Blissy Review 2022 – Does it Really Good for Sleep Better?

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The most annoying thing I face after waking up from bed is my tangled hair. Sometimes because of the wrong pillowcase, my hair damages also start. This is such heartbreaking news for me. Also, I have a sensitive skin. This is why I was looking for a pillowcase that can easily solve my problem.  Luckily I found the Blissy Pillowcase that is made of 100% pure silk.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6

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The pillowcase is chemical-free and I can maintain my skin moisture. Also, my hair remains tangle-free and no damages at all. Now I am so happy and woke up in the morning without any tension. Here my Blissy Review will also keep you tension-free. Read the full context to learn fully about the Blissy Pillowcase.

Our Summary


Main Features:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe & Natural
  • Long-Lasting & Durable
  • Protector for Skin & Hair
  • Hidden Zipper

About Blissy

Blissy is a super soft & comfortable pillowcase that naturally made of 100% mulberry silk. The pillowcase keeps the skin wrinkle-free & my hair remains freeze & tangle-free. This anti-bacterial pillowcase helps in anti-aging and prevents mites, allergens, molds, etc from the cover.  The material of this pillowcase has zero toxins & fewer chemicals that ensure good performance while sleeping.

About Blissy Blissy is totally hypoallergenic and made of 22 momme 6A grade fibers to make the pillowcase softer than ever. This softness helps to keep the moisture of my skin as before. This moisture keeps the skin fresh and there is no allergic reaction or rashes at all.  Also, there is 43% less friction on my hair with fewer breakages & split ends.

In summer Blissy remains cold while in winter this pillowcase gives me a cozy feeling. For a sound sleep, I didn’t find a better pillowcase than Blissy. It perfectly suitable for any weather and easily carry on any place I want. This blessed pillow case can be easily washed and you can wash it as long as you want. The more silk of every inch of the Blissy makes the weaver stronger, durable & long-lasting.

Main Features of Blissy Pillowcase

Through the Blissy Review, I would like to explain some lucrative features of this pillowcase. You will see why using this pillowcase gives me a sound sleep.


Blissy is also known as a hypoallergenic pillowcase for its anti-bacterial formula. To forget the allergy issues during sleep this non-absorbent product is perfect. This is also non-toxic & uses natural silk that has no reaction on the skin.

Safe & Natural:

Using Blissy is completely safe as they are certified through Oeko-Tex® standard 100*. They ensure that the bliss is 100% toxic-free and use fewer chemicals on the pillowcase. Besides the Blissy use 100% mulberry silk that maintains the highest & pure quality among the silk.

Safe & Natural


I find using the Blissy comfortable compare to other pillowcases. It uses 6A grade fibers with 22 momme on the pillowcase. Whereas other cases use less than 22 momme. The more silk per inch square makes the pillowcase super comfy & the weave tighter. Because of the softness, there is no friction among the skin & hair.

Flexible Size:

This super comfy pillowcase Blissy comes in a variety of sizes. You can adjust with any pillow if you want. The universal king size makes the Blissy more popular among the user.


Like other fabrics, the Blissy will not ruin because of over & over wash. You can use mild detergent & cold water and wash it like other pillowcases. The pillowcase uses huge silk per square inch to make the weaver tighter. So more & more wash will not affect the cover at all. Besides the silk makes it stronger & durable. You can also wash it on washing machine.


Long-Lasting & Durable:

High-quality mulberry silk makes the Blissy long-lasting & increases durability. After every wash, I feel like I am using the new pillowcase on my bed. The cover remains soft and the huge silk per inch makes the cover stronger, tighter & durable enough to use.

Protector for Skin & Hair:

Before using the Blissy I never thought it will be a great companion for my skin & hair. Why? Blissy is a non-absorbent pillowcase that keeps my skin moisture like before. There are no rashes or allergic reactions and the skin remains wrinkle-free. Also, the silkiness of the pillowcase causes 43% less friction on my hair. So it remains tangle-free and there are no breakages or split ends either.

Hidden Zipper:

Blissy uses a hidden zipper inside the pillowcase. This zipper protects the inner pillow from slipping off. This is another reason I am choosing the Blissy as my daily belongings.


