Bit Watch Review [2022] – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/scam?

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Using a smartwatch is now a bit of fashion. I also use a trendy smartwatch called BiT Watch. I got it as a gift on my birthday. At first, I thought it is just a regular smartwatch-like other. But as I was curious to know about the device done some research on that. After seeing about the watch, I was surprised that how special this watch is.

So here I am with the BiT Watch Review. Through this review, you will know how amazing this watch is. Along with its catchy design, this BiT watch has some exclusive features including health monitoring. The LCD display of this device lets you watch anything on the screen clearly. The device maintains high-quality material also. Read the full content and learn how the device actually works with lots of features.

Introducing Bit Watch

BiT watch is like a regular smartwatch with some versatile features. Have you ever thought your smartwatch can describe how much you sleep and how many times you woke up from sleep? Well, the BiT Watch actually monitors your sleeping time. Also, the device will tell you about your heart rate, blood pressure, calories, step count, etc. through the sensor technology.

Introducing Bit Watch

BiT Watch is a dual timekeeping watch that is combined with analog & digital features to an extent. This metallic watch has a nice curve with a unique design that has high-quality sphere glass.

This polished and stylish smartwatch has the IP67 to keep the device waterproof. Also, the device is dustproof and connects both on the Android & iOS platforms. You can charge with a cable and the battery is long enough.

The activated notifications will all time notify you about the health condition. Also, the device is enabled for text, call, light-up features, stopwatch, and many more. All these things you can connect through Bluetooth. Also, the device is connected with an app that is available on a play or the app store.

Features of Bit Watch

I would like to mention some eye-catching features of the BiT watch here. The features of a device will let you clear what actually the device is made of. Let’s start.

Durable Material:

To cover up the whole body of BiT Watch it uses silica gel that is completely eco-friendly and durable. It has an alloy case to protect from sun and other damages. Also, IP67 makes the watch waterproof. So that it can stand against sweat and splash also in the rainy season. The BiT watch is also dustproof. This watch is made of a leather strap.Durable Material

Segmented Dial:

BiT watch is mostly popular for its segmental dial. On the right side, you will see the dial like traditional watches. It has the crown for setting the hours & minutes in a traditional way. The segment dial is shaped like a rectangle on the curved sides.

Clear Display:

The BiT watch uses 0.96 inches of the LCD screen with a 160*80 resolution clear display. You will see everything clearly even you are under the sun. The screen type of this device is 80*160 dpi. The high-end display feature is one of the best among the other features. The larger screen helps to see the data or any important notification easily.

Clear Display

Fitness Tracker:

Besides working as a smartwatch, the BiT watch also a great fitness tracker. This feature is popular on this watch. You can check the pulse rate, heart rate, calorie burn estimations, count the step, and many more functions through this device. Also, it has blood pressure tracking, pedometer sensors, etc. Heart rate monitoring or measuring the blood oxygen level is quite easy with this watch.


BiT watch normally connected with the Bluetooth technology 4.0. This device is compatible with iOS & Android devices easily. Above the android version 8.0+ 7 iOS version 9.0+, this device is easily connected.

Longer Battery Life:

To maintain the battery life, it services for almost 5 to 7 days with one charge. With a 90mAH battery capacity, this watch is durable enough for one person. The battery life also depends on how people use it. If you turn on the screen all the time, it may not deliver on the same days as you expected. To charge the device it has a USB & regular charger.

Multiple Mode:

BiT watch has several modes to activate. By pressing the button, you can activate the sports or business modes as well. The watch will show you how many steps you take, how many calories you burn during a workout. BiT watch also works as a great tracking device.

Sleep Monitor:

If you want to monitor your sleep this BiT watch can be a great help. This smartwatch not only monitors how much time you sleep but also gives you an update on how many times you woke up. You can get clear data after wearing this watch.

Sleep Monitor

Instant Notification:

The BiT watch has a quick notification status. This watch is connected to an app called JYOU Pro. This app supports multiple languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc. Through this app, you can control the watch easily. Besides, you will get all the notifications instantly from your device.

Notifications like messages, calls, Snapchat messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, mail, and many more. You can use this watch as a great reminder device. You will get see your activity and get notified through the watch even you have far away from your phone.

Why Do You Really Need the BiT Watch?

Though I described the smartwatch features through the BiT Watch Review, here is some more reason why do you really need the BiT watch in your daily life.

Why Do You Really Need the BiT Watch

  1. First of all, the watch is very convenient & easy to use
  2. You can measure your blood oxygen saturation. Also measure the step tracking, heart rate tracking and watch the result on the watch larger screen.
  3. Water-resistant & dustproof capability lets you use the watch in every area.
  4. The device supports both android & iOS devices.
  5. BiT watch easily connected through Bluetooth. You can also use an app.
  6. It has a USB charging capability that is available everywhere.
  7. The watch has quartz movements and an LCD display to watch everything clearly.
  8. Besides health monitoring, you can receive messages, calls, and other notifications.

How Does BiT Watch Work?

