work bondic

The use of Bondic is very simple. You can easily understand its function by following the steps:

  1. Wash the surface to get a permanent repair.
  2. Now, put a few drops of bondic adhesive on the surface.
  3. Then, apply the UV bulb over the adhesive for 4 seconds.
  4. You will see that the bond is made from both sides.
  5. After doing the fix, use machines and paints to give a new look.

Lazer Bond

It is easy to use the Lazer bond plastic welder. Follow these steps to understand its functions:

how to work Lazer Bond

  1. Put a few drops of plastic resin from the Lazer bond glue tube on the crack.
  2. Expose the UV light on the resin. It takes a few seconds to form into the bond.
  3. After completing the repair, apply sander and paints to look new.

4. Where to Buy?


To avoid fake products, I suggest everyone get them from the merchant’s website. From this link, you can get discount offers with amazing packages.

Lazer Bond

Lazer bond is available at Amazon at a discounted rate. You can get it from here.

Bondic Vs Lazer Bond: Comparisons

Bondic vs lazer Bond

  • Lazer bond has plastic resin, which causes skin and health-related issues. But the Bondic’s liquid adhesive formula is safe to use and does not hurt the skin.
  • Bondic creates an extremely strong bond within 4 seconds and can hold heavyweights. On the other side, the Lazer bond ensures a strong bond but can hold up to 350 pounds weight.

Bondic vs lazer Bond: Which One is Better?

Bondic and Lazer bond is the best alternative to super glue. They perform well on all types of things and surfaces. In the Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison review, I recommend the Bondic because it ensures a rock-solid bond that can take overload and provide extreme resistance in all conditions.

Bondic’s liquid adhesive formula is chemical-free, so it is safe to use for everyone. You can get the Bondic from here with discount offers and facilities. Lazer bond’s plastic resin creates a strong bond but pliable. Also, the plastic resin is harmful to the skin and health. Now, choose the right plastic welder for your needs.

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