Blissy is a portable product that comes with a little box. In case I need to spend the night outside the home or in a hotel room. I can simply carry the box and keep it with me. This is one of the best travel companions for me. The pillowcase has little weights. Now I don’t need to sacrifice my sound sleep even I am outside the home.

Why Do I Need This Pillow Cover?

I can use any of the pillow covers I want. But why I am especially recommending this pillowcase? Here I like to add some of them-

Why Do I Need This Pillow Cover

  1. This pillowcase is perfect for all types of skin.
  2. Prevents any rush or allergies on the skin.
  3. The Blissy prevents hair damages.
  4. Low absorbent capacity prevents stains on the pillowcase
  5. Pillowcase protects the down pillow from bacteria & extends its life.
  6. Comfort material helps to lie down without any problem.
  7. Maintain the normal moisture of my skin and keeps my hair tanged free.
  • 100% pure silk ensures less friction on skin or hair
  • Prevents hair breakage & skin spot
  • Reduces wrinkles through proper sleeping
  • Keeps your skin more hydrated.
  • Money refund policy with 55% discount.
  • Silk surface works on anti-aging.
  • The material keeps the pillowcase cool in summer & cozy in winter
  • Easy cleaning ensures longer performance.
  • Perfectly suitable for dry skin along with dead & oily skin.
  • Blissy comes at affordable prices.
  • Limited Stock
  • Not available on time

Things to Look for Before Buying Silk Pillowcase

Using the silk pillowcase has some great advantages. One can think that this is purely a waste of money. But the silk pillowcase is far better than the cotton pillowcase. We already discuss the benefits. But now you need to know what you exactly need to look for before purchasing the silk pillowcase.

Things to Look for Before Buying Silk Pillowcase

  1. Check the quality of the pillowcase. As the Blissy uses 100% pure silk fabrics.
  2. Compare the price and then go for the right one. Blissy pillowcase recently offering 55% discount.
  3. Make sure the pillowcase comes with a package.
  4. Check that your Blissy Pillowcase maintains the 6A grade fibers on the materials.
  5. The pillowcase should be made of 22-momme 100 percent mulberry silk for pure smooth & softness.
  6. Blissy pillowcase should be non-allergic & chemical-free.
  7. To ensure authenticity make sure that the product certified by Oeko-Tex® standard 100*

Where I Can Order It?

Blissy Silk pillowcase is available in the online store. You can order it from their official store and purchase this Mulbery silk pillowcase. Though the product is available on the amazon store. But the official store always comes up with lots of discounts and offers.

Where I Can Order It

They also maintain the quality of the product. Recently they are giving 55% off to their new customer with free shipping. They also give a full refund to the customer if you aren’t happy with the product. So, hurry up and grab the amazing deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you read the Blissy review properly and learn many things about it. Some more frequent question is added here for your convenience.

 Is Blissy the best silk pillowcase?

Yes, the Blissy is the best silk pillowcase. The material this pillowcase used is 20% extra silk per inch than the regular silk pillowcases. The softness helps to prevent hair damage and gives you smoother skin. So yes, it is one of the best silk pillowcases.

Do silk pillowcases really make a difference?

Yes, the silk pillowcase actually makes some differences. The pillowcase is much smoother & has minimal friction. Besides the pillowcase is completely chemical-free, non-allergic & prevents hair damages.

How often should you wash silk pillowcases?

The Silk pillowcase you can wash as long as you want. You can wash it once a week or two to three times a month. Make sure you wash the pillowcase with cold water along with mild detergent.

Final Thought

Regular pillowcase that is made of cotton easily catch dust or mites and it’s the major cause of allergens. But when you will start using the Blissy pillowcase you will find it comfortable. The pillowcase is so soft and comfortable that there will be no friction with your hair or skin. In my Blissy Review, I tried to explain how soft and comfy this pillowcase is.

Also, it is antibacterial and made of pure mulberry silk. The material gives a sound sleep during the night. I can say goodbye to my tangled hair. Also, maintain the moisture of my skin. Don’t worry if you have oily, dry, or mixed skin. This pillowcase is suitable for every skin.


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