After reading the features on my Bit Watch review you must be curious to know how this BiT Watch works. I’ll explain the working process of the BiT watch. The watch has 0.96 inches of the LCD screen to show your health, sports, message, calls, and other notifications. It connected with Bluetooth 4.0 and supports Android 8.0+ and iOS 9.0+ without any hassle.

How Does BiT Watch Work

The watch has a sensor underneath the dial that shows every result clearly. Also, the knobs on the watch help to adjust the modes for monitoring heart rate score, steps, calories. sleep score etc. To get an effective result this watch has an app available on the play & App store called JYouPRO.

Through this app, you can easily connect & get the vibration for every single notification. To charge your BiT watch you can use the data cable or any charges that are compatible with the watch. With a single charge, this watch provides up to 7 days of service without any problem.

How Can I Use BiT Watch?

BiT watch is just like other smartwatches. The use of this watch is super easy. Follow the steps to learn how easily you can use the BiT Watch.

How Can I Use BiT Watch

  1. First, unbox the package of your BiT Watch.
  2. Press the power button 2 to 3time to turn on the device. The device will show some different symbols on its dial.
  3. To change the modes, press the top knob.
  4. By long pressing the topmost knob you can change the dial appearance.
  5. Select the Bluetooth option and synchronize with your smartphone to connect.
  6. You can also download the mobile app from the play store and connect it with your watch to use.

Pros of BiT Watch

BiT watch has an eye-catching design at a reasonable price. This smartwatch has some more pros that make it popular among the customer. They are-

  1. Smart, stylish & unique design
  2. Instant notification on the screen.
  3. Longer Battery Life
  4. Waterproof & Dust Resistant
  5. Eco-friendly & durable watch
  6. Use for calling, music, camera & other works
  7. Comfortable material
  8. A great health monitoring device
  9. Multi adventure mode

Cons of BiT Watch

This popular smartwatch BiT Watch has some cons besides its pros. Let’s see what are the cons.

  • Limited Stock
  • Available on online store
  • Only available for adults

What are BiT Watch Customers Saying?

Before purchasing any product, it is good to read the customer reviews. This will ensure how effective and authentic the product is. Though my watch is gifted, when I went for another watch, first read the reviews. Here are some reviews of the customer. They provide some honest reviews which will help you to know about the BiT watch.

What are BiT Watch Customers Saying

“So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it, I have to say it is my most favorite gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine everyday and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instruction is super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before”. – Vero O (United States)

“Not the sort of thing I would usually purchase but glad I did. Now that I have it, everyone wants to know where I got mine from”- Marry S(Germany)

 Is BiT Watch Scam?

While using the BiT watch at first, I thought it is really a Scam. Why? Because the look of the watch is stylish and provides so many benefits. The most astonishing thing is you can get this watch at a very reasonable price.

Is BiT Watch Scam

The watch is a combination of digital & analog watches with extra benefits. You can monitor your health issues through this watch. Besides the watch is water & dustproof that prevents from damaging. So yeah this watches really great and not a scam at all.

Where Can I Purchase the BiT Watch?

My BiT watch was gifted from my beloved one. But still, I was looking for another one for one of a cousin. At first, I thought this smartwatch will be available in every local store or in the local store. But the local store is failed to deliver me the same product. Then I searched online and found the product but not the authentic one. Finally, I managed to get the official store of the BiT Watch. Do you know what I found from the store?

Where Can I Purchase the BiT Watch

They are giving a 50% discount on the purchase of one BiT Watch. They have some amazing deals also going on in their store. I choose the recommended deal with a 70% discount. From this deal, I get 2 watches free by purchasing 3 BiT watches. This is such a great deal if you buy from their store. They also ensure the 30 days money-back guarantee if the watch is not suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the BiT Watch review, I tried to cover up all the things. Still, there are some questions that may come to your mind. So, here are the answers.

Does a smartwatch work without a telephone?

Yes, a smartwatch perfectly works without a telephone. But it is best to connect with your smartphone and get the most benefit from a smartwatch.

Can Bit watch track sleep precisely?

With the help of a BiT watch, you can easily track your sleeping duration. While sleeping how many times you woke up and how deep was your sleep, all the data will be recorded on your BiT Watch.

Is Bit watch suitable for swimming?

Yes, the BiT watch is suitable for swimming. Because the watch uses IP67 waterproof protection that protects the watch from the water.

What if customers are displeased with BiT Watch?

If there is any problem with the BiT watch or the customer is not satisfied, they will get the money back in 30 days. The official store guarantees a 30 days money-back guarantee.

How long will it take to receive BiT Watch?

Based on the situation and country it may take some time to deliver the BiT watch to the customer. But most of the delivery was done within 15 days. Still, the manufacturer provides customers 7-30 days of duration in case there is any problem.

Final Thought

If you ask me is this watch perfect for a gift? I would say this is a perfect gift actually for everyone that can wear the watch. Through my Bit Watch Review I explained how useful and classy the watch is. To keep monitoring of my health this device is the best as far I know.

The device fully compatible with iOS & Android devices and has a 90mAh capacity. The IP67 helps to withstand splash & sweat at a time. The catchy design and attractive features make this BiT watch different from others.


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